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Publication numberUS1482653 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 5, 1924
Filing dateJan 16, 1923
Priority dateJan 16, 1923
Publication numberUS 1482653 A, US 1482653A, US-A-1482653, US1482653 A, US1482653A
InventorsWilliam E Lilly
Original AssigneeWilliam E Lilly
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Gripping device
US 1482653 A
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Feb. 5 K924i.,

GRIPPING DEVICE Filed Jan. 16 1925 Patented l: eb. 5, 1924.




Application led January 16, 1923.. Serial No. 612,990.

To all whom t may concern.'v A Be it known that I, WILLIAM E. LILLY, a citizen oit' the United States, residing at Lillybrook, in the county of Raleigh and State of West Virginia, have invented new and useful Improvements in Gripping Devices, of which the following is a specifi-` cation.

This inventionrelates to devices `for handling or manipulating articles, and more particularly to devices of this lkind consisting of a pole having its outer end provided with aws for grasping the article or object.

The device has been designed especially for` placing or removing electric-light bulbs, but it is not limited to such use, but may, with' equal facility, be employed for handling or manipulating various other articles or objects.

It is the purpose of the invention to provide a device of the character stated ernbodying certain novel and improved features of construction to be described in detail hereinafter, and in order that the same may be better understood, reference is had to the accompanying drawing,.wherein- Figure 1 is an elevation of the device; Fig. 2 is a sectional detail of the jaw-end of the device, with the jaws shown open; Fig. 3 is an elevation of the jaw-end of the device, with the jaws shown closed and partly broken away, and Fig. 4 is an elevation, partly in section, showing an edge -view of one of the jaws.

Referring specilically to the drawing, 5 denotes a pole of suitable length which is tubular, and has its inner end fitted with a hand grip 6. To the outer end of the pole 5 is secured a cap 7 from which extends forwardly a short stem 8 having two slots 9 and 10, respectively, which intersect each other at right angles. The stem 8 pivotally supports the jaws 11 of the device, the same having their inner ends 12 seating loosely in the slots 9 and pivoted by means of cross pins 13 or the like. Two jaws are provided and their outer portions are curved to properly it over the electric-light bulb to be manipulated. The jaws also have a facing 14 of rubber or other soft material to prevent injury to the bulb and also to obtain a better grip thereon.

The stem 8 is surrounded by :a helical spring 15 seating at its inner end against the cap 7. This spring also surrounds the pivoted or inner ends 12 of the jaws 11, and tends to normally hold said jaws in closed position as shown in Fig. 1, and before the jaws can open it will be necessary to compress the spring as shown in Fig. 2.

In order to compress the spring 15 to permit opening of the jaws 11, there is slidably mounted in the slot 10, a cross bar 16 which is Ienlarged and wedge-shaped intermediate its ends, this portion of the cross bar being positioned to come between the jawends 12 to spread the same as shown in Fig. 2, when the cross bar is drawn inwardly or` rearwardly.

' The endiportions of the cross bar 16 seat slidably in the slot 10, andto said end portions are connected cords or other flexible pulling elements 17 which pass rearwardly through the coil 15 and into the pole 5 by the way of apertures 18 in the cap 7 Inside the pole 5, the elements 17 are connected to a ring 19, and to the latter is connected a pull line 20 extending through the interior of the pole to the handle 6, where it is connected to a handle 21 which is slidably supported by the hand grip 6.

The outer or gripping portions 11 of the jaws are curved outwardly from the inner portions 12, which latter are straight, and when the jaws are closed, said inner portions are parallel and seat in the slots 9. The spring 15 surrounding the jaw ends 12 prevents the same from spreading, and hence, the jaws are held normally closed. To open the jaws, it is necessary only to grasp the handle 21 and exert a pull on the line 20. whereupon, through the connections 1.9 and 17, the cross bar 16 enters between the jaw ends 12 and by its pressure against the outer end of the spring 15, the same is compressed to permit said jaw ends to swing laterally out of the slots 9 and thus spread the jaw ends 11 suiiiciently to enable them to be placed over the bulb or other article to be grasped. Upon releasing the handle 21, the spring 15 expands and pushes against the outer edge of the jaw ends 12, thereby moving the same in a direction to again close up and thus causing the jaw ends 11 to firmly grip the bulb or other article. The device is therefore easy to operate, and it eectually serves the purpose for which it has been designed. The cross bar 16 in addition to the function previously recited, also limits movement of the jaws toward each fother.

I4 claim:

1. A gripping device comprising a-pole pivoted jaws at the'outerfend of; the pole.4

a helical spring surrounding the jaws at their inner ends for holding the same"closed",`

a cross bar positioned to enter between the inner ends of the ljaws: and toengag'e' the spring for compressing the same to permit opening of theV jaws, andy 'means forfoperating said cross bar.

2. A griyiipingI devicecomprising Aa pole,

pivoted jaws at the outer end y'off the'pole,`

a helical, springnsurrounding thejjaws at their innerends for holding thel sameflclsed; means engageabl'e withthelspring iorcom'f pressing the 'same Ito permit opening Loi' the jaws, anactuator'orfsaid nie'ansj'term'inatl ing yatA thel inner yend vof' the Lpolei said pole being hollowand thefactnator passing' therethrough.

3. A ripping: device i c'ompfsng v.345"319 "fa 'cap 'mounted on the'oute'rend 'ofthe pole4- and provided with a Stem'havingf intersecting'slots, j having'*theirinner ends extending intoon'e ofthe slotsfand pivotally supported, a cross bar slidably supported in the other slot to enter between the inner E"Sends 'ott the jaws, a helical spring surrounding the stem and the inner ends of the jaws,

-theouter end of said spring being engagef able by the cross-bar-and means for sliding the cross bar in a direction to compress the spring.

4. A gripping device comprising a pole, afi'ca'p'-fmountedv on the outer end of the pole and provided with a stem having intersecting slots,`1 jaws 'having their inner ends extending yintoone of the slots and pivotally f` supported, aV cross b'a'rl slidablyf'siipported through the A pole." "sai'd 'fpo'lef' being C hollow,

ly and means at the "rear `end ofthe pole'ffor actuating said pulling means. y In testimonywhereof'Iaiiix my signature.

winniAM LILLY.

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U.S. Classification81/53.11, 292/17, 294/111
International ClassificationH01K3/32
Cooperative ClassificationH01K3/32
European ClassificationH01K3/32