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Publication numberUS1486967 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 18, 1924
Filing dateJun 27, 1922
Priority dateJun 27, 1922
Publication numberUS 1486967 A, US 1486967A, US-A-1486967, US1486967 A, US1486967A
InventorsJacob Kaufman
Original AssigneeAaron Droock
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Cup holder
US 1486967 A
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March 18 1924. 11,486,96?

J.. KAUFMAN CUP HOLDER Filed 4Jul'le 27. 1922 95g Mwm @www Patented Mar. I8, 1924i.



Application filed June 27, 1922. Serial No. 571,800.

To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that I, JACOB KAUFMAN, a citizen of the United States,l residing at Detroit, inthe county of Wayne and State of Michigan, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Cup Holders, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to a-simple, inexpensive holder for a sanitary drinking'cup.

The object is to provide a simple, efficient holder which will serve as a handle for a sanitary drinking cup and effectively support the same during use and which is of such an inexpensive character as to warrant its being thrown away with the cup after use.

' Sanitary drinking cups of the class referred to are commonly built of paper or other similar fibrous material and possess the disadvantage of being easily crushed or bent during use. A cup'of this character must be handled carefully or it will cave in at one place or another. My improved holder meets this objection and provides a i practical handle for the cup.

My improved holder is so constructed that a large number of them may be packed in a small space and removed one at a time as desired for use and shaped after being removed from the package so as to engage a cup and serve as a handle therefor, and the holders are of such an inexpensive character that they may be thrown away with the cup after using.

The above and other objects together with further advantages and aV more exact description of the invention will more fully appear in the following description, appended claims and accompanying drawings illustrative of a preferred embodiment of my invention, in which:

Figure I is a side elevation of my improved holder engaged about a drinking cup.

Figure 2 is a plan of my improved holder. In the drawings, let 10 indicate a sanitary drinking cup of any preferred type, such as the well known paper cup decreasing in diameter from top to bottom and circular in cross section. My improved holder is shown in'plan in Fig. 2 and indicated in its entirety as l1. It is cut from a single sheet and is preferably formed of a cheap, tough, flexible, ibrous material, such as fiber-board paper or other suitable material.

The holder comprises a handle portion 12 having an integral continuous ring 13 at each end. The cup shown in the drawings is wider at the top than at the bottom, tapering from the top to the bottom, and in order that the holder may fit this type of cup the ring at one end of the handle portion is of greater internal diameter than the ring at the opposite end. When it is desired to use one of these holders it is bent, as indicated in Fig. 1, on lines A-A so that the rings 13 project angularly from the plane of the handle, one above the other, in concentric relationship with each other so as to engage v about the drinking cup, one near the top of the cup and the other disposed near the botv tom of the cup. If desired, the handle may be scored on the lines A-A to indicate the point at which the strip should be bent and to facilitate such bending. This, however, is

not necessary as the holder is formed of flexible material which lends itself readily to the bending.

The holders could be furnished' in large quantities packed flat in small packages and withdrawn one at a time for use as desired. They would, therefore, occupy a very small space. With the use of this'holder it will be possible to manipulate one of the. fragile paper drinking cups without danger of crushing or distorting the same during use. The holder itself is of such an inexpensive character that one can be provided with each cup. y

What I claim is:

1. A holder for a drinking cup consisting of an elongate strip of fibrous material having a ring at each end and narrowed between said rings to form a handle, said end rings normally disposed in the same plane `as the plane of the handle lso that a plurality of said strips may be stacked one above the other, said strip adapted to be .bent adjacent each ring so that the rings extend angularly from the handle portion in axial alinement to encircle a drinking cup.

2. A holder for a drinking cup comprising 5 an elongate fiat paper blank having end rings connected by a narrowed intermediate portion, said rings normally being in the same plane as the intermediate portion so that a plurality of said blanks may be stacked fiat one above the other, the intermediate portion between said rings scored adjacent each ring to be bent along said scored .line so that the rings extend angularly therefrom in axial alinement one above the other to embrace a drinking cup.


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