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Publication numberUS1488332 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 25, 1924
Filing dateFeb 5, 1923
Priority dateFeb 5, 1923
Publication numberUS 1488332 A, US 1488332A, US-A-1488332, US1488332 A, US1488332A
InventorsAnnie Foerg
Original AssigneeAnnie Foerg
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Bath sponge
US 1488332 A
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March l25 A, FOERG BATH SPONGE Filed Feb. 5, 1923 nvcm'oz Annie Foerg 20 my invention, an

Patented Mar. 253 .1924.


- GFF! i Armin FoERG, or NEW Yoan, N. Y. v


i Application led February 45,1923. Serial No. 617,150.

v J the same to provide a sponge of the type known as luffa, which consists of the inner ibrous content of a variety of gourd, with means for manipulating vit which shall be convenient, inexpensive and permanent.

Referring tothe accompanying drawings,

which are made a arthereof and on which similar reference c a-racters indicate similar parts, I

Figure 1 is a plan view of. one form of Figure 2 is-a-similar view of a; modified form.

Figure 3 is a cross section of the device shown in Figure 1'.4 I

In the drawings reference character 10 indicates the body of the sponge which consists of the whole or a part ofthe fibrous mass in the interior of a lufl'a gourd, the

, seeds beingremoved therefrom. This fibrous body is hollow and open at both ends.

According to my invention I have provided handles 11 and 12 at the vopposite'ends of` the body, these handleseach consisting of a pair of strips or pieces of material prefer- 85 ably water-proof, here shown as sewed along the lines 13 and 14:.- When thus' sewed together the handle has an open end adapted to surround the end of the fibrous body and after the fibrous body is introduced into vthe handle the parts are connected by lines of stitches 15, 16, 17 which may pass directly through the fibrous body and through both the side members of the handle. By another method the Ast'rips may be sewedto opposite sides of the b'ody before vbeing sewed together by seams 13 and 14. The handles may of course be made in various ways by molding each of them out of rubber in a single piece or they maybe made of strips ofk rubber or leather sewed together as above indicated and in various other ways. In any case this structure prevents any foreign matter from gaining access to the'interior of the body where it'might find lodgment and de- ,cayor otherwise become objectionable.

In the use of the device shown in Figure 1 the thumbs or forefingers may be hooked in the openings 18 for convenience in washlng the back, theproportions of the parts being so arranged as to make -it of convenlent length. Itw is a part of my purpose to grade the Sponges for sale according to size into lengths suitable for example for men,

women and children.

In Figure 2 I have shown amodified form adapted to be placed onone hand of the user.

In tliiscase the fibrous-body is cut into short lengths and one such length 19 is provided at eachk end with a strip of `material 2O folded so as to close the opening into the hollow body and extendover both sides ofthe same, after which the parts may besecured together by a row of stitches as indicated at 21, such stitches extending through the body and through the opposite edges of the strip 20. A handle 22 underneath which the fingers may be inserted is secured tov each of the strips 20 and may if desired be insertedv beneath the adjacent edges of the two opposedstrips so as to be secured to the devlceby two seams 21 or if desired it may be separately sewed to the body or to the strips 2O or to both.

n win be understood that while this de# vice is primarily intended for use as a bath sponge it may have other usesjand that the specific structure may be varied without departing from the spirit ofA the invention, the

true scope of which is indicated in the ap'- pended claims.

Having thus fully-described my said invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

1. A cleaning device comprising open.-

endedtubular body of the fibrous interior of the luffa gourd, and a closure secured to each end of saidbody comprising a iiexible fabric member havin ortions overlying opposite sides of said l(lucid ends, substantially as set forth.

2. A cleaning device comprisin a hollow section of the brous interior o the lual y and closing the body formed of the fibrous interior of the 'necte Q j vf 1,488,882,

ln Witness whereof, have hereunto set lua ourd, a handle surrounding and conmy hand and seal at-(New York, New York X0 to each end thereof, said handles each this 29th d ay of January, A; D. nineteen comprising a'pair of strips of material havhundred and twenty-three. ing registering slots, a seam surrounding the ANNIE FOERG. [L. 5.] slots and connecting said strips, and a seam Wtnesses 'connecting the free margins of said strips, CHARLES W. HYER. substantially as set lforth. JULIA C. Hrm.

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U.S. Classification15/210.1, 15/244.1, 15/227, 15/222
International ClassificationA47K7/02
Cooperative ClassificationA47K7/022
European ClassificationA47K7/02B