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Publication numberUS1485638 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 4, 1924
Filing dateJun 28, 1922
Priority dateJun 28, 1922
Publication numberUS 1485638 A, US 1485638A, US-A-1485638, US1485638 A, US1485638A
InventorsSmith Ella L
Original AssigneeSmith Ella L
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US 1485638 A
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Patented Mar. 4l, i924..



.ApplicationV filed .Tune 28, 1922. Serial No. 571,407.

To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that I, ELLA L. SMITH, a citizen ot' the United States of America, residing at Roanoke, in the county of Randolph and State orn Alabama, have invented certain new and useful linprovements in Dolls, of which the following is a speciication.

My invention relates to dolls, and particularly to sanitary coverings 'for dolls.

The objects 01" ny invention are: to provide a covering which may be readily removed from the doll, cleaned, and replaced on the doll body; to construct a covering or a small number of pieces of material which will conform to the body of the doll and which is easy and inexpensive to manufacture; to paint or otherwise form on the covering the features of a doll and to indicate parts oi doll clothing; and to so c onstiuct the'covering that ears are provided thereon which rit over ears provided on doll bodies.

l/viith these and other objects in view, one embodiment or" my invention is shown in the attached drawings, in which:

Figure l is a 'front view of the doll covering as applied to a doll;

Figure 2 is a rear view thereof; and

Figure 3 is a section on the line 3-3 of Figure l.

My improved covering which may be inane of any suitable material, such as stccllnet, and which may be of any desired color or colors consists of a front piece l, a back piece 2, and arin pieces 3 and 4i, each nade of a single piece of material. The Jfront and back pieces are attached together as by sewing as indicated at 5, leaving no openings except for the arms and the pe-ning in the back by means of which the 'overing is put on and taken off the doll cdy. The arin pieces are stitched on the lines 6 and 7 and are attached to the body covering in any'suitable way, as by sewing, at the points indicated; for the arm piece 3, by 6a and for the arm piece 4, by 7B.

The neck may be made to conform t0 the slender neck of the doll by means of a dart seam 8, or by suitably drawing the material together'. The opening 9 in the back, which opening is of sniiicient length to allow the covering' to be placed over the doll body, is closed by any suitable nieans, snch as snaps l0.

rlhe hair, eye-brows, eyes, lashes, nose, month, and cheeks may be indicated by painting the vai-ions parts a color in con- ;'ast with the color or" the other parts of the covering, these parts being referred to by ll. Fingers may be indicated by painting, as shown at l2, while socks or stockings i3 ina-y be indicated in like manner.

Ear cova-wings ill cover the ears integral with or attached to the body and are ren` dei-ed shapely and caused to remain in a distinctive position by the stitching 14a.

lt will be apparent from the description that by opening the snaps 10 the covering may be removed from the body, suitably cleaned, and returned thereto. My invenjion enables the cnild to have a series oie coverings for the saine doll body.

Having described my invention, what l claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

A covering for a doll body comprising a :trent piece, a baci; piece, said back piece iaving an opening therein, means attached to said back piece for closing said opening, arm coverings each consisting of a single piece or" material attached to said 'front and back pieces, and ear coverings formed by attaching the front and back pieces together by stitches placed adjacent the edges of said eer coverings whereby the eai1 coverings are adipted to rit over ears on the doll body coverings are rendered istinctive and said cover being formed to oniforin to the neck portion o1e a doll body by inserting a dart in said front piece.

ln testimony .vhereorl l aiix my signature.


and whereby the ear

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U.S. Classification446/369
International ClassificationA63H3/02, A63H3/00
Cooperative ClassificationA63H3/02
European ClassificationA63H3/02