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Publication numberUS1477349 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 11, 1923
Filing dateJun 22, 1922
Priority dateJun 22, 1922
Publication numberUS 1477349 A, US 1477349A, US-A-1477349, US1477349 A, US1477349A
InventorsHindmarsh Percy J, Meaker John W
Original AssigneeAmerican Steel & Wire Co
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Tubular fencepost
US 1477349 A
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ec. 1l 1923.

P. J. HINDMARSH ET AL TUBULAR FENCEPOST Filed June 22. 1922 Img/miens enarged scale showzg fh@ staple, in Make-f3.

form an anche?. I

Si other obes and advamfzges @usb as simpcty, cheapmss of manufacture duwbihy, and the ganar mpmwmem m. ih@ art W he. broughb out mwa uy in the follwng; speciain mi illust-mmc?. 25 in the, ccompanyngdmwngs, in whch- Figure l is a from; awiam m' a. post constm'cted in aco'dane with this invention.

L Figline 2 is a, side elevation theref.

Fgme 43; is @y ma? eevatian thereof Shaw in 'the 'anchor opening* orsus.

igum 4 is an enargged fxagmemary demi evann of a. ortis@ of a pos?? showing lthe com-u aed e. ge of? @he opening and manner o securing th@ stapes im placa Figure 5 is dames se'ctim View on im pasitxcm with the side Walls of the pass Figures 6 and 3 ae enlarged demi views of the smples.

Figure 8 is an smal-,ged Em-mammary View ,ilustmiiing the manuali in whh the immer end of the post axpandf i@ 'Qrm auch@ when being; d'ven im@ the around. n Referring pantcuary to the drawings, 'thea numem 2 designates sida Was the posi; which ism'eferaby G holow cyn" c'ical Steel @Qnstrucbiom formed with an o en seam or slot 3 whh extends @he en? tue lengt-h thereof. The ons ongimd l edge of the side Willis 'paralelng Ithe ski@ Gr opening? 3 is caring-ated i0 'farm nternate pmjetons and depressfms; 5.. w be lmdmstozw, however, 'i'mt b-olh ofi the mxgf t'sunal edges Gf he side Was pameng 'im @Waning 3 may pesi' iided with moons for demolmbly Securing 'tno Wire fencing thereto,

p nel opening extending upwardly from adje.-

. mit the bottom end of said post to a, point y Wm'dly `from' adjacent.- the bottoni end of' @All edopled so be below the ground level, and.

one edge o-'f the Side well'of Said post pai'allelinp; said lits@ named opening bemg provided Wit-li a series of alterno-te 2. A hollow cylindrical metallic fenice-)Ost lmvingj a longitwlinzil opening extending: :from end io end thereof, und at least one other longitudinal opening extending up- .f-oid @osito a point adopted lobe below the gronndlevel, said last named opening; bemgg dmmetrically opposite said first named projections and depressions.


opening, and one edge'otlie sidewall of said post paralleling said first named open ing being provided with a series of alternato projections and depressions, suibs'tantielly as and for the'purpos'e described.

A liolloivmetallie fenoe posiJ having in longitudinal opening exit-ending1 from end to end thereof, said opening being adapted to receive and hold. wire' enoe securing mornbels over av portion of its length, and et' least one othei longitudinal opening; exending x11-)wa rdly from adjaieent; the botto-m end ol' aid post to a. pointvadaptedlo be below the ground level, said openings cooperatm5,; to permit the walls of said post to spread when the post is driven into .the thus forming an anchor.


ln testimony whereof We have hereunto set our hands. l



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U.S. Classification256/47
International ClassificationE04H17/10, F16B15/06, E04H17/02, F16B15/00
Cooperative ClassificationF16B15/06, F16B15/0015, E04H17/10
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