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Publication numberUS1488875 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 1, 1924
Filing dateFeb 8, 1922
Priority dateFeb 8, 1922
Publication numberUS 1488875 A, US 1488875A, US-A-1488875, US1488875 A, US1488875A
InventorsAnna Franklin, Hunley James F
Original AssigneeAnna Franklin, Hunley James F
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Combination instrument
US 1488875 A
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Patented l, i924.



Application led February 8, 1922.

T0 all 'Lv/1,0m t may conce/m.'

Be it known that we, ANNA FRANKLIN and ras Finnois HUNLEY, citizens of the lniter .-flta residing at Lexington7 in the county ot Fayette and State of Kentucky1 hare invented certain new and useful improvements in Yombination instruments. otwhich the following is a specification. reference beine' had to the accompanying' drawings.

rllhis invention relates to combination instrumentsa and more particularly to an instrument comprisingr the combination ot a compass, rule and protractor, the compass embodyinf a separable pencil which may be employed in conjunction with the rule and protractor.

jin important object ol the invention is to provide means whereby the above instruments may be combined to provide a practicable device. eliu'iinatine' the necessity of prfwidinnthese instruments separately.

lt is well known in the study of geometrical problems and in their application to problems in practical devices the use of the above named instruments is necessary and it is often inconvenient to provide the necessary space vtor carrying` such a number ot articles. lt is accordingly an object of this invention to provide a device which may be employed tor layinr; a. device otf correctly to sr ale an d h airing correct angles and curves without the necessity oit' the provision ot separate instruments therefor.

@ther obiects and advantages of the invention will become apparent throughout the course ci the following; description,

ln the accompanying drawingsi wherein for the purpose ot illustration is shown a preferred embodiment of our invention and wherein like reterence characters designate like parts throughout;

Figure 1 is a side elevation of a` combination instrument constructed in accordanceV with our invention showing' the same in use as a rule;

Figure 2 is a similar view showing; the instrument in use as a compass;

Figure 2 is a view showing the obverse of the instrument. the instrument being. in use as a protractor; and

Figure 4i. is a side elevation ot the pencil clamp employed.

Referring: now more particularly to the drawings. the numerals and 11 designate compass sections having pivot portions 12 Serial No. 534,977.

and 13, respectively, which are adapted to be secured together b v a binding screw 14 'which likewise forms a pivot so that. the sections 10 and 11 may be arranged at any desired anigrle and secured in such desired angle7 the necessary pressure for maintainn 1 'the saine in adjusted position being` obtained by the irictional engagement of the enacting` faces ot the pivot portions 12 and 13.

The pivotal connection of the sections 10 and 11 is such that the sections may be arranged in a` straight line, and the sections are provided upon corresponding sides ther-ect ad at sides of the corresponding sides which are alifrned when the compass sections 10 and 11 yare in alignment, with pjraduations 15 termino a rule for laying oli" a desired distance.

it the ends ot the sections remote from the pivotal connection thereof beyond the enos oi the scales(` the sections are provided with tapered extensions 17 which are reinforced by a metal terrule 18. rlhe end of one et the sections is provided with a socket 19 adapted tor the reception of av prick point 20 ot the compass and the end of the other section provided with a socket 21 for the reception ot a retainina element and a. pencil holder 22. The pencil holder 22 is illustrated as provided with a clamp 23 whereby the pencil P may be secured in position so that the saine may be removable to be employed in conjunction with the scale or protractor which will hereinafter appear. The holder provided adjacent one end ther-soit with a retaining men'iber 211 which comprises` a nin element having al portion bent hack upon the h older 22 parallel and in spaced relation thereto. This portion 25 entends into the socket 21 hereinbefore referred to.

The opposite sides of the sections 10 and 11 trom that provided with the scale have formed thereon gradnations 16 forming a protractor scale which are complete when the device is folded as in the position shown in Figure 3.

ln the use oi the device the pencil P may be removed and employed in conjunction with the scale to lay oit proper distances and the protractor to lay oli the proper angles. The compass may subsequently be employed to lay ofl the circles at the distances set and if desired. the protractor may be employed subsequently to sub-divide the 1 ,essere circles into desired angles. ln other Words, the device is capable of all of the uses of the rule, protractor and compass but at the same time eliminates the use of this plurality of instruments.

It will he seen 'from the foregoing that e` device constructed in accordance With our invention is particularly Well adapted for use in that it may bel very cheaply c011- structed and that it facilitates the construction of geometrical problems either in a school room or e ivo'rli shop by providing a complete set ot instruments necessary for the Work in a single instrument. lt Will AIfurthermore he obvious that the construction tliereoil as hereinhefore set forth is capable of some change and modiicaton Without in any manner departing from the spirit of our invention and We accordingly do not limitourselves to such specic structure except es hereinafter claimed. i

Vale claim:

ln combination with a. con'ipass leg nii/'inw socketormed in the end thereof, e. pen older including` means for releasably cl ing s pencil, a` means lor maintaining` i, holder in position against the side ot tne leg comprising` e` mei bei "ecurefl to the holder and having the lower end 'thereof bent haelt in spaced relation thereto, and adapted 'tor engagement in said socket. l

ln testimony whereof We hereunto finir:

our signatures.


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