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Publication numberUS1482932 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 5, 1924
Filing dateJan 20, 1922
Priority dateJan 20, 1922
Publication numberUS 1482932 A, US 1482932A, US-A-1482932, US1482932 A, US1482932A
InventorsReney A Keiner
Original AssigneeKeiner Williams Stamping Compa
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Sheet-metal container
US 1482932 A
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' Feb; "5 1924.


` Sii f sirnclion of lio saine.

3 somo in iirmsporteion. This is perizie@ i nl. unloading, om



Application iler 'emiery 20, 1922.

o ole-sr. lull.. and ermelo description. lilies lo o. snee-t metal con 'to iiaprovo lie oon--l owing; is lifiy invenion miners and my of roie the .iosl'ening arrangement bo- "body end lie lioioni whereby liey ill lie simpler sind more secure.

roeonieoaiire oi sliee. metal oonin wliiol.

. i rs separate bottom portion s iosieied io lille body portion, it is impors lie imo shell .lie securely joined. so will oe liability oi looks or dlspieoemeii diie eo rovigo iiondling of iiiiiorasof. in suoli oontsiners li wlvioli, when filled., ere y when subjected so ille ordi- :oory roux-go oss-.g of

lil .n .lie joinzs or unduly; siro-in oli seme so ss to censo leaks. life-.rions expediens lieve been proposeds loolr most ofi tlieins-e uosoiisifeoorj' for one son or my invention s. n' sind setis'aeiorj; s .fooi'torn noli avoids olijeo- 'lions iiolieren; in suoli dei/'ieee of 'die prior eri.. Si ero lie?. invention rosy los embodied forms. out es en. illus-- iroti've exemple wliioli prefer, in the dre-Wingsm Fig. i repressor-.5s side View of a. mill; con with ille lower i in Y',ertieel section;

f, 3 d i are deiail sections showl ing the meilioi of ssombly; sind similar views of lniodii find preferably its edge turned inward against the body portion This maires en soldiiioiiolly eeoiiro loeir es it Siendo io loros sliionieoi-, loading and Serial lilo. 530,548.

the body and bottoni portions securely 'im getlier and Jprevenlu :my tendency of the two 'o separate, for example by the body. porlnion bonding outward fciirougli rough handling. '.lhe paris ore securely looked logellior and ineke iigli eilfoeii'e ioinlz 'ille ouier sorieee oi irion 4" preferably usli with "lie one: surface oifwlie body, is shown.l "llius i. sferably because where the can is v .v A n n embedded in loe ior example, it may be ulled. out witlioui. enf 'aro'ocion beino" .l J e:

formed to Caien on the ice and possibly open the joints or preventremovsl of the con.

Figures 2, 3 and fl. indicate the successive operations which will, from the foregoing, be apparentto anyone skilled in the ort.

lfigxires 5 and 6 show other forms ol' the Fig. C- tlie bottoni portion is provided wim. wo inward bends #i and S. is beni inwardly et 9 and ille 'booni is turned inwardly et l0, giving e secure fosening arrangement. lf desired, ilie body` portion may 'oe rolledinwerd et 1l against the rounded corner o' tlie looiom portion, end lille upwardly enending' portion oi 'lle boilzom may loe rolled into this bend as el; This will result in e construction which has additional seourity and also maires o very'igli joint si. she corner formed. by the adjacent portions or' ille bottoni proper end body.

Wiih iwo' inward bends i3 end l end the Tile lood] body is inwardly rolled :it l5 and lo into these bends. The upwardly extending por- .'Lion of elle bottoni may be rolled ino the lower bond lo as stl?, and lle edge i8 may be contained in the upper bend, illus lesiging lie ouer surface substeniially lusli stbhis point, if desired. l

)in constructing various embodimenis of my invention it will lie found ibliet the edva-ntsges iliereof will be fully attained when lie tube made up of the pfers l and 7 N0 of the Songe that is eitselied. io ilse bottom of the ring 5 therein ere so constructed illes the circuler ones of ille lobes end. of the rin 5 fell Wishin e prolongation oflie cylindrioel Wells of' lie body l oi? the container. 105

With lie parte in suoli relation e olow direetly upward upon die lower edge of the tube, suoli ss would occur when the comminer is dropped squarely noon o del; surieco,

would @seri oo force oooding izo minori @he il@ fan

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U.S. Classification220/616, 220/637, 248/907
International ClassificationF24B15/04
Cooperative ClassificationB65D7/48, Y10S248/907
European ClassificationB65D7/48