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Publication numberUS1490231 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 15, 1924
Filing dateJun 11, 1920
Priority dateJun 11, 1920
Publication numberUS 1490231 A, US 1490231A, US-A-1490231, US1490231 A, US1490231A
InventorsPoole Arthur F
Original AssigneeWahl Co
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Fountain-pen clip
US 1490231 A
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April 5, 1924. 1,490,231

A. F. POOLE FOUNTAIN PEN CLIP Filed June 11 1920 Patented Apr. 15,1924.




Application filed .Tune 11, 1920. Serial No. 388,138.

To all whom 2'25 may concern: Attached'to .the cap 5 is the clip 8, which Be it known that I, ARTHUR F. POOLE, a consists of a piece of flat spring metal, bent citizen of the United States, residing at approximately ,as shown. The clip 8 has 40 Ke11ilworth,in the county of Cook and State mounted on it a roller 9, and, at. its upper 5 of Illinois, have invented certain new and end, is provided with a bent portion 10,

, useful Improvements in Fountain-Pen Clips, which is adapted to extend downwardly in of which the following is a specification. the inside of the cap 5. A plug 11 'is pro- My invention is an improved fountain pen vided for the purpose of holding the clip 8 5 clip and has for its object the provision of into the cap 5, said plug consisting of ahead a clip which will permit the use of rubber 12v and a smaller portion 13, provided with tubing-for the making of fountain pen caps, a slot 1* into which the bent portion 10 is instead of the moulded pieces of rubber heresecured. The portion 13 is made adrive fit tofore employed. in the cap 5, and is held in its position by 50 My inventionvmay be best understood by friction, thereby holding the clip 8 securely 15 reference to the accompanying drawings, of in the cap. The upper portion of the cap 5 .Which- 1 is provided with a small slot 15, which fits Fig. l is a view of a pen embodyingmy on the bent portion 16 of the clip 8. This is invention and having the cap shown in secforthe purpose of making a neat joint at tion; I the place where the clip enters the cap 5. 20 Fig. 2 is a perspective View of the foun- Many variations may be made from the v tain pen cap; precise structure herein shown without de- Fig. 3 is a View of theclip disassembled parting from the spirit of my invention, from the cap, and

Fig. 4 is a section through the line 44 In a fountain pen, in combination, a barof Fig. 1. v rel, a nib mounted on the open' end of said Referring now to the drawings, I have barrel, a hollow ,cap open at both ends provided a fountain pen consisting of the adapted to cover said nib, a niche cut in the usual barrel 1, provided with a screwthread upper edge of said cap, aplug having its 05 2, and having mounted therein a pen nib 3 wall grooved to form a seat for a clip havand feed bar at. These parts may be of any ing amember which is adapted to engage desired construction and form no part of my in the heretofore mentioned niche and the herein described invention. said grooveto hold itfirmly in position upon since I claim- The screwthread 2 serves as an attachment the pen cap when the plug is forced into the for the cap 5, which is made of hard rubber top end of the cap. tubing and is provided with an annular In witness whereof I have hereunto subshoulder 6, which serves as a seal for the end scribed my name. 7 of the barrel 1. v I ARTHUR F. POOLE.

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U.S. Classification24/11.00M, D19/49, D19/56, 24/564, D19/57
International ClassificationB43K25/00, B43K25/02
Cooperative ClassificationB43K25/022
European ClassificationB43K25/02A