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Publication numberUS1489046 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 1, 1924
Filing dateNov 4, 1921
Priority dateNov 4, 1921
Publication numberUS 1489046 A, US 1489046A, US-A-1489046, US1489046 A, US1489046A
InventorsThompson Harriet F Tracy
Original AssigneeThompson Harriet F Tracy
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Sectional garment
US 1489046 A
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April 1 1924. 1,489,046

H. F. T. THOMPSON SECTIONAL GARMENT Filed Nov. 4, 1921 i 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 April 1 1924.

H. F. T. THOMPSON SECTIONAL GARMENT Filed Nov. 4, 1921 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Va li C 1 atented ....1,1'924. v



sncrronnr. ennmmv'r.

Application filed November 4, 1921. Serial No. 512,740.

To all whom it may concern I Be it known that I, HARRIET F. TRACY 'llrromrsoiv, a citizenrof the United States, residing at the borough of Manhattan, in the city, county, and State of New York, have invented an Improvement in Sectional Garments, of which the following is a specification.



My invention relates to undergarments, partlcularly for use upon persons who havev sustained an injury or upon whom operations are to be or have been performed, and whose physical condition renders it dangerous or diflicult for them to be moved while lying in bed, and the object of the invention is to provide a garment that can be readily changed when desired, without" any, or very little movement of the patient; .also permitting free access to a wound on different parts of the body without removal of the garment, greatly facilitating the dressing of a wound and lessening the time of surgeons performing the operation or dressing.

\ q The details of the invention are hereinthe preferred form of connecting the respec- I tive sections of the garments, and

Fig. is an elevation of a garment provided with le sections. Similar re erence characters indicate like parts throughout the several views.

Referring to the drawing, Fig.1 illustrates a garment in the form of an undershirt, comprising' a back section 10, front sections 11 and 12, and sleeve sections 13. Each of ,these sections on their inner ed es have a strip of tape 14, secured by a den le line of stitches, or in other suitable manner. Secured between these strips of tape and the garment sections in such manner as who covered orout of sight, are any suitable spaced fastening devices, such as buttons, hooks and eyes, or preferably snap-fasteners, each comprising a male member 15, and a female member 16, secured to the meeting edges of the respective members.

It will be seen that all of the sections comprising this garment may be entirely sepa;

rated from each other by simply releasing I movement of the person to any extent. Fur-' thermore, it will be apparent that either or both sleeve sections may be removed where it may be desired for coolness, or for giving free access to the arm or arms, should an injury or ailment be located in such limbs. It

will also be apparent that either or both of the front sections 11 or 12 may be entirely removed, oreither or both of the upper parts of such members folded outwardly by sim ply unfastening such upper parts, thereby giving free access to-the breast or chest of a patient having an injury or aihnent in that portion of the body, greatly facilitating the dressing of a wound and saving the time of a surgeon performing such dressing. It will also be seen that the lower portions of either or both of these front sections may be folded upwardly simply by unfastening the required number of the fastening members at the lower part of the body.

I prefer not to place any fastening members upon the sleeve sections 13, at their junction with the shoulder, on that portion under the arm-pit which allows for ventilation and easy movement of the arm or arms, without drawing on the front sections.

In Fig. 2 of the drawing, 1 have shown the front section 11 released from a number of the fastening members at its upper portion and this portion folded outwardly and downwardly, thereby exposing one side of the upper portion of apatients body and giving free access to a wound that might be located in that place. As before stated, the section 12 may be similarly released and folded when desired or necessary. In this figure, I have shown the sleeve sections re leased from the body sections, and each sleeve divided transversely at or about the elbow, providing the two sections 17 and 18 in each sleeve. l'hese sections are each provided with a strip of tape 14:, andfastening members 15, 16, the same as upon the other meeting edges of the garment. The upper part of the right sleeve of the garment in this figure, is shown slightly turned back,

side. Where the sleeve members are thus -made, each in two sections, either section 18 may be removed, either to shorten the length -of the sleeve, or to give free access to a and that portion of the sleeve 17 above-the elbow released from the fastenings and folded outwardly and downwardly, whereby the upper portion of a persons arm would be exposedfor the dressing, of a wound in that part of the arm, without removing the entire sleeve either from the body portions of the garment or from the lower section of the sleeve.

In Fig. 4 of the drawing, I have illustrated in greatly enlarged size for clearness, the form of fastening members preferred, butit will be readily understood that any other suitable fastening devices may be employed, such as hooks and eyes, or buttons and button holes.

My invention provides a garment of great usefulness in sick rooms or hospitals, providing for readily changing the undergarments of patients, permitting a wound in different parts of the body to be exposed for dressing without removing the garment from the patient, and facilitating and lessening the time of surgeons performing. an operation or dressing a wound. 1

While in Figs. l and 2 I have illustrated my invention in the form of an undershirt, it will be seen by reference to Fig. 5 that it maybe in the form of pajamas, or in a combined form, the leg sections being constructed in the same manner as the arm sections.

meagre members 20. These upper leg sections 19,

are preferably made in the same manner as the sleeve sections shown in Fig. 3, so that they may be released from thefastenings 16 and 20 and folded outwardly as shown by dotted lines in said Fig. 5 whereby the upper portion of a persons leg may be exposed for the dressing of a wound in that part of the leg, without removing these sections entirely from the body member, or separating such sections entirely from the lower sections or 1e gings 21.

This feature is 0 great advantage in confinement' cases.

It will be readily understood that the lower sections 0r leggings 21 may be removed when desired, veither to shorten the "length of theleg members, or to give free access to -a wound or injury in the leg below the knee.

I have also illustrated by dotted lines in Fig. 5, how the arm or arms of a person 1wear1ng my improved garment may be means for detachably'connecting such sections together, leg members composed of upper and lower sections, means for connecting the upper leg sections to the body and to the lower leg sections, the front central portions of the upper leg sections being detachably secured and the side portions of said upper leg sections being permanently associated with the rear portion of the garment whereby .the upper leg sections are foldable outwardly without separation from the garment.

Signed by me this second day of November, 1921.


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International ClassificationA41D13/12, A41B9/08
Cooperative ClassificationA41D13/129, A41B9/08, A41D13/1263
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