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Publication numberUS1475489 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 27, 1923
Filing dateOct 17, 1919
Priority dateOct 17, 1919
Publication numberUS 1475489 A, US 1475489A, US-A-1475489, US1475489 A, US1475489A
InventorsHicks Trustin C
Original AssigneeHicks Obenour Company
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Dishwashing machine
US 1475489 A
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Nov. 27 1923-. 7 1,475,489

T. c. HICKS DISHWASHING MACHINE Original Filed Oct. 17, 1919 2'Sheets-Sheetv 1 Illlllll mull"!!!- Hllllllll r HHIJIIIIII T. G. HICKS v DISHWASHING MACHINE 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Original. Filed Oct. 17 31919 Wit/M060:

which is well ing means. 4

rinsed b section through the machine.

Patented Nov. 27, 1,923.



Machines, of which the following is a speci- Renewed May 11, 1921. Serial No. 468,584.

means may be employed. A spherical spray head 7 is rotatably mounted at the central portion of the back wall 1 of the casi upon a section of pipe 8, secured through a mpple 9 projecting from the outer face of back wall 1. A plurality of spray arms 10 of tubular construction radiate'from head ficat1on. 7 and re in direct communication there- This invention relates to washing mawith. ach of these arms is of substantial chines, and more-partlcularly to a machine. L shape, the shorter element 10 thereof being disposed radially of head 7 and the longer element 1'0 disposed in a horizontal plane and extending substantially the full interior length of easing 1. Horizontal element 10" of arm 10 is provided. at its forward end with an inbent is disposed at such an angle to element 10 as to cause rotation of this arm about the axis'of spray head 7.. As will be understood', the elements 11 of the various arms 10 are so related as to cause rotation of the spraying member, composed of head 7 and arms 10, in a counter-clodkwise direc tion as considered in Figure 4- of the drawings. The shorter element-1O of arm 10 is provided with a plurality of forwardly directed perforations 12 and the 10 ment 10 is provided with 'a plur ity of similar perforations 13 which are so disposed as to direct streams or sprays of solution inwardly toward the axis of head 7; Also, the element 11 is provided with a perforation 14 which directs a stream of water inwardl at an inclination toward the head 7. The perforations of elements 10 and 10 of alternate arms 10 are relatively staggered to insure contact of the water or solution with the entire surface of each article to be washed.

The head 7 and arms 10 constitute a spray reel which rotates on a horizontal axis about dish supporting means to be described.

adapted for washing dishes, knives, forks, and similar articles.

One of the main objects of the invention is to provide a machine of the character stated of simple construction and operation adapted for domestic use and W111 elfectually and quickly wash dishes and similar articles. A further object is to provide a. machine having means for supporting the dishes and a washing member so associated therewith as to direct a plurality of sprays of water or a washing solution against the dishes from all directions so as to insure thorough washing thereof, this washing member being movable in a rota path about the dish supportnother object is to provide a machine means for. supplying a detergent for a predetermined period of time so as to form a solution for washing the dishes, after which the dishes may be clear water. Further objects will ap ear m the detailed description.

11 the drawings Figure 1 is a side view of a machine constructed in accordance with my invention.

Figure 2 is'a central longitudinal vertical Figure 3 is a detail section through the spray head and associated parts.

Figure 4 is an end view of the machine open.

Figure 5 is adetail section through the soap containi casing.

In constructlng the machine I provide a casing 1 of any preferred size and construe tion. This casin is open at one end, being closed by a slide 1e door or closure member 3 which is preferably of glass andwhich is held in operative relation to the front end of the casing by angle members Secured to the casing and by an angle strip 5 positioned at the forward end of the bottom- 6 of the casing 1. As will be understood, any other suitable or preferred closure suitable tray 15 preferably of woven wire constriic'tiorwhich isusu ported by a horizontal y isposed aped supportin frame 16 the forward ends of the arms 0% which are connected by vertical elements 17 to the forward ends of arms 18 secured to the inner face of bottom 6 of the casing. The arms 18 are-spaced away from the arms of frame 16 such a distance asto ready passage beneath frame 16 of the longer elements 10 of thespray. arms during rotation of the spraying member.

er eleelement 11 which The dishes to be washed are placed in a permit 'machine is placed As clearly sh znw'n in Figure 2, the inner end of thstram'e 'l b'is spaced from the inner end wall of the casing l in order to afiord a space, indicated by 50 in Figure 2 for the movement of the conduit elements l about the axis of the head 7. y I

Pipe 8 is provided with a substantial ellipsoidal enlargement forming a soap receiving casing 19 which is provided with an integral neck 20 receiving a screw threaded closure plug 21. Within this casing is provided a resilient. U-clamp 22 supported by a U-hracket 23 the lower ends of the arms of which are secured to the casing 19.

Clamp-22 is adapted to receive and secure this'tube being preferably connected to the hot water faucet, it

rials adhering to the passes through chamber ldsoas to dissolve the soap, the detergent solution thus produced then flowing into head '7 and through the spray arms 10 so as to cause rotation of these arms and the head at moderate speed (about 200 R. P. M). The solution is projected from the arms 10 in all directions against the dishes and other articles supported by the tray 15, the dishes being preferably set at a slight inclination and at an angle to the longitudinal axis of the casing 1, though this is not at all essential. During the rotation of the spraying or washing member, the solution is projected in a great number of fine streams and at high velocity against possible angles and insures quick and thorough washing thereof. Since the washing member rotates completely about the tray containing the dishes, the articles to be washed are enclosed within a practically continuous cylinder of water composed of a great number of fine streams projecting at high velocity and completely: covering the entire surface of each article, these sprays or streams being wiped across the articles due to the circular path of travel of elements 10 of the arms 10 so as to more efi'ectively remove particles of food and ethenmate' dishes. The washing solution, together with the food particles removed from the dishes, escapes through an outlet opening Qbprovided through bottom 6 ofthe casing at the rearward end thereof. A woven wire cup or basket 27 of fine mesh is supported immediately beneaththis opening, by means of spaced angle members28' prefer to employ a;

the dishes from all assures water to run for approximately one minute and a half, the dishes are first thoroughlywashed and cleansed by the detergent solutien formed by the dissolving of the soap,

and are then thoroughly rinsed to remove any trace of the soap by the clear water which is permitted to flow ap roximately one-half a minute after, the dlssolving ofthe soap. In thls respect, the machine may be considered semi-automatic Yin-c that by piecing cube of Soap of a known size in the clamp 22 and then permitting the'water to run for a predetermined period, the dishes may first gent solution and then efi'ectually rinsed;

be washed with a" deter- I 90 As will be understood, it may be found' desirable in. practice to resort to slight variations in details of construction and arrangement of the difierent parts of my invention,

and I intend to include all such variations, as fall within the scope of the appended claims, in this applicatiomin which a preferred form only of my invention is disclosed. a

W hat I claimis: I 1. In a dish washing machine, a casing horizontally disposed dish supporting means having a side wall and an inner end wall, I

projecting into the casing'and spaced away from the side wall and the inner end wall thereof,

a horizontal axis about the dish supporting a spray. reel mounted to rotate onmeans and through the spaces between said supporting means and the side and inner end walls of the casing, said reel having perforations for discharging liquid supplied thereto under pressure inwardly toward the supporting means, and means for supplying liquid under pressureto said reel, the reel being provided with means for rotating the same by the liquid supplied thereto under.


2. A dish washer comprising a casing, means for supporting dishes within said casing, a conduit mounted within said casing for-rotation about said dish-supporting means upon a substantially horizontal axis,

sure to said conduit, said conduit having perforations therein for directing said fluid from the sides and one end wall of said and means for supplying fluid under pressaid conduit,

casing, a conduit arranged to rotate about said dish-supporting means upon a substantially horizontal axis and to pass through the space between said supporting means and the Walls of said casing, and means for supplying fluid under pressure to said conduit having perforations therein for projecting fluid toward said dish-supporting means from the various positions assumed by said conduit during rotation thereof and being provided TRUSTIN C. HICKS.

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U.S. Classification134/179
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