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Publication numberUS1482837 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 5, 1924
Filing dateFeb 27, 1923
Priority dateFeb 27, 1923
Publication numberUS 1482837 A, US 1482837A, US-A-1482837, US1482837 A, US1482837A
InventorsBuck David D
Original AssigneeO C Lovett
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Manicuring device
US 1482837 A
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Feb. 5 1924.

.D. D. BUCK MANICURING DEVICE Filed Feb. 27. 1923 Patented Feb. 5, 1924,


DAVID njnuox, or FLAGLER, COLORADO, assreiwon or ONE-HALF r 0. c. LOVET'I, or Y FLAGLER, COLORADO.

. provide a relativel vice provided with an abrasive wheelcitizen of the United States, residing IIANICURING DEVICE.

To all wlfom it may concern:

Be it known that I, DAVID D. Book, a at Flagler, in the county of Kit Carson and State of Colorado, have invented certain new and useful Improvementsin Manicuring Devices, of which' the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a manicuring device, and has for one of its objects to provide an apparatus of this character which will be simple in construction, comparatively inexpensive to manufacture and more efficient in use than those which have been heretofore proposed. v

A further object of the invention is to small and compact deadapted to grind. the nails-during the manicuring operation. I

A still further object of the invention is to provide a device of the character described in which the wheel may'be driven by means of a spring motor or other suitable source of power which is preferably contained within the casing of the apparatus.

With the above and other objects in view, which will appear as the description proceeds, the invention consists in the novel details of construction and combinations of parts more fully hereinafter disclosed and particularly pointed out. in the appended claims. a

Referring to the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification in which like numerals. designate like parts in all the views;

Fi ure 1 is a vertical longitudinal sectiona view, partly in elevation, of an ap paratus made in accordance with the present invention;

. Fig. 2 is a top plan view of the parts shown in Fig. 1, the upper plate or covering of the casing member being omitted to more clearly show the internal parts;

Fig. 3 is a vertical cross sectional view, partly in elevation, taken a proximately on the line 33 of Fig. 1', and

Fig. 4 is a detail elevatlonal view of the abrasive wheel and its mounting.

In the said drawings the numeral 5 indicates a suitable framework which ma be shaped substantiall as shown, and w ich may comprise duplicate spaced side members, 6 and One end of the said frame 1 work is substantially square, when viewed in side elevation, as will be clear from Fig. 1, and serves as a support for a suitable spring or other motor,8, which is adapted to positively drive the wheel or pulley 9, around which passes a belt 10.

The said wheel or pulley 9 is provided with a suitable winding device, such for example as the plungerrod 12, provided with the finger piece 13 and the rack teeth 14, which are adapted to mesh with the companion teeth 15 of the segmental gear 16. This said gear is rigid with the disc 17, which is loosely mounted upon the shaft 18, and the said pinion carries a pivoted pawl 19, which is adapted to operatively engage the teeth of the ratchet wheel 20, rigidly carried by the said shaft. A second pawl 21 is pivotally mounted upon a frame member 7, and also engages the teeth of the ratchet wheel 20, inorder to prevent reverse rotation thereof;

One'end of the spring 22 of ,the motor may be positively connected in any suitable manner to the shaft 18, while the other end of the said spring may be likewise connected to the pulley or wheel 9. A coiled compression spring 24'is provided surrounding the plunger rod 12 to return it to its initial position, as will be readily apparent.

i Suitably journalled in the frame members,

6 and 7, is a counter-shaft'25, which carries a pulley 26 around which the belt 10 passes, as will be clear from Figs. 1 and 2, and the said counter shaft also carries a pulley 27 around which passes a belt 28, which also passes around a pulley 29, carried by a shaft 30, journalled at or near the extreme end of the frame members, 6 and 7. The

said shaft 30 also carries a suitable abrasive wheel 31, which is adapted to be applied to the nails during the course of the manicuring operation for grinding down and removing portions thereof, in the well known manner.

The entire device may be enclosed withlna suitable sheet metal or other casin 3 2, secured to the frame members, 6 and 1n any desired manner, and the said caslng may be provided with a readily removable lid or cover member 33, whereby accessyma be gained to the interior for repairs, shoul such be necessary.

The said casing 32 is also provided with a guard member 34, which is preferably curved substantially as shown in Figs. 1 and 4, and projects beneath the wheel 31, and has for'its object to press the flesh down ward away from the nail, giving the grinding face of the abrasive wheel 31 access thereto, without injuring the said flesh.

In order to, facilitate the removal of the wheel-31 and shaft for the purpose of placin the sa1d shaft is preferably-mounted in removable bearing blocks 35, which normally seat in substantially square recesses 36, with which the frame members, 6 and 7 and side walls of the casing 32 are provided, as will be clear from Figs. 2 and 4. The said blocks are normally retained in position by means of springs 37 which will permit of their being readily removed when desired.

The manner of using the apparatus will be clear from the foregoing, but it may be briefly summarized as follows. When it is desired to grind down the nails, the device is grasped in one hand and pressure is applied y means of one of the fingers to thefinger iece 13, therebymoving the fingemrod 12 inwardly against the action of its spring 24. This movement of the rod 12 will be transmitted to the segmental gear 16, thence to the disc 17, and through its pawl 19 to the.

ratchet 20 and shaft 18, thereby tending to wind up the spring 22 of the power plant.

When'the plunger rod 12 has reached the end of its stroke, it is released and the spring 22 may be maintained in its partially wound position by the pawl 21, carried by the frame member 7 engaging with the ratchet wheel 20. The rod 12 is then again moved inwardly and released, which operation is repeated several times until the spring 22 is completely wound. It will be understood that during the winding operation the wheel 31 is prevented from rotating by holding it with the other hand or pressing it against some exterior fixed object, in order that the wheel 9 and the end of the spring 22 connected thereto may be relatively fixed.

The wheel 31 being now released, the energy stored within the spring 22 will be transmitted therefrom to the wheel 9 and through the plate 10 to the pulley 26 and counter-shaft 25, from whence it will be [transmitted by means of the pulley. 27 and belt 28 to the pulley 29 and shaft 30, and

I. thence to the abrasive 'wheel 31, which is applied tothe nails, thereby removing portions of the same, as will be readily apparent. The finger tips are positioned adjacent thewheel so as. to bring the guard member 34 in contact with the tips in such a manner as to press the flesh down away from the a new wheel 31 in the apparatus,-

. recast? nail thereby permitting the wheel 31 to act upon the latter without injury to the flesl not wished to be limited to the above dis closure except as may be required by the accompanying claims.

\Vhat is claimed is:

1. In a manicuring device, a rotatable abrasive wheel; a stationary curved guard member adjacent the periphery of said wheel; a motor; and connections between said motor and wheel for rotating the latter at a relatively high speed.

2. In a manicuring device, a frame an abrasive wheel rotatably carried by said frame; a manually controlled motor carried by said frame; a curved guard member rigidly carried by said frame adjacent said wheel and driving connections between said motor and said wheel for rotating the latter at a relatively high speed.

3. In a nianicuring device, a frame; an abrasive wheel rotatably carried by said frame; a spring motor also carried by said frame; means projecting beyond said frame,

adapted to be actuated by a finger of the op- *erator, for winding said motor; and belt and pulley connections between said motor 'and said wheel for driw'ngthe latter.

4.]:1'1 a manicuring device, a frame; an abrasivev wheel carried by said frame; a guard member carried by said frame, adapted to separate the nail and fiesln'and protect the latter from the action of said wheel; a

a motor carried by said frame; and driving connections, between. said motor and said wheel. a

5. In a manicuring device, a frame; a casing surrounding said frame; an abrasive wheel readily 'removably mounted in said frame; a spring motor carried by said frame within said casing; means projecting beyond said casing. adapted to be actuated by a finger of the operator, for winding said motor; driving connections between said motor and said wheel anda guard member carried by said casing in co-operative relation to saidv wheel to protect the flesh of the finger from the action ofsaid wheel.

- In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


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