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Publication numberUS1481772 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 22, 1924
Filing dateDec 8, 1922
Priority dateDec 8, 1922
Publication numberUS 1481772 A, US 1481772A, US-A-1481772, US1481772 A, US1481772A
InventorsZell Charles M
Original AssigneeZell Charles M
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Washing device for automobiles and other purposes
US 1481772 A
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Jan. 22, 1924. 1,481,772


14170;? NE Y Patented Jan. a2, 1924.

Nara i r'r-Es rice.

ominnns IVI. ZELL, or THE-names, oanson.


Application filed December 8, 1922. Serial No. 665,671. I

T 0 all whom'it may concern:

Be it known that I, CHARLES M. ZELL, a citizen of the United States of America,

and resident of The Dalles, in the county generally and has for its object the production of a'flexible implement adapted for manipulation being preferably, for that purpose, made in the form of a bag to fit loosely the hand of an operator, and being operatively connected with a watervsupply pipe in such form'and manner as to distribute a flow of water from said pipe through one side of the implement upon which is provided a soft detergent surface.

What constitutes my invention will be hereinafter described in detail and succinctly set forth in the appended claims.

In the drawing wherein my invention is illustrated in that form of embodiment which I at present prefer,

Figure I is a plan view of my device taken from that side thereof which carries a hand-stall.

Figure II is a longitudinal vertical section of my device taken as on the line IIII of Figure I.

Figure III is an end elevation of the same looking from left to right.

Figure IV is a transverse vertical section of my device taken as on the line IV-IV of Figure II.

Referring to the numerals on the drawing, 1 and 2 (compare Figures II and IV) indicate two pieces of flexible, material preferably corresponding in shape and superficial dimensions, which are united face to face as illustrated, for example, in the figures of the drawing last named. The parts 1 and 2 are preferably made of canvas or sail, cloth, heavy enough to hold water. They are united one to the other so as-in effect to form a bag, as by a seam of stitches 3 disposed at convenient distance from their common outside periphery. At one end of the said bag-like structure a pipe connection 4 is incorporated into the structure and made part of it. The form of pipe connection illustrated is of familiar form and is presented by way of from the other.

example only of any suitable form that maybe divised or preferred for the purpose." Within the bag defined by the seam 3 is provided an inside bag whose mouth 5 is located opposite the inner discharge end 6 of the connection land in sufiiciently close, proximity thereto to enable it to receive discharge of liquid therefrom. I prefer to make said inside bag of the pieces 1 and 2 with no other addition thereto than'that of means for defining one bag Such means preferably consists of an enclosingline of stitches 7 whose opposite ends 8 and 9 define the mouth 5 aforesaid. The inside bag is preferably divided into two compartments as byamedial line of stitches 10 whose terminal 11 preferably divides, in effect, the mouth 5 into two.

Upon one side of the structure above described, I provide a series of apertures 14 and '15 which penetrate the fabric 1 or 2 on the one side and av cover-sheet 16 that is preferably incorporated into the said structure. The cover-sheet 16 is preferably made of sheep skin with the wool out as indicated by the numeral 17, the wool, in such case, constituting a soft detergent surface for the device under manipulation. The apertures 14 are distributed at suitable frequent, intervals in communication with the outside or annular bag defined between the seams 3 and 7, while the apertures 15 communicate, in like manner, with the interior of the inside bag whose outer periphery is defined by the seam 7.

The apertures 1 1 and 15 may be designated as palmar apertures because they are in use distributed through the walls of the implement over the palm of the hand of the operator who uses it. The cover sheet 16 is preferably extended in a flap 18 well to the rear of the pipe connection 4 so as to interpose ample protection between said connection and a surface to be washed.

Upon the side of the device opposite the cover-sheet 16, I provide a backing 19,.and at its forward end a strap piece 20 which is combined with said backing to constitute, in effect a pocket or hand-stall into which the hand of an operator may be thrust for the purpose of manipulating the device.

In practice, the parts 19 and 20 are, near.

their outside edges, united together and to the cover-sheet 16 by any suitable means as for example a row of stitches, 21.

The operation of my device may, in View of the foregoing specification, be understood "from the following brief description.

In use the pipe connection is fastened to the end of a flexible hose, not illustrated, and from it a flow of Water in suliicient volume and at desired pressure is delivered through said connection into the interior of the outside and inside bags, respectively. Passing thence-through the apertures 14 and 1' a constantsupply of Water is discharged through the Woolly coating of the coversheet 16 or similar material.

T he flow of Water operates, with detergent effect upon the said vmaterial itself as Well .as upon surface to be washed, so as to continually and quickl remove all grit or abrasive material that may be present, with practical elimination thereof from injurious eflect in the Washing operation.

What Iclaim is: p

1. A Washing device of the class described comprising a flexible bag having a liquid delivery opening in one end thereof, a central chamber formed in said .ba saidchamber divided longitudinally into tWo compartments, a series of separate communieating compartments surrounding said chamber, outlet openings in the bottom of said bag, and ahand engaging means secured to the top of the bag.

2. A Washing device of the class described comprising a flexible bag having a liquid delivery opening in one end thereof, said bag being divided annularly along its outer margin into a series'of separate communicating compartments and having a chamber formed Within the central area of the bag,

said chamber being divided longitudinally into two compartments, outlet openings in therbottom of said bags, a pad secured to ilGlUlQlGlSlClQOf the bag and extending rear- Wardly beyond the liquid'delivery opening, a cover on the top of the ba and a hand receivingpocket secured to said bag above the cover.

In testimony whereof, Ihave hereunto set my hand in the presence of two subscribing Witnesses.




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