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Publication numberUS1491049 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 22, 1924
Filing dateDec 13, 1923
Priority dateDec 13, 1923
Publication numberUS 1491049 A, US 1491049A, US-A-1491049, US1491049 A, US1491049A
InventorsEdward Lichtenthaeler Frank
Original AssigneeEdward Lichtenthaeler Frank
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Apparatus for mixing liquids
US 1491049 A
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A ril 22 1924. 1,491,049

F. E. LICHTENTHAELER APPARATUS FOR MIXING LIQUIDS Filed Dec. 13,. 1923 F A g f I lloooooooooo/boofl do Ella co 0] loo 0 0'40 0% ooaao noooaoooould ooOOOOoOooOooou wzm Putcnt Apr; 22, 1924.


iii: v

r nronrnnr e FRANK EJDW A.

'nrrsnnrosron rrrxrns mourns,

whom is mop @WWGi fti D it 'i Fnsmr ll Lronrsn- THANK? o citizen o the. United Stains, rs siding st Newton l-lighlends, in tho county of Middlcsor: and or Msssschusctts, have invented cortoin now and useful llm provements in A psrutus for Mining Liquids; and 11 do icrcloy declare the following to he s full, cleor, sud exact dcscrip sion oi? izhs invention, such as will onsh e others s died tho srt to which it upper tsins to molro sud uss the ssmo.

The present invention relates to on improvement in sppurotus for mining liquids.

The ohjoct oi theinvcntion is to produce s piece of sppsrstus by which liquids mey ho en'i'icicntly and intimutcly mixcd together. For example in the mixing of wort and yeast to he rermcntcd, it is desirable that the mixture he intimotc and uniform also in the mixing of various liquids for many purposes. To the shove end the present invention consists in the mixer herein alter described sud purticuls-rly defined in the cluimso In the nccomponying drawings illustrating the preferred form. of the invention, Fig. 1 is a, poryctivc view of the mixer with o portion o the wall removed to show the general construction; and Fig. 2 is n sectional elevation.

The body of the minor comprises u. shell 1 which is provided with at bottom 2 and s top 3. The li uids to ho mixed ore introducsd through t e pipe 4: which enters the top at the center and descends vertically to at point close to o partition hereinafter referred to. In the illustrated embodiment the wort is introduccd through the main pipe 5 sud the yeast is introduced through the branch pipe 6. The principal body of liquid, of course, enters through the pipe 5, and the affluent through the pipe 6. These two liquids may he the some or difierent in amount, and in any wse while they are admitted together through one pipe intothe mixer they are not thereby intimately mixed, us one stream will flow alon ide of the other for some time without intimately mixing therewith. The inlet pipe 4 discharges on u diucnt deck '7 provided at its center with o partition Bwhich divides the deck 7 into two c uul parts. The partition 8 is located in t c center of tho pips 4: so that onc hsli the liquid entering through the inlet pim is discherged on one side of tho psrtition and on other hold on the other sidc oi the partition Tho two portions or the liquid spresd out upon the opositc sides oi tho partition ovsrdow t suds oi the dock "ii at ll 1d tho docks torminoling before they tho wolls oi the shell At ll and ld tho deck is turned downward to form ll sud 12 for tho purposc off cousing tho liquid to he turnod downword hy sdhcsion to the ii i Thcso two discharges of the liouid full upon o,


continent dcclr 13, the odjeccnt edges cl: 4

which are provided with downturnod hm id. The ports of the confluent dock on tend from the wall of the tow cosh othcr and lcove on coming hetwecn thcir npprosching edges throu sh which the lioiuids mo coscodc sguinst ouch othsr sod is l upon the didluent l5 hslow, which is duplicnts of difiluent deck 7 shove, ond h which n is ngsin dividcd end allowed confluent deck 11d I i The liquids upon the didlucnt dcch if one divided into two ond such .po'r tion is more or less up in with some force ogsinst deck 7 and then further mixed hy falling end splashing u on the two portions or the dcclr 13. Joro ogoin further mining and splsshiug lo ther oi ho portions of tns liquid is securend further splashing and mixing is ohtoincd by discharging the liquids toward each other It is therefore imoginshlo that tho stream is halved sud qusrtercd und further divided into 'cigghths end sinteenths, hut the host. on-

pertunderstonding or tho operation of the opptus is got by pointing out that the o strooms upon the 51 too The por 'titions 8 sro riveted and brazed so the dil llll 't e desired quantity of eac No power is required to operate the ap-- paratus aside from the head of the liquids which flow in through the inlet p1 The proper amount of relative quantities of 11- uid introduced should be re lated so that mitted in the given time. Then the mixture flowing out from the bottom of the apparatus will be of uniform constitution at all times and homogeneousl 7 mixed.

It is within the purview of t e inventlon to divide the stream into smaller fractions,

' to reunite such smaller fractions into one ora plurality of other streams againto'be divided and reunited as before.

Having thus described the invention, what is claimed is:

1. An apparatus for mixing liquids having a vertical body provided with an inlet at the top for the liquids to be mixed, a diflluent deck upon which the liquids are discharged 1 having a partition so located I with respect to the inlet as to divide the incoming liquids into a plurality of parts, the deck having as many dischargle places as the stream is divided into by t e part1- tion, a second confluent deck consisting ofv as many parts as there were streams upon it, each part located to receive a discharge from a part ofthe deck above and constructed and arranged to discharge all of the liquids received by-"the several parts into a common dischargeopening.

2. An a paratus for mixing liquids having a vertical body provided with an inlet opening for liquids to be mixed together,

a diflluent deck upon which the liquids to be mixed are received from the inlet opening, a vertical partition on the deck so 10- cated with respect to the inlet opening as to divide the enterin stream of ii uids into two parts, the deck eing provide with an outlet for each such part, a confluent deck provided with two parts, one to receive the shall be ad- 112% a vertical body, an inlet opening, a 'd uent deck extending in one direction from wall to wall of the body and in a direction at riht angles thereto toward but not to the w l of the body,,a confluent deck below the diflluent deck having parts extending from the wall of the body toward a central opening for receiving the discharge from the difliuent deck and discharging it throu h the center opening.

4. n apparatus for mixing liquids having a vertical body provided with, an inlet, a diflluent deck consisting of a tached at its ends to-the wall of the body "and-having its sides extended toward the body leaving a space between such sides and the body to afford a discharge opening, said deck being provided with a partition extended longitudinally of the middle of the deck for dividing the deck into two parts, such partition'being located to divide the stream of liquid entering the mixer into two parts, a confluent deck having two por tions extending to the sides of the body under the openings in the diflluent deck above and toward each other, leaving an plate at-' elongated opening between their contiguous ends, such opening bein located in the plane of the partition of t e deck above.

5. An a paratus for. mixing li uids having a vertlca-l body provided wit 1 an inlet in its end, a diflluent deck having a partition across it arranged to divide the area of the inlet so as to divert the inflowing liquid on to the two sides of the partition,- outlets in the deck arranged parallel to the partition, a confluent deck below the inlet deck provided with an elongated outlet parallel to the partition in the difiluent deck, another difliuent deck below the confluent deck with its partition arranged at right angles to the discharge opening in the confluent deck above, a confluent deck located below the last named difliuent deck of similar construction to thesecond deck and arranged with its outlet parallel to the outlet in the plane ofthe partition of the 'diflluent deck next above.


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