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Publication numberUS1479135 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 1, 1924
Filing dateOct 11, 1922
Priority dateOct 11, 1922
Publication numberUS 1479135 A, US 1479135A, US-A-1479135, US1479135 A, US1479135A
InventorsGuinzburg Victor
Original AssigneeKleinert I B Rubber Co
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Powder-puff holder
US 1479135 A
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Jam., l, 11924 HAWQJIB v. GUINZBURG POWDER PUFF HOLDER Filed Oct. l1 1922 INVENTOR Waregem# )Patented dan. l, i924.

uma aras vir ma.



Application led October 11, 1922. Serial No. 593,824.

To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that I, VICTOR GUINZBURG, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the city, county, and State of New York, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Powder-Puff Holders, of which the following is a specification.

The object of this invention is to provide a small compact bag or pouch intended to receive andhold a powder puff, retaining the same in a clean and sanitary condition.

A further object of this invention is to provide a small compact bag made of an easily Washable material, enabling the same to be kept clean and sanitary.

It has been the practice to carry a powder puff in a hand-bag or the like with the result that the same is brought into contact with the contents ofthe bag and rapidly becomes unsanitary and unfit for use.

The use of a powder puff holder made in accordance with my invention prevents the puii' from readily becoming soiled and forrs a protective cover therefor.

With these objects in view, l have devised the particular arrangement of parts disclosed in the following description and more particularly pointed out in the claims appended hereto.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawing forming a part hereof 1n which- Figure 1 is a front elevation of a powder puff holder made in accordance with my invention, and

Figure 2 is a sectional view on the line 2-2 of Figure l looking in the direction of the arrows.

Throughout the various views of the drawings, similar reference characters designate similar parts.

ln the preferred embodiment of my invention, 1 indicates one of the sides or faces of the holder and 2 the opposite face thereof. These faces are united at their edges in any suitable way. It is preferable to construct the holder out of any impervious, expansible material, such as sheet rubber or the like and if this is used in its construction, the edges of the faces 1 and 2 may be united by vulcanization forming a substantially unitary and seamless construction for the ba The edges of the bag are preferab y reinforced by means of a suitable binding 3 extending over said edges, such binding being preferably of the same material as the bag, although if desired, it may be of a different color to form a pleasing contrast with the body of the bag.

At 4 is shown a contracting member which consists of a flat strip of material having great expansibility, such as a rubber band or strip. This contracting member is secured on the inner face of the bag at a suitable point midway between the upper andv lower ends of the bag. The contracting member may be secured in position in any desired way, such as by cementing or vulcanizing it in place, but I have shown it herein as being secured by ,means of a line of stitching 5 extending through it and securing it to the body'of the bag.

rlhe contracting member 4 is preferably secured in place while in its expanded condition so that when it contracts, it tends to contract the material of the bag located adjacent to it so as to provide the said bag with a narrow mouth or opening 6. This contracting of the strip 4 tends to gather or form the bag into a plurality of shirrings or gathers 7 projecting above and below it.

The strip 4 is preferably located at a suit'- able distance below the upper edge of the bag so that a projecting skirt portion 8 extends above said strip and is formed by reason of the contraction of said strip into a plurality of ornamental gathers or shirrings.

The edge of the bag may be reinforced or provided with an ornamental binding of any sort, but l have shown a form of ornamental overstitching 9 on said ed e. v

The bag thus produced 1s provided with a puff-containing chamber 10 located below the contracting strip 4 and kept substantially closed by said strip. Said strip can by reason of its elasticity, be extended to enlarge the opening 6 to permit the entrance of the puff and the removal of the same from the bag when desired.

Additionally, the provision of this strip at the point where the bag must be expanded obviates the possibility of strain upon the material of the bag which is of less expansibility than the contracting stri rom the foregoing, it is obvious that my invention is not to be restricted to the exact embodiment shown but is broad enough to cover all structures coming within the scope of the annexed claims.


10 sliirred skirt portion above said stri What l claim isz-- 1. An varticle of the class described comprising a powder puff bag composed of two sections of material with their edges united,

5 a lat contracting strip permanently secured of material having their edges united, a 15 binding over said united edges, a contract ing str1 secured for its entire length on the inner ace of said bag adjacent the top thereof and normally tending to contract the mouth of the bag, a skirt portion extending above said strip and a pull-containing ch'amber below the same and shin-ings extending from said strip into the body of the bag forming the puff-receiving chamber and into the skirt portion above the strip.

Signed at the city, count and State of New York, this 3rd day of ctober, 1922. 4 VICTOR GUINZBURG.


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U.S. Classification383/43, 383/107, 383/907
International ClassificationA45D33/00
Cooperative ClassificationA45D33/005, Y10S383/907
European ClassificationA45D33/00F