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Publication numberUS148888 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 24, 1874
Filing dateFeb 9, 1874
Publication numberUS 148888 A, US 148888A, US-A-148888, US148888 A, US148888A
InventorsE. Kiddee
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US 148888 A
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N0,148,888, v Patented March 24, 1.874.

@au/af?. S21/ALL i Por Atty.



Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 148,888, dated March 24, 1874; application tiled February 9, 1874.

To all whom t may concern Be it known that I, RICHARD E. KIDDER, of the city and county of dforcester, State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improved Tool-Holder, of which the following is a speciiication:

My invent-ion relates to that class of toolholders in which a number of tools are used in the same handle by means of jaws to clamp and hold them when in use, and capable of being changed. It is designed to form a selfholding handle and tool-reservoir, from which the tools are not liable to be lost. Its nature consists in the use of a movable reservoir inside the handle, and having separate compart ments for each tool, so arranged that any one can be brought into position and transferred to the jaws to be used; and also in making the jaws with a convex griping-surface fitting a concave on each tool, and' in making the tools with a projecting head or cap, and a shoulder in the jaws preventing the tools from falling entirelyout when the jaws are loosened.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure l 'shows a tool-holder embodying my invention,

the outside or shell being represented as removed to show the interior parts. Fig. 2 shows the arrangement of the compartments in the movable reservoir, and Fig. 3 the form of construction of the tools.

B is the reservoir, having several compartments, as shown in Fig. 2, deep enough to hold the tools, and a pivot at each end, I, by which it is supported and held in the handle A A in such position that when it is moved each compartment may be brought into place, as at S, over the passage J, leading to the jaws L. On

one end of B is a milled band or rib, project. I

ing slightly through a hole in the handle at F. so as to be operated from the outside, and the other end of Bis provided with notches' V, corresponding to each compartment, and into which the stop-lever C is forced by the action of its spring, the lower end of C having a boss projecting slightly outside the handle at D, whereby it may be withdrawn from the notches in B. The jaws L are secured to the handle by their upper ends H H, through which a passage, J, is made, a little larger than at L, to form a slight shoulder, and the inside oi' the jaws are made convex to fit the concave M in the tool, as shown. 0 is the tool, formed with a head or cap, l?, which, hitting the shoulder in J, prevents the tool sliding out entirely.

In operation, when the jaws are loosened,

and the handle reversed, the tool slides down into S; then, by pressing D, it releases the reservoir; and, by turning it at F, another tool is brought to position, andD being released holds the reservoir, and, elevating that end, the tool slides down into the jaws to be secured for use, the convexity in the jaws preventing the tool from sliding back when in use.

I claim- The combination, with a tool-holder, of the movable reservoir B, having separate coinpa-rtinents for each tool, so arranged that any tool therein may be brought into line and transferred to the holdin g-jaws, as set forth.




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Cooperative ClassificationB25G1/085