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Publication numberUS1483315 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 12, 1924
Filing dateAug 10, 1922
Priority dateAug 10, 1922
Publication numberUS 1483315 A, US 1483315A, US-A-1483315, US1483315 A, US1483315A
InventorsHenry G Saal
Original AssigneeHenry G Saal
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Head telephone receiver
US 1483315 A
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l Feb. 12 1924.

H. G. SAAL HEAD TELEPHONE RECEIVER Filed Aug. 10 1922 W6/M2M? /f@ m Patented l2, Edi/d@ f r -rlcrzl..v


T all whom t may concern.' Like parts are indicated by similar Be it known that I, HENRY G. SAAL, citicharacters f of reference throughout the zen of the United States, residing at Chidifferent figures. cago, in the county of Cook and State of The head telephone receiver' illustrated 55 Illinois, have invented a certain new and includes an arcuate head bandin the form'of useful Improvement in Head Telephone spring metal. A pair of ears 2, 3 is pro- Receivers, of which the following is a full,` vided upon each end of the band. The ears clear, concise` and exact description. of each pair are so placed as to form a slot My invention relates to head telephone therebetween which is transverse to the 60 receivers of the class that includes arcuate band.

head bands formed of spring metal and In the preferred embodiment of the invenwhich carry watch case receiving elements tion each pairv of ears is formed by slotting that depend therefrom. a globular headed post which includes a re- It is the general object of my invention to duced extension i passing through the corregulate the extent to which the watch case responding end of the head band and surreceiving elements depend from the head rounded by a washer 5 upon the inner side bands so that the tops of the head bands of the band. The inner end of each reduced may firmly engage the tops of the heads of post extension 4 is upset to enable it to functhe wearers while the receiving portions are tion as a rivet in clamping the corresponding 70 closely applied to the ears. washer 5 against the head band to secure A head telephone receiver constructed in the fixed assembly of the post and band. accordance with the preferred embodiment The ears of each pair have aligned smooth of the invention is provided with a pair of openings 6 and 7 that are in the plane of the ears upon each end of the arcuate head band band.. The ears of each pair are also so 75 thereof, the ears of each pair being so placed placed as to form `a slot therebetween that is as to form a slot therebetween that is transtransverse of the band and to which the verse to the head band. The ears of each openings 6 and 7 are perpendicular. A pair have aligned openings that are perpenwatch case receiver 8 is suspended from each dicular to the slot between such ears. A end of the head band. Each such receiver S0 yoke is provided upon each receiving eleis carried by a yoke 9 upon and between ment between whose ends such element is whose ends said receiver is mounted to mounted to swing so as to be adjustable to swing Each yoke has a threaded stem l() lie close to the ear of the wearer. A which passes freelvl through the aligned threaded stem is provided for the yoke` this openings 6 and 7 of the correspondingI pair 35 stem passing freely through the aligned of ears 2 and 3. An adjusting nut 11 is openings in the pair of ears which supports disposed in the slot between the ears of each the receiving element. There is an adjustpain, this nut being` threaded upon the coringl nut threaded upon the stern and dis responding stem. By turning the nuts the posed in the slot between the corresponding' extent to which the watch case portions of M t0 ears. By turning this nut the stern may be the receiving device depend from the arcuate moved upwardly or downwardly bodily to head band may be readily regulated. adjust the position of the corresponding While I have herein shown and particureceiving element. larly described the preferred embodiment of I will explain my invention more fully by my invention I do not wish to be limited the reference to the accompanyin,edrawing in precise details of construction shown as which Fig. 1 is a perspective view illustratchanges may readily be made without de-- infr the preferred embodiment thereof; Fig. parting from. the spirit of my invention, 2 is a side view of a part of the structure but having,` thus described my invention I j shown in Fig. l, a portion being shown in claim as new and desire to secure by Letters 50 section; and Fig.` 3 is a sectional view on line Patent the following l of Fig. 2. A head telephone receiver including an arcuate head band formed of spring metal: a pair of ears upon one end thereof and placed to form a slot therebetween which is transverse of the band, said ears having` l aligned openings that are perpendicular to said slot; a Watch ease telephone receiver; a threaded stern carrying Said receiver and passing freely through the aligned openings in said ears; and an adjusting nut threaded upon said stem and disposed in the slot between said ears.

In Witness whereof, I hereunto subscribe my name this 17th dav of June A, D., 1922.


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U.S. Classification381/378, 381/374
International ClassificationH04R5/00, H04R5/033
Cooperative ClassificationH04R5/0335, H04R1/1008, H04R1/1066
European ClassificationH04R1/10M2