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Publication numberUS1478647 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 25, 1923
Filing dateAug 8, 1922
Priority dateAug 8, 1922
Publication numberUS 1478647 A, US 1478647A, US-A-1478647, US1478647 A, US1478647A
InventorsGlisson Amos A
Original AssigneeGlisson Amos A
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Means for protecting and identifying passage tickets and baggage checks
US 1478647 A
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A. A. GLISSON Filed Aug. 8.


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.application filed August 8, 1922.

To al! whom 't 'may concern.'

Be it known that l, Anios A. GLrssoN, a citizen of the United States, residing at Fort lorth, in the county of Tarrant and State of Texas, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Means for Protecting and identifying Passage rlickets and Baggage Checks, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to passenger tickets and baggage checks and more particularly to a combination baggage, personal and ticket identifier, ticket protector, and advertising medium or carton; and the object is to provide a new and useful means for- (1)-protecting couponed and sheet forms of passage tickets from undue contacts and mutilations; (2)-for identifying and protecting the baggage or other property of travelers from mischecking and consequent erroneous forwardings; (3)-for establishing identifying relationship between travelers passage tickets and checks issued for the transportation of their baggage,-with means whereby the unauthorized issue of baggage checks for the transportation of property may be substantially prohibited and avoided; (t)-for affording travelers important information under advantageous and impressive circumstances pertinent to their comfort and welfare in course of journeys and at destinationsg-and (5)- for disseminating miscellaneous information in advertising form in relation to hotel and resort locations, charges and the like.

Other objects and advantages will be fully explained in the following description and the invention will be more particularly pointed out in the drawings.

Reference is had toV the accompanying drawings which form a part of this application.

Fig. l is an open front view of the medium. F ig. 2 is a similar view with separable coupons shownas B, C. and N, folded on the inside. Fig. 3 is a similar view showing the said separable coupons of the ticket protective portion of the medium, the baggage identification tag,and one section of the instruction members folded inwardly. F ig. l is a back view of the entire medium, opened out. Fig. 5 shows the entire medium in folded form,-and Fig. 6 is a face view of a baggage-checking form which is used in Serial No. 580,512.

cooperation with the other identifying and safety devices and elements hereinafter described.

Similar characters of reference are used to indicate the same parts throughout the several views.

The invention comprises a medium which forms a convenient protective carrier for a ticket such as a railway passage ticket, a baggage identifying tag, a personal and passage ticket identifier, baggage-checking coupons or strips numbered and otherwise printed to correspond with the personal and passage ticket identifier, means for holding the contract and coupons of a passage ticket in compact and Afolded order for convenient handling and use, means for providing travelers important information and instructions in immediate connection with their journeys-and means whereby the several elements comprising the invention as a whole may be most conveniently and effectively utilized.

Sections A and D, in folding construction and permanently attached to each other,- (the front or inner portion of section A being well gummed or supplied with substance for adhesive purposes) h-constitute basis or primary means whereby a railway or other passage ticket may be attached to, folded and inclosed within the medium as a whole for protective purposes and convenient use. The section D has, preferably at points somewhat below its center, as shown at M in the drawings, two longitudinal cuts or slits, each extending from one side to the other of said section, which form an opening between the Vupper and lower portions thereof and produce a strip or band-like portion,- the purposes of which are that the opening shall accommodate and more or less securely hold together in compact and convenient form the contract and couponed portions of a passage ticket when they are folded upon one another in usual or proper order the strip or band-like portion referred to serving to hold such contract and couponed portions of the ticket within said opening z-the feature thus established being, therefore, of protective nature and importantly co-operative with section A. of the medium to which the contract portion or end of the ticket is adhesively attached.

The outer portions .of .sections B, C, N, E,

section N is detachedbythe issuing agent,

moistened, and adhesively attached to his stub or oiiice record portion of such passage ticket as maybe issued in connection with the medium, thus establishing an .important and readily interpretable relationship between such passage ticket and the medium,

1 and alsotas will be further shown or explained)-between the passage ticket and the medium upon the one hand, and the baggage or` property identifying tag E and such checks as may be issued for the transportation of baggage or the like on account of the passage ticket upon the other hand.

Sections B and C of the medium, numbered and otherwise printed to correspond lwith sections N, E, and. l?, as previously stated, represent vthe ybaggage Y checking stripsvor credentials and are adhesively attached to a duplicately formed skeletonized or blank-spaced card ot the character customarily used and commonly known as a baggage check, (as shown in Fig. 6)- the duplicated number ot' the said strips therebyV becoming the common or corresponding number of the two portions ot the baggage' check one ot which is attached to the baggage and the other given to the owner ot the baggage. said*` action results in establishing readily comprehensible and substantially direct relationship between the passage ticket on account of which the baggage is checked, the baggage check itself, the baggage identilication portion oi' the me'dium-(shown as E in the drawings)-and the correspondingly numbered medium to which it is shown in the drawings as being separably or detachably attached.' lt is obvious that through the systematic use of the medium, as thus far explained, the at present more or less numerous .errors and misshipments of baggage andthe like may be reduced to a minimum, it not entirely overcome or avoided; also that any errors that may possibly occur may be morey readily discovered and intelligently traced and rectified than is possible in the absence ot' such data, means and 'facilities as the medium or system provides; and further, that such systematic use makes it substantially impossible for a ents or baggage-room employees to chec and Cause lt will be seen thatl stitute the baggage identilication tag porf tion ont the device,-or useV irrespective Yot whetherithepropergy to whichV it is attached is carried by hand,unchecked, orV 1s transported under check;v and, in addition to its'V number and markings, possesses appropriate printed matter calling for, and open spaces ,Y Y*

wherein may be supplied information as to destination otthebaggage and its owners naine and permanent address,-thus a-tlording data by which property may be completely identified in case of loss or goingY astray and whereby, lin connection with such circumstances,` its owner, through possession oi the correspondingly numbered ticket-protecting portion of the device or medium, may instantly supply correct information by which it may be traced and identilied,-and may also present convincing evidence of his or her ownership thereof. This identifying is also provided upon its front or inner surface, with space,--(preterably in squared or circular form as Ashown at I in the drawings) -or use of the issuing agent in validating'or making the medium of-V licial by placing an impression of his ticket dater or similar stamp therein,with the result that, regardles of whether the property torwhich the tag is attached isV transported under a baggage check, the validating or stamping will supply information as to the name of the railroad,carrier, or other institution or agency that issued it, also its date of issue and the name of the'station or point at which issued z--thus making the tag all the more complete and valuable for the purposes tor which it is intended. .ln order that said tag may be securely attached to the handle or other part of a trunk,vhand baggage or like property, it is supplied, as indicated at L in the dra-wings7 with one or more openings or eyelets for the acceptance or accommodation of a wire or cord or other substantial means4 for tying or looping the tag thereto,-or otherwise accomplishing the ydesired end or purpose it being preferable that said eyelets be metallically bound or otherwise reinforced in the interest of pre-v venting its being torn from its wire or cord or similar attachments.

Section F, as shown in the drawings, numbered and otherwise marked as previously stated, constitutes-(l)the portion of the medium serving to ,identity the passage Lavaca? ticket issued in connection theiewith,-and the owner thereof, and-(2) -a folding flap of` the medium, Vis provided with a tongue-(shown as J in4 the drawings)- -for insertion within split or incision- (shown as K in the drawings)-for the purpose of confining in compact, attractive and convenient form the several parts comprising the medium as a whole when folded 4together in wallet or book-like form. The printed matter and relatedr spaces for the insertion of identifying information upon this section F is preferably placed uponits front or inner side for protection against abrasion or obliteration and is of the character indicated by its showing in the drawings. That portion of section F reserved for the-insertion of baggage check No. should be understood to be for use in'cases where the carrier issuing the medium may prefer to continue the issuance of checks formed and printed accord with present practices and to either discard p or make other uses of the baggage checking strips, and it will be further observed and understood that such action will not adversely affect the operation of the medium or system; also that the system contemplates that in cases where carriers may not desire to use for baggage-checking skeletonized forms whose numbers would be supplied by adhesively attaching thereto the baggage checking strips as previously indicated or explained, said strips may or will be taken up by the checking employee asv an office record and as authority for issuing a check bearing a dierent number z-and such employee will endorse upon the checking strip or strips so taken un and retained, the number of the check issued in their or its stead thus establishing definite relationship between the check he issues and the medium from which the baggage checking strips are detached` and, therefore, between the passage ticket issued in connection with the medium and the baggage check issued on account of the passage ticket or the medirm.

Aside from numbering and otherwise marking section F of the medium for identifying and other purposes, as previously explained, and as more or less indicated by matter shown in the drawings, the outer portion of said section together with the outer portions of sections D, G, and H, or such of them as may be necessary or desirable therefor, are for use in more or less concisely promulgating such rules and regulations as govern or are importantly related to the handling of passenger traffic, and therefore vital to travelers personal interests,and for conveying to them such other information and suggestions pertinent to travel as may be calculated to protect and advance their safety, comfort and economic welfare,-tlius rendering important services c0- operative with the general purposes of the invention', and the front or inner portions of sections H, G, and D are for use in supplying other information such as names and locations of hotels, resorts and the like thusas a whole materially contributing to the advancement of numerous interests and substantially and most opportunely enlightening and safe-guarding the uninitiated and those who but seldom have occasion to travel.

.inasmuch as one of the particular purposes of the invention is to create and promote co-operative services between and serve the interests ofhotelsand similar institutions as well as those of travelers and- (or)-railways or other carriers, it should be understood that to such an extent as may be desirable the parts and printed matter comprising the medium may be so modified or changed thathotel owners or managers subscribing to the system may issue the baggage identification tag to or on behalf of their guests who may have baggage to be transferred to railway or other stations for shipment, and that in such cases the correspondingly numbered ticket-protective portion of the medium may be issued to the guest r-thus making the medium and baggage tag serve as a claim check in connection with such forwarding rules, practices and forms of forwarding checks as the railways or other carriers may employ. In such cases it will be understood that suoli hotel owners or managers become the issuing agents on behalf of themselves and other subscribers and that, as such, they may detach the gummed stub-(shown as N in the drawings) -and make such records thereof in connection with the names of the persons to whom issuedeither upon their guest registers or otherwise) -as will be of value in any cases where any questions or troubles arise in relation to baggage or property handled under tags or mediums bearing corresponding number, etc.

The medium is preferably made of hard, more or less thick, card-like paper or other substance of pliable nature,-to the end that flimsiness may be substantially avoided and that the medium may be conveniently and effectively utilized.

Various changes in the construction, arrangement and proportions of the several parts of the medium may be made without departing from my invention.

What I claim is,-

l. A safety medium for travelers comprising a body member of Hat material provided with a ticket holding band, severable strips gummed on one side,-and provided on the other side with printed information and foldable on said body for partly inclosing a ticket, a severable baggage identifying member integral with said body and provided with conventional blanks and printed instructions thereon, and information-bearing membersintegral with said body and foldable thereon.

Y 2. A-safety medium for travelers comprising a body memberof flat material providedV With means Lfor holding a ticket thereon, information-bearing members integral with said bodyand foldable upon each other and `upon said body and provided with a locking slit, a ticket identifying member integral with said body provided Withconventional.

blanks and printed information thereon and provided With a locking tongue and adapted f gage identifying member integral With said body member and provided With conventional blanks and printed information thereon, and a ticket identifying member integral WithL saidbody and adapted to fold thereon and provided With conventional blanks and printed information and cooperating with said baggage identifying member. Y

4. A safety medium for travelers comprising a'body memberof flat material and provided With means for holding a ticket thereon, a severable baggage identifying member integral with said body member andprovided With conventional blanks and printed information thereon, a ticket Videntifying member integral lWith said body and provided With conventional blanks 'and'.printed information thereon and cooperating with said baggage identifying member, severable strips integralV With said body member,- gummed on one side and having printed instructions on the other-side cooperating With said baggage and ticketl identifying mem,-

bers, and V'information-bearingY members integraljvvith said body member and foldable on each other and on said body member andV one member thereofv having a lockingvslit, said ticket identifying Vmember having a tongue adapted to engage said slit for locking and concealing Aa ticket on said body. v

Intestimony whereof, I set my hand,this 4th day of August, 1922,



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