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Publication numberUS1486473 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 11, 1924
Filing dateApr 23, 1923
Priority dateApr 23, 1923
Publication numberUS 1486473 A, US 1486473A, US-A-1486473, US1486473 A, US1486473A
InventorsAilhaud Fabien
Original AssigneeAilhaud Fabien
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Apparatus to sterilize liquids by means of ultra-violet rays
US 1486473 A
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Nimh n 19%,#

F. AILHAU [D APPARATUS TO STERILIZE LIQUIDS BY MEANS 0F ULTRA VIOLET RAYS Filed April 23 1925 @www Watente'el Mar. lll, il.,

ement @France Application filed April 23, '1923. Serial No. 633,949.'

To all whom t may concern.'

Be it known that I, FABIEN r UD, a citizen of the French Re ublic,'residing at Beauvais, Oise, France, lgave invented certain Improvements in Apparatus to Sterilize Liquids by Means of Ultra-Violet Rays, of which the following is a specification. The object of my inventlon is to provide an apparatus to sterilize liquids, especially water and milk, by the action of .ultra-violet rays. My apparatus olers the advantages of real eiiiciency and of great economy. Furthermore, it does not modify the composition of the liquid and does not destroy l5 the valuable components of milk.

Another advantage thereof is that the liquid has not to be-claried before sterilization as is usual with the apparatuses or devices hitherto known.

My apparatus is based on the rinciple of causlng the liquid to pass as a m or thin flow in front of ultra-violet rays. Liquids are thus made more limpid and consequently thoroughly submitted to the inuence of radiations.

In order to achieve this purpose, I make the liquids -flow through tubes of small diameter and bent several times. My sysltem presents the advantage of compelling the particles to be continually on the move, so that they must unfailingly be submitted to the action of ultra-violet rays.

In order to make my invention more clearly understood, I have illustrated, as an et example, an embodiment thereof in and by a drawing appended hereto, which shows a vertical section of an apparatus constructed .in accordance therewith.

\My apparatus for sterilizing liquids by .10 means of' ultra-violet rays comprises a tank 1 for the liquid, such tank communicating through a pipe 2 with a eedin tank 3 itself communicating through a tu e 4 with a circular 5. At the lower part of said tube are arranged a plurality of fine tubes 6 me o cast quartz and bent several times.

Tubes 6 open into a lower circular .tube 7 communicating with an outlet tube 8, provided with a cock 9 and with an electric 50 obturator 10.

Circular tubes 5 and 7 are encased in an envelope 11 made of anA ultra-violet-rayretaining material. l

. Between the circular tubes is arranged an envelope or shell 12 encasing tubes 6, and this envelope also is made of an ultra-violetray-retaining material.

In the center of this a paratus is positioned a mercury-vapour amp 13, carried by two tubes 14 through which run wires 1 5 and 16.

Wire 16 connected to asolenoid 17 which actuates the obturator 10. 0bviously, on the mercury vapour lamp being lit, the solenoid will open the obturator.

Inside the envelope 12 is. set a polished metal mirror. Inside the cover and support are also set polished metal mirrors 19 which form two cones intended to reect the lamp" 7U rays onto tubes 6, thus using integrally the rays from the mercury lamp.

What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is 1. An apparatus to sterilize liquids, characterized by the arrangement of two circular tubes intercommunicating through a plurality of fine tubesmade of cast quartz, bent several times, and fed by a main tank of liquid and an intermediate feeding tank; so a mercury vapour lamp being positioned in the center of the apparatus, and the circular tubes as Well as the cast quartz tubes being encased in ain envelope adapted to retain ultra-violet rays.

In an apparatus as per claim l, the fact that the envelope is provided with a polished Ametalmirror and the cover and support are provided with conical mirrors adapted to reflect the ultra-violet rays on the cast eo quartz tubes.

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U.S. Classification250/437, 250/430, 422/24, 435/800
International ClassificationC02F1/32
Cooperative ClassificationC02F2201/3228, C02F1/325, Y10S435/80
European ClassificationC02F1/32D