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Publication numberUS1473845 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 13, 1923
Filing dateSep 5, 1922
Priority dateSep 5, 1922
Publication numberUS 1473845 A, US 1473845A, US-A-1473845, US1473845 A, US1473845A
InventorsAmbroise Gardon
Original AssigneeAmbroise Gardon
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Collapsible granary
US 1473845 A
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Nov. 13 i923. f


COLLAPS I BLE 'GRANARY Filed sept. s. 1922 |N\/ENT0R Amb/false Gardwz SYM ATTORNEY A Patented Nov. 13, 1923.



Application filed September f/ 1o all whom z'z may concern Be it known that I, AMBRoisE GARDON, a citizen of the Dominion of Canada, and resident of Meacham, in the county of Humboldt and Province of Saskatchewan, Dominion of Canada, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Collapsible Granaries, of which the following is a Specification.

This invention has relation to certain new and useful improvements lin collapsible granaries and has for the prima-ry object the provision of a granary which is simple in construction and comparatively inexpensive and may be readily-set up or taken down and folded for transportation or storage in collapsed condition.

The invention has for another object the provision ot a collapsible granary, the body or sides and top portions of which may be composed of canvas or the like with an opening in the top or cover portion which may be closed securely to prevent entrance of rain, the closure member being adapted to be opened for airing the interior of' the granary or for the purpose of placing grain therein or removing the grain.

A further object of the invention resides in the provision of a granary of the character stated, which will include the canvas body and cover members and the supportv ing posts with the bracing or guy ropes and anchoring posts, ready for setting up the Vgranary as desired in any preferred location.

lVith the `foregoing and other objects in view, as will appear as the description proreecls, thel invention consists in the novel construction, combination and arrangement of co-operating elements as hereinafter more specifically set forth, claimed and shown in the accompanying drawings forming a part of the present application in which:

Figure l is a plan view of the granary constructed in accordance with the present invention, the guy ropes and anchoring posts being omitted from this view and the cover member being shown partially turned back.

Figure 2 is a vertical section through the granary in set up condition, as indicated on line 2-2 of Figure 1 and looking in the direction indicated by the arrows.

Referring more in detail to the drawings, in which similar reference characters desig nate corresponding parts throughout the several views, 3 indicates the bodyY member 5, 1922. Serial N-o. 586,299.

which is formed of a continuous strip of canvas or the like having .bracing cords or bands flextending therearound. The body member 3 also has the upstanding body supporting posts 5 arranged around its outer portion and connected thereto in a suitable manner. The posts 5 are provided with pointed extensions G at their lower ends in order that the posts 5 may be readily secured in the ground to support the bodyv member 3 of the granary in upright position, as shown in the drawings. The posts 5 also have reduced extensions 7 at their upper ends, over which the supporting or guy ropes 8 may be engaged, the lower ends of the guy ropes being` secured over the anchor posts 9 driven at an angle into the ground around the body members 3 and outwardly of the posts 5, as shown clearly in Figure 2. The body member 3, when set up as shown in the drawings, will form the body or sides of' a cylindrical granary structure, with the lower edge of the body S bearing upon the supporting surface to prevent water from working under the body member 3. l

The granary structure is completed by a conical top or roof member 10 secured at its lower edge to the upper edge of the body member 3 in any suitable and well known manner to form a watertight and air-tight connection between the members 3 and 10. This top or roof member 10 should also be formed of canvas or some other water-proof material. A centre post 11 is employed to vsupport the top or roof member 10 ot the granary structure in proper position. This centre post 1l is provided with a reduced lower end 12 adapted to be driven into the ground, while a reduced upper end eXtension 13 of the post 11 is extended through an opening 14 provided therefor in the apex of the top or roof member 10.

The top or roof member 10 is shown in Figure 1 as being composed of sections of segmental form connected together with their pointed ends meeting at the apex of. the top or roof member 10. These sections are designated by the numeral 15. @ne of the sections 15 is considerably larger than the remaining sections and has the openings 16 formed therein with a reinforcing strip 17 secured around the edges thereof. A closure member 18 is permanently secured along` one edge of the opening 16, as shown at 19. The remaining edges Q0 and 2l. of

the elosirre'menrber 1S are adapted `to be secured fi-n Vclosed position along the eerie spending4 re-inioreed edges of the 'opening' 1 (3 by su '1t-able seeuring members, las indicated in the drawings. j

.lt is believed that the completeconstruetion of the granary may now be readily understood from the `foregoing paragraphs taken in connection with the aecompanyingdrawings without 'lm-.ther .detailed description. ft may be briefly stated, however, that the grana'ry may 'be readily set upor taken down `as desired. Furthermore, the elosure member 1T may .be opened for the purpose oil placing grain within the gran-V ary, reni-ovi'ln;` gigan-tliereiirom or Jfor airnig and 'Ventilating "the lgln'inary. The Closure member 18 may be readilyseeured inelosed position with its edges overlapping the reinforced eiflges of 1the opening- .lo n'the top or roof 'member 10 Ato `lorm `a Water-tightelo'sure and prevent `rain 'from entering' vthe granary.

While lthe preferred embodiment of vthe iilrventfion --laas been disclosed, 'it is `to be nnderstoodthat manor -elranges -fnr die rdetails eti-construction and arrangement of parts =may :be resented toni-'indium the scope of what is claimed without departing;l from the spirit off t'he invention.

Vhat-I ela-im as new is: Y

A collapsible o `gem-ilary comprising a flexible water-proof body member, said body member ,being re-in'tor'eed 4and cont-introns, supporting Aposts arranged .upon `said body member, means for anchoring said posts in upstanding` position7 said vposts 4having reduced end portions, a v:llexible water-prooi' roof member .Connected with 'seid body inember, said roo'lf` member having` an vopenirrgg formed therein and re-intoreed around its edges, Va Cover member carried at `one edge oli said :opem'ng` aiiclinlapted -to be secured alongthe *remaining edgestliereof anda eentre post for said roof member.

'Tn testimony whereof, I aiii'x my signature. y AMBRGISE LGARDGN.

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