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Publication numberUS1482906 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 5, 1924
Filing dateJul 28, 1922
Priority dateJul 28, 1922
Publication numberUS 1482906 A, US 1482906A, US-A-1482906, US1482906 A, US1482906A
InventorsWilliam H Allen
Original AssigneeWilliam H Allen
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Powder for reducing irritation
US 1482906 A
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Patented Feb. 5, 1924.



Ill'o Drawing. Application filed 3111728,

- To all whom it maylcomem."

Be it known that I, WILLIAM H. ALLEN, a. citizen of-the United States, and residin at Detroit, in the county of Wayne an State of Michigan, have invented a new and Improved Powder for Reducing Irritation,

of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to means for preventing chafing and for reducing'irri-tation, of human skin caused by perspiration and the friction of clothes upon the moist surfaces,.and its object is to provide means to convert the dead adherent epithelial dbris into compounds that arenot-readily broken down by bacteria. t

Where chafing has be 11, the healing of the skin is delayed an the irritation increased'in many persons through the growth of bacteria in the dead adherent tissue, and it has bee-n found that by checking or stopping this bacterial action, the natural fluids 1n the skin soon reconstruct the chafed surfaces. When the dead adherent tissue at the chafed surfaces of the human body is tanned,

terial action is practically stopped, and furthermore, the chafed surfaces heal almost immediately. The tanning material must 80 be applied in minute quantities and preferably dry. a To carry this invention into effect, a finely powdered inert-mineral substance such as especially by means of chromium salts, baciydrated magnesium-silicate or talc is mois- 192 2. Serial No. 578,232.

are'liable to be irritating a the skin. Care must be taken that the mineral powder contains nothing that could irritate the skinor combine with the chromium salt to produce an irritant. The dried powder is dusted or rubbed onto the chafed or irritated surface and it usually brings immediate relief. It

is not to be considered a remedy for skin diseases.

While as giving the best results, any other normal or basic water soluble salt of chromium may be used with beneficial results, includiiig chlorides, acetates and :the other sulphates. Any other mineral substance which can be finely powdered and which will be inert in a solution of a chromium salt may be employedinstead of talc, clays being a good example, but because of its peculiar softness and color, tale is preferred.

The proportions and combinations may therefore be varied by those skilled in the art without departing from the spirit .of my invention as set forth in the following claims. p

I claim Y 1. The process of preparing a powder for reducing the irritation of human skin, which consists ,in moistening powdered talc witha solution of basic chromium sulphate and then drying the mixture, the amount of chromium salt in the dried mixture being about five per cent of the whole.

2. The process of preparing a powder for reducing the irritation of human skin which consists in molstemng powdered inert mineral substances with an aqueous solution of a chromium salt, and .then drying the mixture.

3. An admixtureof a soluble chromium sulphate and a powdered inert silicate.

4. ered with a film of soluble chromium sul- P WILLIAM H. ALLEN;

I prefer basic chromium sulphate Powdered talc having its particles cov-

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