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Publication numberUS1478701 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 25, 1923
Filing dateFeb 10, 1919
Priority dateFeb 10, 1919
Publication numberUS 1478701 A, US 1478701A, US-A-1478701, US1478701 A, US1478701A
InventorsFrederick Diehl
Original AssigneeDiehl Mfg Co
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US 1478701 A
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Dec, 25, 1?? 1,478,701

P DIE-TF1 Filed. 10, 1919 2 Sheets-Sheet 13 1N VENTOR B y FEEDER/6W [7/5/14 A TTORNE Patented Dec. 25, 1523.




Application filed Fenmary 10, 1919, Serial No. 276,085. Renewed Kay 16, 1923.

T0 cZZ w hom 2'5 may concern:

Be it known that 1, Fnnnnnroii DruHL a citizen of the United States, residing at Elizabeth, in the county of Union amljntste of New Jersey, have invented new and use full Improvements in Controllers, of which the following is a specification,

This invention relates to a controller for on electric motor.

The controller emhodying this invention is particularly adapted for controlling the o eration of sewing," lngichine motors, alt o'ugh it maybe used "for other purposes.

One type of controller which has been ex tensively used com rises a foot actuated rheostet adapted to e supported and oper ated independently of the motor or sewing machine. Such a controller possesses the ad.- vantage of being readily movable to any p0- sition convenient to the operator and being placed out ofthe way whennot in use.

One of the objects of the present invention is to provide a controller of this general type which is compact, simple, eflicient, safe and readily manufactured.

Another object is to provide a controller wherein the casing enclosing the motor-con trolling rheostat forms a support for the on erators foot.

Another object is to provide a controller casing which is substantially dustproof and.

made of a small number of ports.

(Ether objects and advent s will appear f" m the specification l hush I -Be embodiment of the invention trot-ed, in the accompanying drawings,

l a perspective of a, controller em invention;

"is plan view of the controller ill i in Figure l, the arts Within the c being shown in dotte lines;

gore 3 a longitudinal sectional view substantially on the lane 8-3 of F gure l is a longitudinal sectional View substantially on the line it-4: of Fig- I trolling pedal projects.

Figure 7 is a perspective of the main por tion of the casing;

Figure 8 is a. perspective of a slide plate which forms a closure for the casing;

Figure 9 is a perspective on a smaller s0 is of the blank from which is made that portion of the casing illustrated in Figure I, and

Figure 10 is a perspective of the motor field control switch.

The controller comprises, in general, a. rheostat entirely supported by and com pletely enclosed within a substantially dust and. fireproof casing or box which also pro- "ides a convenient support or rest for the operators foot and throu h which the conhe casing is preferably made of three pieces of sheet metal which may be reedil; stem ed and bent into the desired shape. Iwo 0 the pieces form the permanent sides of the cnsing and the third forms a removable closure therefor.

The main portion of the box or casing includes a bottom 1, end walls 2 and 3, and a top l inclined for the major portion of its length. One side of the casing is closed by s removable slide-plate 5. Vertical flanges and 7 constitute guides and retainers for the slide-plate, which is looked in *gosition by a cotter pin 8. The other side of the cusine; is glerrnanently closedv by a side Wall 9 an. cu; liary casing 10. The auxiliury casing constitutes in eti'ect an extension or m of the main portion of the cesing,

entire casing is constructed from three sheet metal hlcnhs and may, therefore, readily and cheaply insnuiectureril. The blank illustrated in Figure 9 comprises e per lion a generally rectangular in form and triangular extension projecting from one side thereof, 'rhe rectangular portion is bent upon itself at the points indicated hy the dotted lines to form the bottom, top

and end walls of the main portion of the.

casing (Figure '2). The triangular ex cm sion Z) of the blank forms the side wall 9. Suitable proiecticns are also provided to term the flanges 6 and 7.

The auxiliary casing or pocket 10 is formed from a blank such as illustrated in Figure 5. This blank includes a part c,

which forms the wall 11 (figure 6). Projections d and 0 form the well 5 and bottom opening 25, end the arm issecnrecl in place by pivot 20. The switch unit 39 is then secured to the casing and conical spring 31 is placed beneath arm 19, the s ide 5 is inserted, and the foot-plate is pinned to extension 534.

The controller is time assenibleci by bringtogether and placing certain units and n the repair or parts. The con- 1y easily t moment 1 one for 1 a e zernovai o, contacts o v clus l t otherwise i not on rlieostr't anal in V ere with its oer operation anti create a dangerous I: from tlie'sparlis and arcs Wir den the i'iieosta'i; the resisioreo T e entr pact, rigi .i no pearonce, an a into Contact Witl the material works or the openators clothing Without danger.

The embodiment of invention illusted. and describeii is snsccptiliie of many modifications wit-1mm ile}"" n spirit thereof or the sacr vantages.

What I claim is:

i. A controller as a oi: ltS am comprisin a casino;

formed of two pieces of sheet metal bent anii secured together to form 21 box and a third piece of metal constituting removable closure for the box, a rlieostst ei' closed Within and supported by said. gas oncl a pedal extending into said casing Enid. cooperating with said rheostat.

5:. A motor controlier comprising a substantially dustand fireproof casingfor supporting the operators 1i ot, a rieeostat sop; ported by anii Within casi g, a pedal oa'ried by said casing and extending through wall thereof to on t, and srijosti-tble i i152 ing to facilitate no no; "tioning one support ing of the operators foot relative to the penal.

3. A. motor controller comprising a casing having a main, footsupportin portion formed. of one piece of sheet meta and a removable closure and a pocket formed of another piece of sheet metal; an adjustable re sistance unit supporte by and within the casing pocket, and. a pedal unit supported by and Within the ni'ain portion of the casing and having an arm cooperatingwith the iesistance unit and a foot-plate located out-- mg arm, a sheet metal was irgljrkr enclosing and supporting said rhe0- stat sup oorting the operators foot, a ncling through the top of said (l pivctaliy carried thereby for g saio rheostat, and resilient. means oining the pedal and rheostat arm notoei position '7, A motor controller comprising a sub it lire an i iu t'proof casing having inoiinerl top structurally integral thereand. means erson oriented to sup ort lieei, a patio an arm pivo to he nnekride of me to and extending rough a restricted opeinng in the top, a rlieosta having a movable arm mounted within the casing, and means connecting the rheostot arm and the pedal.

motor controller adapted to be opefQ ateci h foot, comprising a substantially fire anniinst proof casing having'an inelincrl top, foot pedal having an arm extending through an opening in the to means Within the casing for snpportin said arm, resilient means cooperating wit the pedal. sell. the same in. a raised position, rheostai; mounted withiv the casing and 1g an arm movable in vertical plane, inn. eonnectin sairl arm and pedal.

A niotor control er adapted J60 Toe oper- .means connecting said contact and said pedals 10,, A motor controller adapted to be operateo by the foot, comprising a casing, an adustahielieel sup ort on the casmg, a rheostat mounted wit. in the'casing and having a sliding contact, and aspring pressed pedal pivoiaily mounted within the casing and extendin' v through an opening in the to thereoF and operatively connected with sai contact

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