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Publication numberUS1477708 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 18, 1923
Filing dateJan 13, 1922
Priority dateJan 13, 1922
Publication numberUS 1477708 A, US 1477708A, US-A-1477708, US1477708 A, US1477708A
InventorsHenry I Larson
Original AssigneeGood Will Mfg Company
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Illuminated coin tray
US 1477708 A
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Dec. 18 1923.

H. I. LARSON ILLUMINATED com TRAY Filed Jan. 13 17g its 1' LAFFEON HENRY ailiozweq was a... .8, 1923. 1,477,108




Application filed January 13, 1922. Serial No. 529,033.

To all whom it may concern: 8 and normally rests with said end on the Be it known that I, HENRY I. LARsoN, a table or support 20 on which the device citizen of the United States, residing at stands. Minneapolis, in the county of Hennepin and The entire device rests normally on small 6 State of Minnesota, have invented certain knobs 21 and 22, the former being so posinew and useful Improvements in Illumitioned that the rear end of the device will nated Coin Trays, of which the following slightly overbalance the front end. The is a specification. smaller knobs 23 at the front end will then This invention relates to coin trays and be suspended ashort distance above the supf the main object is to provide an improved port 20. 65 construction of tray combining therewith a When a purchase is now made, and the novel and ingenious method of advertising purchasers change is tossed or put into the consisting of a sign forming a part of the tray 5, he, in getting his change out of the tray and adapted to be illuminated and read tray, unconsciously presses the front end of only when change is being returned or given the device down with his fingers. In doing 70 to a customer making a purchase in the store so the lower end of the spring member 17 having the tray on its counter or case. Furtouches the plate'8 and thus closes an electher objects will be disclosed in the course trio circuit cons sting of the elements 9, 16, of the following specification and are illus- 17, 8, 15, 14;, 10, 13, 12 and 11. With the trated in the accompanying drawing, in bulb 10 thus lit thereading matter on the 75. which: plate 7 is brought to the purchasers atten- Fig. 1 is a top or plan view of my imtion until his change is removed. proved coin tra showing it as illumined. In the construction shown in Fig. 3 the Fig 2 is an enlarged sectional view as entire device is not tiltable as in Figs. 1 and seen substantially on the line 2-2 in 2. The same effect is produced, however, by Fig. 1. making the main frame 4 rigid and by hing- Fig. 3 is a sectional view of the device edly mountin therein, as at 24, a tray 5. corresponding to the left end of Fig. .2, In this event't e tray 5 is normally held up but showing a modification in the circuit by a suitably light spring 25, and when 30 closing means. pressed down touches a member 17 thus Referring to the drawing by reference completing a circuit in much the same mancharacters 4 designates a hollow casting or ner as previously described in the first menmain frame having a concave coin tray 5 tioned construction. hollowed out of its forward end. The rear It is understood that suitable modifica- 35 portion of the device is provided with an tions may be made in the design and eneral 00 opening in which is fitted and secured by a construction of this device, provide howstrip 6, a glass 7. On the underside of the ever, that such modifications come I within g ass 7 is imprinted or ainted an advertisethe spirit and scope of the appended claims.

'Inent or suitable worgs such as Thank Havin now therefore fully shown and you, While the upper surface of the glass describe my invention, what I claim to be is ground or frosted so that the sign can new and desire to protect by United States be read only when a light is thrown against Letters Patent is; the underside of the glass. 1.- A device of the class described consist- The open or bottom side of the casting ing of. a suitable frame having a tray at one or frame 4 is closed by a suitable plate 8, end and a translucent glass at the other end which carries a battery 9 and a light bulb thereof, and means for automatically 10. One pole 11 of the battery is suitably nating said glass when said tray is pressed connected by a connection 12 to one pole 13 down. of the light 10, the other light pole 14 being 2. A device of the class described consist- 50 grounded by a short wire 15 to the plate 8. ing of a suitable frame comprising a coin To the other battery pole 16 is connected tray at its forward end and having a transone end of a spring member 17 which is lucent element over its rear end, said coin rigidly secured on an insulation block 18. tray being movable up and down, a lightin The other end of the spring member 17 exelement under said translucent element and tends down through a slot 19 in the plate means for automatically illuminating the said coin tray being movable up and'down' and said sign being readable when illuminated, an electric light adapted to illuminate the si n, and means 0 erative by tilting said:

tray or closing an e ectric circuit containing said light 4:. The combination in a device of the class described of a tiltable coin tray yieldingly held in an upward position and a sign adjacent thereto, said sign being readable when illuminated from, Q i an electric nannies light below the sign and a battery connected in circuit therewith within the device,

down on said coin tray.

5. A device of the class -described consist-- ing of a tiltable frame normally resting in a rearward position, a tray formed within the forward end of the frame, a sign in the rear end of the frame, an electric bulb for illnminating the sign, and means for closing a circuit through said bulb by tilting the frame forward,

lln testimony whereof I aihx my signature.


means for closing said circuit by pressing

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U.S. Classification40/323, 206/.81, 200/85.00R, 200/DIG.300
International ClassificationG07D9/02
Cooperative ClassificationY10S200/03, G07D9/02
European ClassificationG07D9/02