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Publication numberUS1485641 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 4, 1924
Filing dateFeb 26, 1923
Priority dateFeb 26, 1923
Publication numberUS 1485641 A, US 1485641A, US-A-1485641, US1485641 A, US1485641A
InventorsDorothy R Sparks
Original AssigneeDorothy R Sparks
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US 1485641 A
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Mmch ll, M2@

1,485,641 D. R. SPARKS Y LAMP Filed Feb. sa., m25

Patented Mar. el, H924.



Application led February 26, 1923. Serial No. 621,2M.

To all. whom #may concern."

Be it known that DOROTHY R. SPARKS, a citizen of the United States, and resident of Fairfield, in the county of Fairfield and State of Connecticut, has invented certain new and useful Improvements in Lamps, of which the following .is a specification.

The present invention relates to an improved lamp, and particularly a lampy of the boudoir type in the form of a human ligure, such for instance as a dancing girl. Heretoforedoll lamps have been produced, but these have usually been provided with long dresses. as shades, which reached `to the base of the lamp in order to conceal the light bulb; or elsewhere short dresses were employed, the stand for the light bulb, as well as the bulb itself, has been in an exposed position. so that the lamp was unattractive, and the light was diffused in a manner inconsistent with beauty.

An object of the present invention is to provide a lamp, in which the stand for the light bulb will 'form an integral part of the doll figure, and in which the figure may be clothed in a short or ballet dress,

without exposing the light bulb.- A. fur-- ther object is to provide improved light reflecting means. by means of which the dress may be illuminated in a most edective and artistic manner. still further object is to provide an auxiliary lighting elementv for the head of the doll figure, so that the whole figure, .including the head and dress, may be illuminated with equal effect.

`With the above and other objects in View, au embodiment of the invention is shown .in the accompanying drawings, and this embodiment will be hereinafter more fully described with reference thereto, and the invention will be finally pointed out in the claims.

lin the drawings:

Fig. -1 is a front view of a doll lamp, according to the present embodiment of the invention; and


Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view thereof.

Similar reference characters indicate corresponding parts throughout the several views.

Y Referring to the drawings, the lamp oomprises a flat base 10 having a pillar 4or stand 11 in the form of legs supported centrally thereof on a tubular post 12, threaded into the base and extending upwardly through the leg shaped pillar 11. The leg shaped pillar may be in the attitude assumed for instance in toe dancing.

The base is provided with a passage or slot 13 extending from an opening 14: in the lower end of the post 12 to the periphery of the base, and in which a lead wire 15 is inserted 4and carried upwardly through the post. rl`he upper end of the pillar 11 is extended into a bowl shaped portion 16, within which a light socket 17 is disposed at the upper extremity of the post 12, and into which a lightl bulb 18 is screwed. A flexible pull chain 19 extends fromthe socket through a hole 2O in the bowl and depends therefrom. proportions that it conceals the light bulb, and also serves as a reflector to diffuse its rays upwardly and outwardly., its inner surface being preferably silvered for this pur' pose. molded in the form of the undergarments of the doll, as at 2l.

The lamp shade comprises a tubular body portion 22, preferably of sheet metal, and at the lower edge of which there is provided a wire frame, consisting o'f outwardly and downwardly curved wires 23 and circumferential wires 24, of increasing diameter toward the bottom, the lower end of the frame being below or laterally surrounding the bowl 16. A flanged ring 25 is supported within the frame by means of wire supports 26, and is adapted to rest or seat upon the upper edge of the bowl.

Upon the upper edge of the body portion 22 the doll head 27 is mounted, the upper portion of the body portion being bent inwardly, as at 28, for this purpose. T he head is constructed of some translucent substances, as bisque, and is preferably provided with a wig 29. rll`he eyes are of inserted glass. The arms may be formed integral with the head portion, or may be jointed thereto, as desired. i

IThe body portion 22 is covered, as at 31, with the waist of the doll dress, while the skirt 32, which is of some sheer translucent material, as silk, extends from the lower edge of the waist, downwardly about the wire frame, and is carried upwardly beneath, the frame. as at 33. to the danged ring 25, where it is secured in a suitable manner. This under portion of the dress coopera- The bowl is of such.

rlihe outer surface of the bowl is itil@ tion witlrthe bowl 16 edectually conceals the light bulb and gives a very pleasing external appearance to the lamp.

, Within the body portion 22 there is provided an auxiliary bulb 34g, supported upon a curved stand 35 secured to the inner surfface of the bowl, by soldering or the like, a lead wire 36 extendingffrom the bu-lb to Athe socket 17, where it is connected to the Wiring thereof. rlhe rays from the light bulb 34 eflectually illuminate the head.'

'lhe arrangement `of the light bulb 18 and the reflecting bowl 16 is such that the rays of light are efiectually reflected into the head and penetrate the material of which it is-composed in a diffused glow, showing somewhat brighter throughthe thinner i arts, such as the eyes `land other features.

he lower light is further diffused through the dress, and a soft light is shed downwardly through the under portion 33. The e'ect is very attractive and free from exposure of 'any of the light producing or reflecting structure. The shade portion including the frame, bust' and dress, formsl a single unit, and which as herein shown, is formed ofi several parts, but may be of a less number of'parts, and to include more porcelain. The entirety as shown, however, represents a'^unit and may be `readily removed, when desired, by merely lifting it from the lower support.

'llhe shade is preferably proportioned, to

1show approximately the amount of figure as represented at l1, as very much more or eral shape.

ll have illustrated a preferred and satisfactory embodiment of my invention, but it is obvious that changes may be made therein, within the spirit and scope thereof, as defined in the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention, what ll claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is l. A. lamp, comprising a base, a light supless of a figurewould detract from the genporting pillarashield portion at the upperend of said pillar, a lighting element supported at the upper end of said pillar above said shield portion, said lighting element being concealed from below by said shield portion, the rays of light fromv said lighting element being unobstructed later- -ally by said shield portion, a light pervious shadel supported upon said pillar surrounding said lighting element laterally and ter I minatingin spaced relation to the base to expose said pillar, said shade being annularly-spaced fromsaid shield portion, and light pervious material extending between said shade and said shield portion. l

2. A lamp, comprising ay base, a light supporting pillar, a shield portion at the up-` per end ot said pillar having' an inner concave reflecting surface, a lighting element' supported at the upper end of said pillar above said shield portion, said lighting element being concealed from below by said shield portion, the rays of light from said lighting element being unobstructed latervally-by said shield portion and adapted to be reflected upwardly by said reflecting surface, a shade supported upon saidpillarA portion and. surrounding said lighting element laterally. A

3. A; lamp, comprising a base, `a light supporting pillar, a lighting element at the upperv end of said pillar, an auxiliary lighting element supported by said pillar above said first lighting element, and a shade in the form of a vbody portion adapted toreceive said auxiliary lighting element, a translucent head supported upon said body portion and adapted to be illuminated by said auxiliary lighting element, and a light pervious-dress depending from said body. portion and surrounding said first lighting element.

Signed at Bridgeport,y in the county of Fairfield and State of Connecticut, this 24th day of February, A. D., 1923.

nonorrir n. seitens.


C. M. NEWMAN, LiLnrAN M; Amine.

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