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Publication numberUS1493651 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 13, 1924
Filing dateJul 7, 1923
Priority dateJul 7, 1923
Publication numberUS 1493651 A, US 1493651A, US-A-1493651, US1493651 A, US1493651A
InventorsSwenson Charles H
Original AssigneeSwenson Charles H
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Excavating system
US 1493651 A
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' 2 I 3 493.651 May 13 19 4 g. H. SWENSON EXCAVATING SfSTE-M' Filed am v. 1923 6. I1 Hzuen son WITNESS:

ATTORNEY Patented May 13, i924,



Application filed July 7,

To (/U 70/907 it may w nce/1m.

Be it known that I. Gunners H. SWENSON, a citizen of the United F ts-tee residing at Eilidell, in the parish o1 St. Tammany and State of Louisiana, have invented new and useful improvements in Excavating Sys toms, of which the following is n SPBClfiCZL- tion.

This invention relates to the process of excavating gravel and send and has for an object the provision of improved means "for this purpose which will increase the output and in addition prevent the material from clogging the casing.

Another object of the invention is the provision of :1 process of this character which is simple, reliable and economical in operation and which may be easily installed.

With the above and other objects in view the invention further includes the following): novel features and details of construction to be hereinafter more fully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawing and pointed out in the zu'jpei'uled claim.

In the drawing the ligrure shown is e diagram illustrating; the process.

Referring" in detail to the drawing, the reference character it) indicates a casing which extends into the ground, the top surface of which is indicntetil at 11. The bottom end of the casing 10 extends into n strata of gravel. and water. indicated at 12, while the natural water level. within the casing 10 is indicated at 13.

The casing extends tl'irougzh the platform M and its upper end is in communication with an overflow conduit 15.

Extending downwardly within the casing end having its outer end connected to a pressure pump is a water line 16, whose Serial No. 650,140.

lower outlet end extends below the bottom of the casing 10 and into the strata 12 of gravel and writer.

i will be readily understood the water will be forced outward through the top of the casing 10 and through the conduit 15 b l1 \Cl1dI1llC pressure through the pipe 16, the said water carrying with it the gravel and sand, where the latter is present.

One of the novel features of the invention resides in the introduction into the casing of air under pressure and for this purpose there is provided an air supply pipe 17 through which air under pressure is forced. The discharge end of the pipe 17 is located below the water line 13 and above the discharge end of the pipe 16 and the compressed air forces the water and gravel upward and prevents the casing from becoming; clogged with the gravel and sand due to this pressure.

Having described the invention whatis clz-iimed is in excavating apparatus comprising a (tie rig open M the bottom and adapted to extend downwardl v within the material to be removed, it discl'ierg'e conduit at the upper end of the casing. a water pipe extendin downwardly through the casing with its lower end disposed below the bottom of the casing; and its upper end adapted to be connected to the source of water under pre ure, a compressed air supply pipe extending downwardly into the casing and en upwardly disposed nozzle at the lower end of the air pipe.

.l'u testimony whereof l ellix my signature.

Cl'llilllil lid i. SWEJSON.

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U.S. Classification37/322, 405/8
International ClassificationE02F3/92
Cooperative ClassificationE02F3/925
European ClassificationE02F3/92P2