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Publication numberUS1478112 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 18, 1923
Filing dateJan 24, 1921
Priority dateJan 24, 1921
Publication numberUS 1478112 A, US 1478112A, US-A-1478112, US1478112 A, US1478112A
InventorsArthur Flather Frederick
Original AssigneeBoott Mills
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US 1478112 A
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Dec. 18, 1923. 1,41%,112

F. A. FLATHER TOWEL Filed Jan. 24. 1921 7 IN VEN TOR.



at @Ft e.



Application flledl January 24, 1921.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, FREDERICK ARTHUR one by one from a stack, used, and dropped,

still being held or locked so that they cannot be stolen.

The particular advanta e of my towel is that the cloth can be utilized to better advantage, and there is available for actual use a larger section than where a square or rectangular towel of the same area is used.

Besides this, a towel or a number of towels made in accordance with my invention will hang smoothly and evenly as from a rod, and need not be laid upon a shelf nor pressed together.

In the drawings, Fig. 1 is a perspective showing how towels of my type are generally used.

Fig. 2 is a plan view showing in diagrammatic form how a stri of cloth is cut to make my towels, and t e relative location of the attaching means.


Fig. 4 is aplan view showing in diagrammatic form another method of cuttm for a modified form of my towel, and also s owing In making my pre the location of the attaching means.

Fig. 5 is a plan view of a finished towel cut on lines substantially similar to those shown in Fig. 4..

Fig. 6 is a plan view of another modified form of my finished towel.

In Fig. 1, I show a lock case 2 attached to wall W supporting a rod 1 from which extends a chain 5, 5, the other end of which at 9 is also attached to wall W.

A plurality or stack 7 of towels T of my construction are hung upon rod 1 and, when in use, one is taken from Y the stack. 7, brought down to the position 6,.used, then drop d to the position 8, with other soiled towe s of the same type to be relaundered.

erred form of towel,

Fig. 3 is a plan view of one type of finished Serial No. 439,616.

I take a strip of cloth D with two parallel selvage edges 25 and 26, and cut it on diagonal lines 20 and 21 into separate pieces, each a separate towel T of trapezoidal form having equal alternate sides 20 and 2t and the parallel sides 22 and 23 with 'selvage ed es, the side 23 being longer than 22.

then preferably reinforce the raw alternate sides 2) and 21 as by overstitching at O, O, and provide means for attaching to the towel holder, shown as an eyelet 24 proximate the shorter parallel side 22.

As shown in Fig. 4, I may take a strip of cloth, such as F, with parallel selvage edges 35 and '36, and cut diagonally across at 30 and 31, forming the towels 40, each of which has equal alternate sides 44, 45, and parallel sides 43 and 42 having selvage edges, the side 43 being relatively quite wide and the side 42 being almost a point. Instead of overstitching, I can hem the sides 44 and 45, as shown at 46, to reinforce the edges, and instead of a metal eyelet can use a hole 41 worked with a buttonhole or similar stitch.

As shown in Fig. 6, in a towel, such as M, similar in form to 40, I can reduce the narrower side. to a oint 70, leaving the wider end 71 with a se vage edge and the diagonal sides 72 and 73 adjoining sides. Instead of an eyelet or a buttonhole, I can attach a loop, such as 74, and can bind the edges 72 and 73 with ta e 7 5 which may also be used to form the oop 74.

In any case the towel should have a wide end and a narrow end which may be a point, proximate which narrow end or point should be an aperture which may be an eye or a loop for attaching the towel to the holder by passing said holder through said aperture.

I claim:

'1. A towel of trapezoidal form having equal alternate sides and attaching means proximate to the shorter parallel side.

2. A towel of trapezoidalform for slid able use in connection with a rod bracket towel holder, having equal alternate sides reinforced along their edges and parallel sides havin selvage edges, and an attaching eye exten ing through said towel proximate the shorter parallel side, the several sides being of such len h with reference to the consistency of t e towel that it will hang naturally in a vertical plane when so ported by arod passing through such attac ng' eye.


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