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Publication numberUS1478329 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 18, 1923
Filing dateApr 28, 1920
Priority dateApr 28, 1920
Publication numberUS 1478329 A, US 1478329A, US-A-1478329, US1478329 A, US1478329A
InventorsArvid Ek
Original AssigneeBrown Co
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Dispensing cabinet
US 1478329 A
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DISPENSING CABINETv Filed April 253.-.v 1.920 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 @Ww/M416. 1

camisa use. i, taza.

wir Mg 'terse ARVID EK,

en critic.'



Application filed April 28, 1920. Serial No. 877,261.

' dispensing paper towels.

The invention has for its principal object the provision oi a cabinet to contain a number of folded towels and meansfor dispensing one towel at a time from the bottom of the cabinet.

Another'object resides in constructing the lower end-ol the cabinet in such a manner that a portion loi' one towel will project therefrom in position to be easily grasped and removed.

A further object resides in the provision of means for opening the front-of the cabinet to put in a new supply of towels, and means for supporting the front in a horizontal position when open.

Vtith these and other objects in view. my invention consists in the novel details of construction7 and arrangement of 4parts which will be more clearly understood from the following specification and drawings, in

. Figure 1 is a side elevation.

-Figure 2 isa similar View with parts shown in section.

Figure 8 is a bottom plan.

Figure 4 is a sectional view on the line 4 4 of Figure 2, looking in the direction of the arrows.

Figure 5 is front lowered. l l

In the drawings, l indicates the back of the cabinet having a top fia-nge 2, side flanges 3, and a bottom flan ge 4. This bottom flange 4 is inclined downwardly and the edge is rolled to form a bead 5 fora purpose to be later described., A downwardly extending a verticalsection with the lip or projection 6 is formed on the topilange 2, intermediate the ends, and will be used for a purpose as will later appear. The back 1 may be secured to the wall or other support in any desired manner but I preferably provide openings net, the latch therein,` throughwhich screws or other suitable" fastening means may pass. V f

A front or cover is hingedly connected to the back and comprises a front plate 7, top 8, sides 9, and bottom 10. The bottom 10 is inclined and the edge is'rolled to form a bead l1. This bead l1 will be spaced from the bead 5 so as to leave'an opening through which a towel'may be withdrawn. The ends 'of the bottom l0 are bent upwardly at right angles as shown at 12, to engage the inner faces of the sides 9 and are secured to the sides by means of rivets 13. The sides 9 are provided on their lower ends. with eX- tensions 14 and one of the sides 9 is pro.

vided with a pluralit)Y oi openings 15 which, if desired, may be cvered with glass .or other transparent material. The downwardly extending flange 4, on the back, with the downwardly extending bottom 10 ot the cover, forms a hopper for supporting the towels, indicated at 16.

A weight 1T will be carried on the top of follower for feeding the towels to act as a the towels to the bottoni ot' the cabinet asthey are used. A. rod 18 will pass through the bead 5 of the back, and sides 9 o f the `front to hingcdly connect the front to the back.

The plate-19 is secured to each extension" 14, of each side. by means vof rivets() or other -suitable fastening means andthese plates are provided, with right-angled ex tensions 2l which` as shown, extendint an angle in such a position. as to engage the Hange- 4 ot' the back. when the front or cover is lowered. to hold the cover in horizontalposition.

A housinff of the top S 'Ward edge, and a latch 23 is pivotallyl` connected in the liousinp; beneath the top. ,it This latch is adapted to engage the lip or projection 6 when the front .is raised. An Opie-ning is formed in the top 8,adjacent theflatch, to receive` a key for operating,r the latch.'

From the above detailed description, it is thought that the construction and operation will be clearly understood, To fill theicab- 23 is operated tov rele 'e the front so that it may be l wered into, horizontal position. Whenin horizontal position the extensions 21" on the plates lawill, engage the flanges and securely l-li'oidthei position by the latch 23.

front in such position. Whenin this osi tion, ythe towels will Ibe placed in the iront or cover andas shown, thetowels lMe. folded so that the ends of adjacent towels interlock with one smother so that whena vtowel isL Withdrawn it will bring an edge of the neXt A` towel through the bottom opening to be in position to be .grasped for removal. A,The Weight or follower 1 7 is 'then placed in position and the front raised and locked in started, the inclinedv flange Li and inclined bottom l0 make a hopper-shaped enconcaved bottoni with an opening between the of sheet metal, although any other suitableI material might equally as well be used and While I have described the preferred embodiment of my invention, it will be understood that slight changes might be made in the construction and operation without depertingfrom the spirit of the invention.

As i previously Having fully described my invention,

what I claim as new sind .desire to securefy by Letters Patent is:- v

A dispensing cabinet comprising@ back section hnving'a rear Wall, 'verticalhs'idesgand an inclined bottom, the forward longitudinal edge of the bottom being rolled to form en eye, a frontsection having e,k front wall,.Ver-:"

ticzxlsides, :1nd tanfinclined bottom, lthe forward longitudinal edge of the bottom being rolled und spaced from the rollededgeot the bottom of the back section to form a, dis

charge opening therebetween, means passingr through the sdffs .of the front sectlon and the eye of the bottom of the beck sectionv for; pivotally' 'connecting the sectionsadjw' cent their lower ends Aextensions .formed on the sides oi' the ti )nt section, in front of,

the rolled edge of ne bottom and extending tliercbelow totorm closures for the ends ofv the discharge opening, yand means carried-- by the extensions and engageable With'the bottom ot' the back section for. limiting the downward swinging,lr movement of the front,

section with respect to the-back section. A

In testimony whereof I hereunto aix my signature lin the presence oftwo Witnesses.

" V- `ARVDEK.l

`iliitnesses f l i MELVIN F. PRAY,


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