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Publication numberUS1483731 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 12, 1924
Filing dateApr 16, 1923
Priority dateApr 16, 1923
Publication numberUS 1483731 A, US 1483731A, US-A-1483731, US1483731 A, US1483731A
InventorsKirk Volney E
Original AssigneeKirk Volney E
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Cuff protector
US 1483731 A
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Patented Feb. 12, 1924.


voLnEYE. KIRK, or Los Antennas, CALIFORNIA.

cUrr rao'rnc'ron.

Application filed April 16, 1923. Serial No. 632,303.

T all'whom it may concern: I

Be it known that I, VoLNnY E. KIRK, a

citizen of the United States, residin at Los Angeles, county of Los Angeles, btate of California, have invented new and useful Improvements in Cuff Protectors, of which the following is a specification.

It is the object of this invention to provide a cuff protector which may be readily placed in position around the wrist and over the cuff of the shirt so as to prevent soiling of 'partly broken away, showing a still further modification of the invention.

the latter, and which may be as quickly and easily removed when not in nse.

It is a further object of the invention to provide a protector which may be adjusted to wrists of different size, and which if desired may be taken apart when not in'use, so as to readily fit in the pocket, or form a compact package for shipment or storage 0 said protectors. V

It is a still further object of the invention to provide a protector which when in use, will positively engage the upper edge of the cuff to properly position the device over the cuff and around the wrist, and which is also provided with means adapted to engage the coat sleeve when the coat is worn, thereby afiording additional means for holding the protector in proper position.

It is a still further object of the invention to provide a wrist encircling protector having overlapping meeting edges provided with means for connecting said meeting edges between the upper and lower edges of the same, the upper edge of the device hav ing means tending to expand the same and thereby pivot the meeting edges of the protector at their fastening connection so as to contract the lower edge of the device and form a snug fit around the wrist.

It is a still further object of the invention to provide a protector of extremely simple construction, the means for expanding the upper edge of the device forming an integral part of stiffening means for the overlapping meeting edges of the protector, with the fastening-means for said meeting edges also forming an integral part of said stiffening means.

Further objects of the invention will be readily understood from the following description of the accompanying drawings, in which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view showing the cuff protector in use.

Fig. 2 is a front elevation of the protector showing the same removed from a cuff.

liigs. 3 and a are sections on the lines 83 and 4-4 of Fig. 2.

Fig. 5 is a front elevation showing a modified form of the protector.

Fig. 6 is a detail section on the line 6-6 of Fig. 5.

Fig. 7 is a fragmentary frontelevation,

I have illustrated the'improved cufi' pr0-. tector mounted upon the cuff A of a shirt sleeve B, the cuff forming a. usual ridge C i at its upper edge where it is sewed to the shirt sleeve in the caseof a single straight cuff, and where it is folded back upon itself in the case of a double reversely folded cuff. The sleeve of the coat worn over the shirt is shown at D. p

The protector comprises a band 1 of suitable pliable or elastic material, preferably of fabric, and of a length adapted to be received snugly around the wrist over the cuff inside of the coat sleeve, with the meeting edgesof the band overlapping, the band being of a width somewhat greater than that of a cuff, so as to extend from the upper edge of the latter beyond the lower edge thereof and down over the wrist beyond the end of the coat sleeve.

An open spring ring 2, preferably shaped to conform to thewrist, is fixed to the in ner side of the upper edge of band 1, as by positioning said ring in a tunnel formed by a hem 3 at the'edgeof the band, and said ringis provided with inwardly bent, circumferentially spaced offsets forming projections 4:, extending through suitable slots inthe hem 3.

1n the form of the invention illustrated in Fig. 2, ring 2 is permanently fixed in hem 3, and is provided with end extensions 5 extending the length of the meeting edges of band 1, and received in tunnels at said meeting edges, formed by hems 6; while in the form of the invention shown in Fig. .5, ring 2 is removable from its tunnel, as by making hem 3 of a width to permit the ring with its ofi'sets 4 to be readily slid through said tunnel.

Means are provided for connecting the meeting edges of the wrist encircling band, said means being preferably adjustable to adapt the protector to wrists of different size.

In the form of the invention illustrated in Fig. 2, the connecting means are shown as cooperating separable fastening connections made a part of extensions 5. As an instance of this arrangement one of the extensions 5 is formed with an ofi'setforming a hook 7', and the other extension includes an offset forming a plurality of'loops 8, one beyond another along the length of band =1 and adapted to have any one of said loops eugaged by hook 7.

The connectingmeans for the meeting edges of band 1, as shown in Fig.1 5,is an elastic adjustable connection comprising a hook 7 at one of said meeting edges, and an elastic tape 9 fixed to the bandadjacent the other meeting edge thereof, and carrying an eye 8 adaptedto. be-engagedbysaid hook.

The fastening connection for the meeting edges of band 1 is positioned medially of the length of said meeting edges, so thatwhen the device is received around the wrist over the shirt cuff, and said fastening.

means are connected, the spring ring 2 will tend to expand and thereby pivot the meeting edges of the band at their fasteningcona nection, as shown in Fig. 1, inorderto over,-

lap the lower ends of said meeting edges and contract the lower end of the protector around .the wrist.

The protector is positioned for usewith ring 2 at the. upper edgerof cuff A, so that offsets 4 will impingeagainst the ridge C to prevent the device sliding downwardly upon, the wrist, the lower end of the protector. ex,- 1

tending beyond the lower, end .of the. cuff and fitting snugly around the wristsas-previ ously described. 7

The device is thus held in position. byprojectionsv 1, whether or not, the coatis worn, and when the coat :is on the protectoriis re. ceived inside the sleeve Diand is adapted to extend beyond the lower endthereof," and preferably provided withmeans for engag-, ingthe coatsleeve to further insure-proper.

positioning of the protector.

As an instance of this arrangement a spring clip is fixed upon the band 1 adj acent' its lower end and at :a point which will be beyond the end of the coat vsleeve, said olip comprising a b33814: havinga springfinger 15, extending: toward. the upper: end of the protector and adapted to be clipped over the edge, of the coat sleeve, when the device is in place;

In ,Fig, 7 I have shown ,a istill furtherv modification of the invention,.radapted to expedite the. proper positioning of the aproe tector inside the coat sleeve and around around the cuff and inside of the coatsleeve,

ring ends 2" are swung downwardly against the vaction of springil3, andthe apex of the angular. arrangement formed by the pivotal connection between the ring ends, is slipped insideithe coatsleeve until it is at the upper end of the shirt cuff; The ring sections. are thenreleased. so. that spring 413 may swing the sameintoalinement: and thereby draw .saidiring. sectionsand the :upperend of the protector-inside the coat sleeve, in order to properly. position the :device for impinge: ment of projections 4 againstthe ridge C at the upper'end of the cufifl It will; be apparent that. various changes imay be made intheconstruction, combination, and arrangement of parts as thus .de-

scribed, without departing ,from they spiritv of the. invention.

What is claimed is: 1. Arcuff. protector comprising ,a band adapted toenoircle the wrist and vbe. received.

over theshirt-cufi' and havingatmeans. for connecting, the. 1 meeting edges. of said band between the upper and loweriedges thereof,

and :means tendingtoaexpand the upper edge of saidl wristencircling bandso astto pivot its meeting edges at r. their fastening connection and thereby contract the lower edgeof the ,band around the wrist;

2. A cuffiprptector :.comprising a band 1 adapted; to encircle-thewrist andbegreceived.

overithe. shirt: cuif fand having means for.

connecting .,thel;meeting edgesi of said,

between thexupper and. lowerhedges thereof,"

and meanstendingrto expand the upperuedge of said wrist encircling-band so asto-pivot its meetingedgesat their. fastening connection,andthereby oontract the lowerv edge, of 1 the band aroundthewrist, said expanding means, having an inwardly extending. projectionwadapted to engagethe. upper edgeof the'cuff for holding the protector ini'place.

3. VA cuff,v protector t comprising a V band, adapted toiencircle the wrist over thee-cuff of a shirt with the :upper edge, of said, band i substantially in alinement with the unction of said cuff. with .the shirtr sleeve r and the,

lower edge of said band extending downs wardly beyondothe lower edge. of said cufl", said bandhaving a tunnel :atith'e, upper. edge thereof provided with an. opening the in,- ner face of the same, and a spring ringreceived in said tunnel and having an inwardly extending projection protruding through said opening and adapted to impinge against the ridge formed at the junction of said cuff and shirt sleeve for holding said protector in place.

4. A cufi' protector comprising a band adapted to encircle the wrist and be received over the shirt cuff and a spring ring fixed to the upper edge of said band, said ring comprising pivoted sections adapted to be swung toward one another and the lower edge of said band, and a spring adapted to normally swin said ring sections into trans- I" verse ahnement.

5. A cuff" protector comprising a bandthereof, whereby said meeting edges of the band may pivot at their fastening connection for contracting the lower edge of said band around the wrist, said band having an inwardly extendingprojection at its upper edge adapted to engage the upper edge of the cuff for holding the protector in place.

6. A cuff protector comprising a band adapted to encircle the wrist and be re ceived over the shirt cuff, and a stiffening annulus fixed to the upper edge of said band, said annulus comprising pivoted section's adapted to be swung toward one another and the lower edge of said band, and yieldable means normally swinging said pivoted sections into transverse alinement.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification.


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U.S. Classification2/60
International ClassificationA41B7/06, A41B7/00
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European ClassificationA41B7/06