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Publication numberUS1487722 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 25, 1924
Filing dateAug 29, 1921
Priority dateAug 29, 1921
Publication numberUS 1487722 A, US 1487722A, US-A-1487722, US1487722 A, US1487722A
InventorsAugust Coenders
Original AssigneeAugust Coenders
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US 1487722 A
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Mariah 25, 192@ A. COENDERS FIREARM Filed Aug. 29 1921 n Ilm @n ,a 7 3 26 24h23 62 #27516 y. 30 25 I' Il www fly/2 Eri ,Patented Mar. 25, 1924.

AUNITED Sres nnousr connnnns, or nUfss'ELnonr, er

`.application mea Angus-1:29, 1921. serial no. 496,796. 1

(emrsn'mna m raovrsrons' or THE Acr or 1119.111111 s, 1921, 41 sur. 1.., 131s.)

To all 'whom t may concern: l Be it known that I, AUGUST Connnnns, a' citizen of the German Re ublic, and resid-` ingat Dusseldorf, in the erman Republic, have invented certain new and useful Im-` provements in Firearms (for vwhich I have led application in Germany August 5, 1920), of which the following is a specifica- -tion.

l0 Thepresent invention-,haareference to a4 recoil fire armand relates more particularly toa fire arm in which the barrel is normally held in the forward position relative to the grip stock, and upon the trigger being pulled recedes under spring action, exploding the cartridge just prior to reaching its innermost end position, so that Yits living force is first destroyed by the action of the powder ases and the friction of the projectil beore the barrel is driven forward agai by the powder gases and the projectile friction against the spring action. The cartridges are held `in the bottom .of a positively stepped revolvable drum .in readily exchangeable sockets, which are strong enough to prevent the cartridge shells from bulging or bursting. Y Y

My invention will best be understood when describedin connection with the accompanyi ing` drawing, in. which Fig. 1 is .a frageside elevation of the improved fire.

menta Varm o my invention; Fig. 2 1s a fragmentary lo tudiual section, on a somewhat enlarged sc e, with the barrel in forward,

inoperative position;- 3 is a similar section, showing the ositlon of. the parts in which explosion ta es place; Fig. 4 is a cross-.section on line- A-Bof Fig. 2, with the cartridge drum in locked osition; Fig. 4a is a sectlon'on line E-F o Fig. 4; and Fig.,5 is a section online G-D'of Fig. 3, with the cartridge drum freed to be stepped ahead. f

The barrel 1 is slidably arranged Within the sleeve 2 fixed in 'the-fitting 3 mto which screws the sleeve l4, to which in turn are secured the metal fittings 5 of the grip stock.`

i Within-the sleeve 4 is guided the action slide '6, whose forward displacement is vlimited 11011 s2 (F1 an) by the sto 'member 7 threading into the 50 fitting 3. o the forward end of. the slide 6 is pivoted a lever 9 the front end of which is pivoted to a' lug 10 extending from the barrel 1 through a slot in the sleeve 2, as shown in Fig. 1. A draw spring 11 is secured at its 55 Orear end to the iittin 3 by` means of the screw 12 and with its rontend to the member 13 secured to the lug 10, which spring has the tendency to constantly pull the barrel back toward the grip stock. The slide 6 60 is provided on its upper face at the rear end with an inclined surface 14 with which the cock 15 is intended to cooperate on recessionof the action slide for causing the strildng pin 16'to forcibly enter the percussion cap 65 ofthe cartridge. After the explosion the' tail end of the cock 15 coacts with the flattened surface 17 of the slide (Fig. 3). On the underside` of the slide 6 there is providedA a shoulder or stop 18 adapted ',to coact 70 with the sear 19 (Fig. 2). Upon retraction of the tri ger 2O the sear 19.w1l1 move downward, which frees the barreland action slide to be drawn back by the action of spring 11. During the rearward movement of the slide the sear 19 slides alon the flattened surfa 22 on the underside o the slide. l

The cartridges, which are not specially shown here, are inserted into socket members 23 arranged within a revolving' drum 24, 80 and can readily be removed with their sockets through an ropening i the drum closure 2'?.` The drum revolves about Athe sleeve 4. A helical spring' 30, encircling the sleeve 31 is secured at its. one end to the 86 front drum closure 25 and at its otherend l to the sleeve 31. A pin 29 extending from 'the sleeve 31. is ressed by spring 30 against vofspring 30, after all cartridges have been exploded. The front drum closure 25 is secured to .the fitting 3 by screw 26.

On the barrel 1 receding, its beveled porcoacts with the suitably mounted sli e133 and forces it aside causing thereby the -spring-influenced double-arm tact with a stop 35, a number of which are provided on the drum interior. The drum can now revolve under the action of spring 30 through a certain angle during the ensuing forward movement of the barrel, whereupon the spring-pressed lever 34 engages behind the next stop 36, so that for each reciprocative movement of the barrel the drum is stepped ahead through the same, predetermined angle for always bringin -a fresh cartridge opposite the barrel. After all cartridges have been exploded, the drum is wound-up again by hand and the dead cartridges exchanged for fresh ones.

The operation of the described mechanisms is the following: Normally, the barrel 1 and the slide 6 are in their relative front position, the sear 19 behind the shoulder 18 of the slide (Fig. 2). lf now the trigger is pulled, the barrel and the slide are suddenly retracted by the spring 11. rlhe inner barrel extremity moves over the alined cartridge socket 23 and the tail end of the cock 15 rides up the inclined surface 14 of the slide 6 forcing thereby the striking pin 16 into the explosive pellet of the cartridge which causes the latter to-explode. After the explosion the barrel still further recedes over the cartridge socket until it is quickly stopped by the, projectile friction and 'the powder gases, and the barrel movement is then reversed until the sear engages behind the slide shoulder 18, when the barrel is locked again in its forward end position of rest.

lit depends upon the character of the powder used how far back lthe barrel will slide over the cartridge socket.

During the rearward movement of the barrel the slide 33 is pushed back by the inner barrel bevel 32, as above described, for temporarily freeing the revolving drum for the purpose of bringing a fresh cartridge into regist with the barrel.

1. In a recoil re arm of the character set forth, in combination with the gun stock including a lock mechanism, a rotatable cartridge holder, a 'reciprocable barrel adapted to be forced into the one end position for cartridge exploding purposes by mechanical means and into the other, inoperative, end position by the projectile friction and the powder gases therewithin,

and means positively controlled by said reciprocable barrel and cooperating with said lock mechanism for retaining said barrel in the inoperative, normal, end position and for cartridge exploding purposes at a predeterminable time just prior to said barrel having reached its momentary operative end position.

2. ln a recoil fire arm of the character set forth, in combination with a grip stock including a lock mechanism,` a rotatable cartridge drum, a reciprocable barrel normally l retained out of cooperation with said cartridge drum by said lock mechanism, means tending to force said. barrel into cooperation with said cartridge drum, and means for stepping ahead said cartridge drum to a predetermined extent on each reciprocation of said barrel.

3. ln a recoil fire arm of the Acharacter set forth, in combination, a grip stock including a lock mechanism comprising a trigger, a sear, a cock, and a firing pin, a rotatable drum, cartridge sockets therein, spring'means tending to rotate said drum backwardly, locking means for normally preventing such backward rotation, a reciprocable barrel held normally out of cooperation with said drum by said lock mechanism, means tending to force said barrel into cooperation with said drum,an'd said locking means adapted vto be actuated by said reciprocable barrel for allowing temporary rotation of said drum in forward direction.

set forth, in combination with a grip stock including a lock mechanism, a rotatable drum, cartridge sockets therein, a reciprocable barrel adapted to enter said drum and snugly fit over said cartridge sockets, spring means tending to force said barrel into cooperation with said drum for cartridge exploding purposes, and means normally retaining said barrel out of cooperation withV said drum, comprising an action slide, a link connection between said barrel and said slide, a shoulder on said slide adapted to coact with said lock mechanism for locking said Slide and said barrel in their forward end position, means tending to rotate said drum in one direction, and locking means normally preventing such rotation and operable by said barrel for allowing stepwise rotation of said drum in the opposite direction.

5. In a lrecoil fire arm of the character set forth, in combination with a grip stock, a lock unit, comprising a trigger a sear, a cock presenting a tail piece, and a firing pin, a stationary sleeve, a barrel reciprocable within said slide, a beveled portion on the inner barrel edge, means tending to force said barrel in rearward direction, an action slide, a positive connection between said barrel and said slide, means limiting the forward movement of said slide, a shoulder cn the underside of the rear extremity of said slide adapted forlocking engagement with said trigger sear in the front end position of said slide, an inclined surface on the upper face of the rear extremity of said slide adapted for cooperation with the tail piece of said cock for operating said striking pin upon the barrel and slide nearing 4:. ln a recoil fire arm of the character Mensa their rear end position, a revolvable forward rotary step movement of said drum cartridge receivers in said drum, means through a predetermined angle. 10 tending to rotate said drum in rearward In testimony whereof I aix my signadirection, and means normally preventing ture in presence of two witnesses.

such rotation, and such rotation-preventin .AUGUST COENDERS. means releasably operable by said barre Witnesses: bevel once for each recessive movement of WILHELM SCHUH,

said barrel for the purpose of allowing a ERIKA BAUGERT.

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