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Publication numberUS1486006 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 4, 1924
Filing dateDec 6, 1921
Priority dateDec 6, 1921
Publication numberUS 1486006 A, US 1486006A, US-A-1486006, US1486006 A, US1486006A
InventorsBlom Albert
Original AssigneeBlom Albert
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US 1486006 A
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A. BLOM GLOVE March 4 1924; 1,486,006

Filed Dec. 6, 1921 fink/via? defer-51. 0M

Pateiited Mar. 4, 1924.


Amman 31.01:, or names mans, aaennrma GLOVE.

Application filed December 6, 1921. Serial No. 520,880.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ALBERT BLoM, a subject of the King of Sweden, residing at Calle Maipli 671, Buenos Aires, Argentina, have invented new and useful Improvements in a Glove, of which the following is a specification.

The present invention refers to a new means hand with the object of keeping on the pomades that may be applied thereon for the purpose of curing and beautifying the fin ger-nails.' The invention consists of a covering somewhat similar in its construction to the form of a glove, which can be made of any suitable material, its fingers having in the end where they cover the finger-tips,

an opening large enough to allow the respective fingers of the hand to pass through. The object of the said openings is to allow the easyapplication of pomades or medicaments to the nails and at the same time to enable them to remain covered all the time it may be deemed convenient without any danger of the said products being spread out and lost when the glove is put on, also preventin the carrying of the said medicaments to p aces where they are not necessary and thereby annulling all the effects of the treatment.

As it will be readily understood, the ma terial to be used as well as the invention as a whole, may be altered without affecting the novelty of the invention.

Up to now, loose fingers easily lost or drawn 011', have been used, thus annulling the effects of treatments, or else common gloves for the purpose of keeping the products on the finger-nails during the whole time in which they are submitted to. the treatment.

The inconvenience resulting from such means is that once the finger-nails are.covered with the pomade, it is impossible to avoid the medicament being drawn off by the material of the glove when the latter is put on, it being then impossible to obtain thedesired efi'ect from the treatment, be-' sides the fact that the inside of the glove gets spoilt.

Through the present invention such inconveniences are done away with by means of an opening or cut made in the end that covers the finger-tips. In this way it is possible and easy to ut on the glove first, taking care that the finger-tips remain unor covering the finger-tips of the manufacture,

covered by means .of the above mentioned openings, and that the medicament is apphed to the finger-nails in such way that once the operation is made, the finger-tips can be covered with the ends of the gloves fingers, and then everything adjusted, fitted 1n and pressed close with complete facility. The new method, by means of such openngs and finger ends arranged on the hand in a way slmilar to a glove, does away, therefore, with the disagreeable efiects re-' sulting from the use of closed gloves.

In order thatv the present invention may be clearly understood, a drawing is attached to the present specification in which three models of gloves manufactured according to the present invention, are shown, but it must be borne in mind that the illustrations therein are only for the purpose of providingan example; as it has already been stated, the way of fastening the finger coverings to the hand, can be varied according to requirements.

In Figure 1, the glove (1) is of-common the slots (2). The upper part of said openings shows a leaf (3) whichenables the fixing of'the ends covering the respective finger-tips.

In Figure 2, the palm of the glove has been eliminated joining the finger coverings together in a band (4) which with the aid of ribbons (5) is tied to the wrist and fastened therein through a locket, clasp, etc.

Figure 3 shows a glove in which its finger openings are in form of an incision made longitudinally to the respective finger, the .palm of the glove shewing also a longitudinal opening, these openings being also closable through pressure buttons or any other suitable mean As it can be easily understood, the gloves or finger coverings can be made of any kind of skin, rubber, cloth, etc.

Having thus described and specified the nature of the present invention and the means for carrying it into efiect, the undersigned claims the following as has own and exclusive invention:

1. Means to keep on the finger-nails all products applied t ereto with the .object of curing, beautifying, cleaning and preserving the same, which means consistsof a glove having openin in its thumb and each finger adjacent t e tips thereof to allow the its innovation consisting of meepoc 1 covers the ends of the fin ers', thereto after the glove has en put on, end the medicaments applied to the finger-nails medicaments.

2; A hand coverin without spreading the said 'for the treatment of the nails, including thumb and finger members, said members each having an opening adjacent the tips on the palm sides thereof, said op outer end;

cnings each having a, tab at its 3. A hand covering for the ttment of the nails, comprising a back strip and thh v and'finger members, said members each how ing an oening therein, and tabs formed in M the adapted to project into said I openings. I


Witnesses: v A L. BELLO,

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Cooperative ClassificationA45D2029/008, A61F13/104, A45D29/00
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