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Publication numberUS1483338 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 12, 1924
Filing dateOct 30, 1922
Priority dateOct 30, 1922
Publication numberUS 1483338 A, US 1483338A, US-A-1483338, US1483338 A, US1483338A
InventorsPaul Dilling
Original AssigneePaul Dilling
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Apron tie
US 1483338 A
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` Feb. 12 19.24F 15,483,338

P. BILLING APRoN TIE Filed OC'C. 50. 1922 Patented Tizeb., l2, lgZl.




Application led October 30, 1922. Serial No. 597,814.

illustrated in the accompanying drawing,`

in which- Figure l is a lbroken view in rear elevation of an apron of the class referred to, provided with my improved tie;

Figure 2 is a similar view of the apron showing the eyelets provided in thel ends of its waisteband for receiving `hooks on opposite ends of the elastic tying-band;

Figure 3 is an enlarged broken view showing one endeportion of the elastic band carrying a hook-,device of preferred construction adjustably provided on the strap; and

Figure 4 is a perspective view of the hook-device.

rllhe primary object of my improvement is to supplant the usual tapes extending from the edges of the apron for wrapping and tying about the body of the wearer, and which are objectionable since they tend to become lsnarled in laundering, consuming time and work to unsnarl them and to become caught in the washing-machine, whereby they are liable to be torn olf and to tear the apron. c

My device comprises a relatively wide rubber strap 4 adjustably carrying hook devices 5 on its opposite-end portions to engage eyelets 6 in the waist-band 7 of the apron 8 when the latter is on the person of the wearer, in which position of the apron the eyelets are opposite each other. The hook I provide is that most clearly illustrated in Fig. 4. It consists of a tubular bar 9 having a serrated tongue l0 on its forward edge; and a rectangular loop 11, on which the hook 12 is formed to project centrally, is confined in the bar to extend forwardly therefrom. In the bar is similarly conned a like but transversely somewhat narrower loop 13; and'between the two loop-sections so confined in the hollow bar is pivotally confined the corresponding member of a loop 14 having a keeper 15 formed thereon.

To apply the hook-device to the band 4, an end of the latter 'is inserted through the three loops 1l, 14 and 13 to extend over the bar 9, in which position the teeth of the tongue 10 engage the under face of the strap 4 to prevent withdrawal thereof.

With a hook-device provided on each end-portion of the elastic strap, to apply my improved device to its tying purpose on an apron upon the person of the wearer, the hooks 12 are respectively passed through the opposite eyelets 6, whereupon the loops carrying the keepers 'l5 are turned t-o press the keepers over the respective hoo-ks to grip the apron-band at the eyelets between the hooks and keepers for preventing accidental unhooking'of the tie.

One length of the strap 4 will serve for tying the same size of apron about wearers thereof of varying proportions within a widel ran e and to hold the apron snugly and com ortably in place about the person, because of the elasticity of the strap and the adjustability of the hook-devices thereon. i

I claim:

In a device of the class described, a garment having an opening therein adjacent an edge thereof, a strap adapted to encircle the upper edge of such garment, a clasp adjustably carried by said strap comprising a tubular member, a loop pivoted in said member, a hook pivoted in said member and engageable with said opening, and a keeper pivoted in said member and engageable with said hook to retain the same in said opening.


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