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Publication numberUS1478612 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 25, 1923
Filing dateNov 20, 1920
Priority dateNov 20, 1920
Publication numberUS 1478612 A, US 1478612A, US-A-1478612, US1478612 A, US1478612A
InventorsMax Lauke
Original AssigneeMax Lauke
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Automatic recording device
US 1478612 A
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Dec. 25 1923.

M. LAUKE AUTOMATIC RECORDING DEVICE Filed Nov. 20, 1920 WITNESSES INVENTOR jimxjazzjfve A TTORNEY8 Patented D... 25, 1923.



Application filed November 20, 1920. Serial No. 425,458.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, Max LAUKE, a citizen of Germany, and a resident of North Bergen, in the State of New Jersey, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Automatic Recordin Devices, of which the following is a speci cation.

This invention relates to recording devices and has particular reference to'an automatic registering device for recording a number of articles which pass a given point.

The device is primarily intended for use in connection with rails and sliding hangers used in meat markets whereby the number of han ers may be automatically counted.

Anot er object of the invention is to provide in combination with a rail and a registering mechanism, a means for preventing the choking of the actuating means for the registering mechanism.

A still further object of the invention is to rovide a device of the character descri d which is comparatively simple in construction, inexpensive to manufacture and which is highly efiicient in its operation and purpose.

With the above recited and other objects in View some of which will appear hereinafter, the invention resides in the novel construction, combination and arrangementof parts as set forth in the following specification, pointed out in the appended claims and illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which:

igure 1, is a side elevation of the recording mechanism and register, illustrating the same associated with a rail and movable han rs mounted thereon.

F1 re 2 is a similar view illustrating the position of the actuating means in operating position.

Referring to the drawing by characters of 7 reference, 10 designates a suitable support from which is suspended the rail or track 11 upon which is mounted a plurality of slidable hangers 12. An electrically operated register 13 is supported from the support 10 and is provided with a pair of spaced contacts 14 connected thereto by the circuit wires 15. A frame comprisin the standards 16 connected by a cross bar 1 constitutes a mounting for the vertically movable circuit closer 18 and an actuating arm 19 which is pivoted thereto as at 20. The arm 19 is provided with a groove 21 at its free extremity which normally receives the track. The arm 19 directly underlies the circuit closer 18 and is adapted to engage and lift the same to effect thebridgin of the contacts 14 when the free end 0 the arm is lifted. By this arrangement, when the shiftable hangers 12 move in the direction indicated by the arrow, the free end of the arm 19wvill be lifted to effect the bridging of the contacts 14. In order to provide means for preventing the choking of the actuator arm 19 or the passage of more than one of the hangers simultaneously, use is made of a gravity pawl 22 pivoted as at 23 to the ring 21 supported at its upper end as at 25 from the bar 17. The extremity 26 of the sto pawl overbalances the extremity 27 whici is normally engaged by the under side of the actuating arm and received by the notch 28 therein. This construction provides a means for singly permitting the passage of the hangers.

In operation of the device, when the hanger 12 is moved over the track 11, it will lift the free end of the arm thereby raising the circuit closer 18, which in' turn will bridge the contacts 14 to operate the register 13. Atthe same time the extremity 27 of the pawl will be disengaged to permit the heavy extremity 26 thereof to gravitate upon the track 11 to arrest movement of succeeding hangers until the preceding" hanger is passed from the extremity of the arm.

While there has been illustrated and described a single and preferred embodiment of the invention it is understood that the same is merely illustrative and that no limitation is necessarily made to the precise structural details only in so far as limited by the appended claims.

What is claimed as new is: v

1. The combination with a track having hangers slidable thereover and a register, of means operable by said hangers for actuating the register upon the passage of said hangers past a given point and means'operable by said actuating means when in active position to prevent the passage of succeedmg hangers.

2. The combination with a track having hangers slidable thereover and a register, of means operable by said hangers for actuating the register upon the passage of said hangers past a given point, comprising an arm pivoted above said track with its free v ity of which is weighted to normally gravi- I a am tate into contact with the track, and the opposite extremity of which coacts with the arm when the free end thereof is supported by the track to maintain the weighted extremity out of contact with the same, whereby upon liftin of the arm, thesaid weighted extremity wi with the track for the purpose specified.

Si ed at New York, in the county of New ork and State of New York, this 16th day of October A. D. 1920.


gravitate into engagement 20

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U.S. Classification235/98.00B, 377/6, 340/323.00R
International ClassificationG06M7/04, G06M1/08, G06M7/00, G06M1/00
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