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Publication numberUS1471948 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 23, 1923
Filing dateMar 13, 1922
Priority dateMar 13, 1922
Publication numberUS 1471948 A, US 1471948A, US-A-1471948, US1471948 A, US1471948A
InventorsClaude Cox Jesse, William Mcclung John
Original AssigneeClaude Cox Jesse, William Mcclung John
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Thumb protector
US 1471948 A
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Oct. 23,1923.

J. C. COX ET AL THUMB PROTECTOR Filed March 15. 1922 Ill,

0 I O m w W0 JCCOX. J M! Ma 62mm Patented 42; 2?, $23., I


THUMB rao'rno'ron.

Application filed March 13, 1922. Serial No. 543,4:42.

T allwhom it may concern: tector showing the flaps forming the wrist- Be it known that we, Jnssn CLAUDE Cox band and circlet spread out.

and JOHN WM. MCCLUNG, citizens of the Figures 3 and 4c are sections taken on the United States, residing at Anderson, in the lines 3-3 and l l respectively of Fig. 2.

5 county of Madison'and State of Indiana, Specifically described, the improved prohave invented certain new and useful Imtector comprises a wrist bracing band 1 from provements in Thumb Protectors; and we do which a narrow piece or stretch of flexible declare the following to be a full, clear, and material 2 extends, this strip being formed exact description of the invention, such as at its outer end with a circlet 3 designed to 1 will enable others skilled in the art to which surround a sprained thumb. In practice, the

it appertains to make and use the same. wrist-band, narrow intermediatev strip, and

This invention relates to an improved procirclet for the thumb will be formed of a tector which is especially, but not necessarily single piece of leather cut to form oppodesigned for bracing and protecting a sitcly disposed short and long fiaps i and 15 sprained thumb, although it is capable of 5 respectively at one end which are provided use in connection with the fingers. with eyelets 6 at their free ends designed to 7 Athletes, especially those who indulge in be brought together to permit a thong or football games and the like are often bothflexible element 7 to be laced therethrough in cred with sprained fingers and thumbs and the'lnanner shown. A tongue or the like 8 2 to fill a long-felt need, we have designed a is stitched or otherwise secured to the main novel protector and brace for a sprained piece of leather and underlies the meeting 7 thumb to be worn by the player while in acedges of the flaps t and 5 and serves to pretion to brace and prevent further injury to vent the lacing from cutting the flesh. The the thumb. circlet 3 for the thumb is formed by widen- 25 It is our principal aim to devise a proingthe outer end of the extension 2 to protector which is such in construction as to efvide considerably smaller flaps 9, these flaps fectively support and brace the injured part, being likewise provided with eyelets 10 'he device being sufiiciently resilient to perthrough which another flexible element 11 mit a limited movement of that part, whereis laced. The thumb circlet is thus rendered so by to permit eiiective use of the device by adjustable and is capable of fitting various an athlete in action. sizes of thumbs. An elongated and supple- More specifically speaking, we contemmental strip of leather 'or the like 12 is plate providing a novel and practical prostitched or otherwise secured to the outer tector of this class which embodies a band face of the main leather body and this strip at for surrounding and bracing the wrist, an extends from the wrist-band to the thumb adjustable circlet for the thumb which is encircling member and provides apocket for connected with the wrist-band, and a reaccommodating a strip of resilient metal 14: silient splint which extends from the wristwhich functions as a splint. band to the circlet and acts against the top A consideration of the foregoing descripea 0f the humb to hold it straight but yet pertion in connection with the accompanying mit a limited movement such as may be redrawings will be sufiicient to enable persons quired when handling the ball. skilled in the art to which the invention re- Other objects and advantages of the inlates to clearly understand the manner of vention will be apparent during the course applying the device for securing effective re- 45 of the following description. suits. Furthermore, the several advantages,

In the accompanying drawings forming a constructional. features and objects of the part of this specification and in which like invention will also be made clear. It therenumerals are employed to designate like fore seems unnecessary to enter a more parts throughout the same: lengthy description.

50 Figure 1 is a perspective view of a pro- Since probably the best results may be teeter constructed in accordance with this obtained with the construction and arrangeinvention showing the same in position on ment herein shown and described, this is a persons hand. taken as the preferred embodiment of the in- Figure 2 is a top plan view of the provention. However, we wish it understood that minor changes coming Within the scope of the invention as claimed may be resorted to if desired.

What is claimed is: p

1. A combined Wrist and thumb protector and bracing member comprising a Wristband, a circlet for surrounding a sprained or injured thumb, and a resilient splint or,

bracing member extending from the Wristy from the Wrist encircling means to the thumb encircling'means.

3. A combined Wrist and thumb bracing and protecting member comprising a piece of flexible material having a relatively narrow central portion provided at its opposite ends With relatively large and small flaps,

the larger flaps beingdesigned to encircle the Wrist and the small flaps to encircle the injured thumb, all of said flaps being formed at their free edges with eyelets to permit passage of lacings, a tongue to underlie at least one of the laces, a strip of material secured to the first named piece of material and providing a pocket, and a strip of resilient metal arranged in said pocket and extending from the Wrist encircling means to the thumb encircling means to brace these parts, yet permitting a limited movement of the thumb when the bracing member is our hands. 7



In testimony whereof We have hereunto set

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U.S. Classification602/22, 602/21
International ClassificationA61F5/058, A61F5/04
Cooperative ClassificationA61F5/05866
European ClassificationA61F5/058H4B