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Publication numberUS149232 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 31, 1874
Publication numberUS 149232 A, US 149232A, US-A-149232, US149232 A, US149232A
InventorsElisha W. Lincoln
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US 149232 A
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2 Sheets--Sheet l.


Reed-Organ Attachments. Nol49232, Patented March31,1874.

2 Sheets--Sheet 2` E. W. LINCOLN.

Reed-Organ Attachments. N0,l49,232, v y Patented March 31 i874,


ELrsEA w. LrNCoLN, or Nonwron, CONNECTICUT.


Specification forming part of Lettere Patent No. 149,232, dated March ill, 1874; application filed February 7,1874.

To all whom 'it may concern De it known that I, ELisrL/l W'. LINCOLN, of Norwich, State of Connecticut, have invented a Combination of Bars and Coils Attached and Applied to a ReedfCi-gan, of which the following is a specification:

The nature of myinvcntion consists in combining, in the saine instrument, the bars and coils, which are played by hammers attached to the keys. The following is a clear and ex act description oi' the Construction and operation of the same, reference being had to thc drawings making part oi' this specification, in whichligure l is a sectional view of key, operating-lever, and damper-bar, with their attachments. Fig. 2 is a section, showing a view of coil; Fig. 3, a plan view of the attachments as applied to a reed-organ.

A is the key; b, a pin extending into a slot in the key. l D are the hammers, c c, the coil-springs for throwin the hammers up 'from the bars or coils D. D is one ofthe soundingcoils; E E, metal bars; ff, keys or screwpins to hold the bars upon and between pieces of felt, marked g g,- G G', sections of sounding board or chambers, that portion adjacent to the bars E being higher and larger than the bass part. rlhe reverse, however, may bc the case. Gv .is provided with a longitudinal partition, C, upon which the coils D are mounted. H H are damper-bars, carrying pieces of felt, and which are removed, so as to allow the coils and bars to sound unobstructed by them, by means of a frame, K K, and lever L, which may be opera-ted by the pedal or not. M is a rod, on which hammers are pivotcd.

rBhe above is a description of my invention.

NVhat I claim as new, and what I desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. In a reed-organ attachment, the combina-- tion ol' the bars E, the sounding-chambers G Cr, and sound-coils D, all arranged to operate substantially as described and shown.

2. The series of hammers B, pivoted on a horizontal bar, M, and provided with the coilsprings c, substantially as shown.

3. The metal bars E, perforated at each end, in combination with the screw-pins f and felt or other cushions g, constructed and arranged to operate as set forth.

Ll. The double sounding-chambers Gr G, the latter provided with the partitions G, upon which the coils are mounted, as shown and described.


Witnesses C-UnDoN V. KIMEALL, H. ll. BURNHAM.

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Cooperative ClassificationG10D13/085