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Publication numberUS1474572 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 20, 1923
Filing dateMay 18, 1921
Priority dateMay 18, 1921
Publication numberUS 1474572 A, US 1474572A, US-A-1474572, US1474572 A, US1474572A
InventorsWhitstock Otto M
Original AssigneeWhitstock Otto M
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Changeable-picture device
US 1474572 A
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Nov. 20, 1923.



@2913 his QM;

Patented Nov. 20, 1923.

,of these pictures alternate.




' Application filed May 18,

To all whom it may conoem: e

Be it known that I, O'rro M. Wm'rs'rooK, a subject of the King of Great Britain, residing at New York, in the county of'New York and State of New York, have invented a Changeable-Picture Device, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to'a device in which a picture is displayed which can be changed by sliding one part of 'the device upon the other. Space is provided on the device which can be used for advertising matter in addition to what maybe advertised by the- 7 pictures, relatively to each' other, new pictures are exposed and the others hidden. A moving picture eflect is accomplished by choosing two pictures of the same object in different positions, and having sections Shifting the cage or the surface holding the pictures, ex poses the object first in one position and then in the other. Due to the lingering impression on the retina of the eye, of the first p1'cture,'when the second is exposed, acon-.

tinuity of motion is experienced.

The construction of my device is simple and very durable, no slits-being used in one illustrated in the V whichember through which tongues of the other I attain these objects by the mechanism Figure 1 shows the composite picture of two objects on a card, Figure 2 shows the cage m such a position as to expose onepicture, Figure 3 shows the cage in its other position exposing the other picture, Figure 4 is a section of igure 2 along the line 4'-4, Figure 5 shows one position of the cage in the moving picture type showing the object in'one posltion and Figure 6 shows the object in 1ts' second position.

Referrin to the drawings The Y can? 1 is provided with an upper fla e portion 2 and alower flange portion 3. fincircling card 1 is the cage 4 provided accompanying drawing, in

1921; Serial 110. 470,654.

preferably made of one piece of material bent around card 1 and having its edges pasted or otherwise fastened together with alap joint as at'6 (Fig. 4).

' with bars5 on its front portion. Cage 4 in i Printed or otherwise impressed on the surface of card 1 are two picturesin alternating sections, thos marked 7 being of one picture and those marked 8 of the other. The'bars 5 are equal in width to sections 7 and 8. Cage 4 is made shorter than the distance between flanges 2 and 3' by an amount equal to the width of a section 7 or 8.

In operation, cage 4 is grasped in one hand and card 1 in the other and the two are slid relatively to each other, exposing picture 8. (Fig. 2) in one position and plcture 7 (Fig.3) in the other.

Re erring to Figures 5 and 6, sections 11 represent a picture of a boy on the card 9 in one position and sections 12 re resenthim as having jumped into the air.

tions 11 and then sections 12, the boy appears to jump up and down.

' Other in principle would be produced.

Instead of using onl one face of y movingcage 10 up and down so as to first expose sec-.

so Y

pictures could have been used than 7 those illustrated above and similar efiects 1 for pictures, both si es can be"us ed-.. For example Figures 2 and 3'wou1d-be one side and Figures 5 and 6 the other.. In this case, I

bars formed on cage 4 would have sides.

Iclaim:- 1. In a device ofthe character described,

a plurality of pieces. shiftably connected, .one piece having thereon pictorial illustrations of difierent natures in sections, the sections of one illustration alternating with v the sections of the other illustration, saidpiece having a wider top and bottom portion and a narrower central portion, and a second "piece formed with slotsand bars whereby kind. may be exj either-set of sections of a posed through said slots presenting a comparatively complete illustration, while the other set of sections of a kind isconcealed by said bars, said secondpiece. forming a complete loop about said first piece in its,

narrower portion and being short enough to permit its sliding, first'to expose one illustration and then another.

i 2. In a device of the character de-,

scribed, a plurality. of pieces shiftably-con nected, one piece having thereon pictorial 1 nmewe illustrations of difie rentnatures in sections, complete illustration, and the other set of the sections of one illustration alternating sections of a kind is concealed, said second with. the sections of the other illustration, piece being folded about saidfirst piece be- 0 said piece being formed with top'and bottween said flan es and being short enough.

5 tom flanges, and a second piece having to permit its sli ing to firstgexpose one illusmeains whereby one setof sections of-a kind .tration and then another.

Y may be exposed presenting a comparatively OTTO M. KTSTOCK.

l is

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U.S. Classification40/445, 446/151
International ClassificationA63H33/22
Cooperative ClassificationA63H33/22
European ClassificationA63H33/22