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Publication numberUS1475483 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 27, 1923
Filing dateJun 20, 1922
Priority dateJun 20, 1922
Publication numberUS 1475483 A, US 1475483A, US-A-1475483, US1475483 A, US1475483A
InventorsJohn Galuska
Original AssigneeJohn Galuska
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US 1475483 A
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TRUCK Filed June 20. 1922 2 Sheets-Sheet l 2 Sheats-Sh'eejz 2 TRUCK J. GALUSKA Filed June 20,



Nov. Z7 1923.

Patented Nov. 27, 1923.




Application filed J'une 20, 1922. Serial No. 569,745.

ful Improvements in Trucks, of which the following is a specifica-tion.. Y This invention relates in general to wagons or trucks, and more particularly to a truck for use in apartment houses, hotelsand the like to collect and convey refuse from the basement of the building to a position on the street or alley convenient for the city refuse collector.

The primary objects ofthe invention are to provide such a truck in which refuse may be temporarily vstored or enclosed until collected by the city department so as to exclude insects and animals from the refuse and prevent diffusion of odors, dust and the like, and provide such a truck by means of which all classes of refuse may be collected and sorted and removed from the building in one trip.

Further objects of the invention are to provide a truck of this character embodying novel features of construction for receiving and housing the refuse and enabling its quick and easy removal from the truck; tothus provide a truck including a body to receive a receptacle for refuse and having an aperture or opening in its top registering with said receptacle to receive refuse and normally closed by a cover, sai d body being also formed with movable side walls -by means of which said receptacle may be removed from the body; to providel such .a truck including a body to receive a receptacle for refuse and having a hinged top formed with an opening registeringwith said receptacle and normally closed by a removable cover, said body also having one side wall hinged to the swinging edge of said top and slidable substantially vertically between the end walls whereby said receptacle may be removed from the body; to provide such a truck to receive a plurality of receptacles and having in its top a corresponding number of openings registering with said receptacles and normally closed by covers; to provide such a truck having receptacles removably mounted on `the ex terior of its walls to receive waste paper or the like, and to obtain other results and advantages as may be brought out by the following` description. Y y

Referring to the accompanying drawings, in which like numerals` of reference indicate the same parts throughout the several vie-ws,

Figure 1 isA a side elevation of a truck embodying my invention;

Figure 2 is a transverse vertical sectional view through the truck, taken on the line 2 2 of Fig. 3;

Figure v3 yis a horizontal sectional view taken on the line 3-3 ofFig. 1;

Figure 4 is an enlarged fragmentary lonl gltudinal sectional view throughone end ofl the truck, and

Figure 5 is a horizontal sectional view taken on the line 5-5 of Fig. 4. A

In the embodiment of the invention shown on the drawings, the reference character A designates the body of the ytruck which is mounted on two sets of wheels l and 2 carried by the respective axles 3 and 4. One

and well-known manner as by means of the bolt 5 to the body of the truck and is provided with a tongue or handle 6.- foreinanually drawing and steering the truck.

I have shown a truck adaptedto receive two sets of receptacles 7 each consisting of three receptacles, and said sets being arranged at opposite sides of the longitudinal median plane of the truck. It will be understood, however, that the body maybe adapted to receive more o-r less receptacles as. may be desired. rlhe body comprises a bottom 8 and end walls 9 the upper ends of which are inclined fro-m opposite sides'upwardly toward the center as clearly shownvr in Figure 2. A top is mounted on said ends and comprises twoy sections 10,;which are hingedly connected lon the longitudinal median line of the truck as at 11 so asto be adapted toswing upwardly from the sides of the truck toward the center. The end walls 9 are provided at their sides with guideways 12 in which. are vertically slidably mounted side walls 18, said side walls being hingedly connected to the vouter edges of the top sections 10 by substantially U-shaped members 14 which are secured at their ends to said topy sectionsl and pass loosely through openings 15 at the ends of the side walls adjacent the Vupper edge thereof.

Each of the top sections 10 is provided with ya plurality of openings 16 which regis` said openings being normally closed by covers 17 hingedly connected at 18 to the top sections 10. These openings are adapted to receive the refuse which is to be deposited in the receptacles 7 and chutes 118 are secured to the undersides of the top sections 10 around `the openings 16 to guide the refuse into the said receptacles. For positioning-the receptacles beneath the corresponding openings and preventing displacement thereof, the bottom of the truck is preferably formed with a frame 19 which projects upwardly from the bottom and is provided with notches 20 opening outwardly at the sides of the truck to receive the receptacles.

The receptacles of each set are intended to receive different classes of refuse, for instance, one of the receptacles may be provided for garbage, one for ashes, and one for cans and broken glass, and the truck may be designed to carry sufficient cans to receive all of the refuse from a plurality of apartments in an apartment house, or the like. The truck may be moved to various positions to receive refuse from various points, and to deposit the refuse in the truck it is .merely necessary to raise the proper cover 17 and throw the refuse into the opening 16 from which it descends into the corresponding receptacle 7. Vhen it is desired to remove the receptacles 7 from the truck for the purpose of emptying the same, the side walls 13 are raised vertically upward in the guideways 12. The top sections 1() are thus swung upwardly, as shown at the left hand side of Figure 2, and the members 141 slide through the openings 15 in the side walls 13 to prevent binding of the side walls with the top sections or end walls. r1`he receptacle 7V may then be pulled outwardly of the body beneath the side walls and after vemptying returned to the corresponding notch 20 in the positioning frame 19.

For raising the side walls handles 21 may be provided, and any suitable means may be utilized for temporarily holding the side walls in raised position. One such means may comprise a latch rod 22 at each end of the side walls 13, said latch rods being slidably mounted in the corresponding guideways 12 and adapted to enter openings 23 in the side wall. The inner ends of the latch rods 22 are connected to arms 24 mounted on a shaft 25 extending the full length of the side wall and mounted in suitable brackets 26 on the guideways 12. A similar arm 27 is mounted at one end of the shaft 25, and is 'connected to the inner end of an operating plunger 28 slidably mounted in one of the guideways 12 and projecting` outwardly therefrom. The said plunger is provided with a finger piece 29, and a spring 30 is interposed between the guideway 12 and said finger piece to normally force said plunger outwardly. With this construction, when the side wall 13 is raised so that the openings 23 register with the latch rods 22, the spring 30 actuates said latch rods into said openings so as to hold the side wall in raised position. To lower the side wall it is merely necessary to force the operating plunger 28 inwardly, which rotates the shaft 25 and withdraws the latch rods from the openings 23. The side wall then descends by gravity. Y

To receive waste paper or the like, I may provide aplurality of baskets or similar receptacles 31 at the ends of the body, said baskets being provided with hooked arms 32 which may be passed through openings 33 in the end walls and hook behind the said walls to hold the baskets in position. The

`body is preferably provided with extensions 34 beyond the end walls 9 upon which said baskets may rest.

l have shown the body of the truck formed of sheet metal, the bottom being formed of one piece of sheet metal and the end walls 9 each being formed of one piece of sheet metal having the lower end bent outwardly at 35 and secured to the ends of the bottom piece by bolts or the like 36. The guideways 12 are formed by bending the side edges of the end walls inwardly at right angles, as indicated at 37 and securing separate strips'of sheet metal 38 tosaid bent portions 37 with ing and conveying refuse, it will be understood that the invention may be embodied'in trucks for other purposes. Furthermore, it will be understood that many modifications and changes can be made in the detail construction of the truck without departing from the spirit or scope of the invention. rllherefore, 1 do not desire to beunderstood as limiting myself except as required by the following claims when construed in the light of the prior art. Y

Having thus described the invention, what I claim is:

1. A truck comprising a body adapted'to removably vreceive a plurality of receptacles, a top hingedly connected to said body and formed with a plurality of-openings one registering with each of said receptacles, and a vertically slidable side wallhingedly connected at its upper edge to said top which when raised provides an opening forV removal of all of said receptacles.

2. A truck comprising a body adapted to removably receive a lurality of receptacles and having` end wall formed with vertical guideways, a top having an opening for each of said receptacles, and a side Wall vertically slidably mounted in said guideWays to provide an opening, for removing all of said receptacles from the side of said body.

3. A truck comprising a body having end Walls formed with vertical guideways, a side Wall slidably mounted in said guideways and formed with an opening adjacent its upper end, a top hingedly connected to said body, and a substantially U-shaped member arranged in said opening in the side Wall and connected at its ends to said top.

4:. A truck comprising a body having end Walls formed with vertical guidevvays adjacent their sides, a top formed of two sections which are hingedly connected on an axis longitudinal of said body, and side Walls vertically sldable in said guideways, each of said side Walls being hingedly connected at its upper edge'to one of said to Hseotions.


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