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Publication numberUS1476584 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 4, 1923
Filing dateMar 24, 1922
Priority dateMar 24, 1922
Publication numberUS 1476584 A, US 1476584A, US-A-1476584, US1476584 A, US1476584A
InventorsBeeby Frank F
Original AssigneeCement Gun Construction Compan
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Protected pile and process of making it
US 1476584 A
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Dec. 4 1923. 1,476,554

F. F. BEEBY PROTECTED PILE AND PROCESS OF-MAKING IT Filed March 24. 1922 2 SheetsSheet 1 Dec. 4 1923.

F. F. BEEBY PROTECTED FILE AND PROCESS OF MAKING IT Filed March 24. 192? 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 fizvemior Emmi Ffiee Eli Fatentecl Dec. fi, 1%23.

tassel stares earner carries,



Application filed lzlalch 2d, 1922. Serial No. 546,343.

B, which fixes the lowest point of the sheath.

To cZZ whom it may concern:

Be it known that l, FRANK F. BERRY, a citizen of the United States, residing at Chicago, in the county of (Took and State of Illinois, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Protected Files and Processes of Makin Them, of which the following is a speci cation.

My invention relates to a composite wood and concrete lie, or rather to a sheathed wood pile, and to the process of producing it. lit has for particular purpose to provide a pile which shall resist the teredo, and therefore comprises a pile which is sheathed in a resistance coating, preferably concrete, from a point above the high water mark to a point preferably beneath the bottom into which the pile is to be driven. It will be understood that these piles are for use in salt water, where the teredo lives, wood piles in the teredo zone being very rapidly at tacked by that animal and shortly reduced to a mere honeycomb, which finally breaks and crumbles. The object of my invention is to provide a teredo-resistant pile in which the resistant coating shall be impervious to action of the tercdo, shall be easily applied to the pile, shall be firmly and permanently secured when applied, and shall be so mounted on and secured to the pile as not to be disturbed by the operation of driving the pile into place. Other objects will appear from time to time in the course of the specification.

I illustrate my invention more or less in the accompanying drawings, wherein- Figure 1 is a view ofa pile with a concrete coating in place;

Figure 2 is a view with parts broken away and parts in section, showing the lowervportion of the concrete sheathing together with the reinforcing structure;

F Figure 3 is a section on the line 3-3 of igure 4 is a view .of the paring the pile, and

Figure 5 is a section through the struc ture shown in Fig. i. a

Like parts are indicated by like characters throughout the specification and drawi. is any suitable pile body, preferably having a sharpened or tapered point A The pile is repared for the concrete coating by the cutting in it of a peripheral notch process of pre- The notch preferably comprises a lower surface B lyin in a plane perpendicular to the axis of t e pile and an' upper inclined.

surface B", as shown in. F ig. 2. C is any suitable reinforcing structure, preferably a welded wire mesh of any suitable dimensions, although of course other reinforcing structures may be used. The wire mesh comes in sheets and i preferably rolled from the sheet about the pile, the mesh bein spaced therefrom I the details of which do not, form part of the present invention but which are provided with spacing slots D to engage the wire mesh, both mesh and spacing clip being secured in position by the nails D which are driven directly through the clip and into the pile and which close the spacing slots D The ends of the wire mesh sheath may be overlapped as at E.

secured to the pile and y spacing elements D,

The lower end of" the remforcmg is crimped down into they notch, as shown in Fig. 2, and this crimping may be accomplished by kinking the lower horizontal wire F of the wire mesh sheet, which in turn bends in the lower ends of the vertical strands F.

To the reinforcing structure thus prepared concrete or any other suitable protecting material is applied by any suitablemeans.

Preferably a rather liquid cement is projected against the pile from a cement gun until the reinforcing structureis entirely coated, and the finished pile is provided with a concrete coating or sheath, which fills the notch at its bottom and inclines or curves outwardly therefrom to reach the full diameter of the sheathing. The concrete sheath G thus is provided with a tapered lower portion G the bottom of which is entirely shielded by the notch B, in such wise that the material or bottom into which the pile is driven cannot strip the sheath 0d the pile or start breakage or crumblin at the bottom of the sheath.

The pi e may be prepared in a number of ways and the coating may be cast if desired, but ll prefer to mount the pile vertically in any suitable rack H, as shown in Fig. 4, which may be provided with any suitable upper holdin member H and lower holding member in which the pile may be revolved either mechanically in any suitable manner or by the use of cant hooks.

tion, or, if more convenient, it may be applied to the pile when the pile is in horizontal osition, the pile being rolled upon themes sheet or the mesh sheet secure to and drawn over the pile as it is rotated, workmen, of. course, spacing it from the pile by the spacing and holdin clips, as i the sheet is bent about and app led to the ile.

Obviously, the pile itself is susceptible of many variations of detail, and the process of manufacture might be almost infinitely my invention.

varied without departin from the spirit of I there ore do not wish to be limited to the details of the specification and drawings, which I regard as largely representative.

I claim:

- 1. The process of preparing a composite pile which consists in peripherally notching the pile, rolling about the pile body an '1ntegral sheet of reinforcing material and securing said sheet to it and spacing it from the pile progressively as the sheet is rolled thereabout, crimping the bottom of the reinforcing sheet into the notch, and finally covering the entire reinforcing structure and filling the notch with concrete.

2. A composite pile comprising a pile body having a peripheral notch thereabout, a reinforced concrete sheath about said pile above said notch, the lower edge of said sheath being received in said notch and being protected by the lower wall thereof.

na rates 3. A composite pile comprising a pile body having a peripheral notch thereabout and a protecting sheath about the pile above said notch, said sheath in contact with the normal surface of the pile throughout substantially the entire length of the sheath, the lower edge of said sheath being received in said notch and protected by the lower wall thereof.

4. composite pile comprising a pile body having a peripheral notch thereabout, a reinforcing structure mounted about said pile above said notch, the lower edge of said reinforcing structure penetrating said notch, and a coating of concrete surrounding said pile above said notch, embedding said reinforcing structure and filling said notch, thelower edge of saidconcrete coating being tapered down to meet the edge of the lower wall of said notch. I

5. The process of preparing a protected pile which consists in peripherally notching the pile body at one point, placing a reinforcing structure about said pile body above said notch, projecting concrete against said pile to embed saidreinforcing structure and to fill said notch and tapering the lower edge of the concrete coating thus formed.

6. The process of preparing a composite pile, which consists in peripherally notching the pile, surrounding the pile above the notch with a reinforcing network, carrying the lower portion of said network into the notch, and projecting concrete against the pile to embed and coversaid network and fill said notch.-

Signed at Chicago, county of Cook and State of Illinois, this 22nd day of March 1922.


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