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Publication numberUS1494016 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 13, 1924
Filing dateAug 19, 1920
Priority dateAug 19, 1920
Publication numberUS 1494016 A, US 1494016A, US-A-1494016, US1494016 A, US1494016A
InventorsPrescott Sumner K
Original AssigneePrescott Sumner K
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Track-cleaning device
US 1494016 A
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May 13,1924. u

.5. K. PRESCOTT TRACK CLEANING DEVICE Filed Aug. 19. 1 920 IIIHIIiI Il lll llllllllllllll Patented May 13, 41924.


TRACK-CLEANING DEVICE Application led Au'rust 19, 1920.

T0 all whom t may concern.'

Be it known that l, SUMNER K. PREsooTT,

a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Seattle, King `County, lVashington, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Track-Cleaning Devices, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to improvements in track cleaning devices, and more particularly to devices of that character applicable to the wheels of cars or carriages such as are used in lumber and saw mills, whereby the rails on which the wheels travel may be kept clean of saw dust or other debris.

The principal object of the invention resides in the construction of a track cleaning device in the form of a double ended plow adapted to receive in operative position the wheel of a car, or carriage, in such manner that, during travel of the wheel along a track in opposite directions, the opposite ends of the plow will clean the track ahead of the wheel of all saw dust, dirt or debris which would be detrimental to operation of the car.

A further object of the invention is to provide a track cleaner of the above character, wherein removable wearing blocks for the wheel, and others for the track, are pro vided, and which are mounted in a novel manner which permits them to be easily removed and replaced when it becomes necessary. c

In accomplishing these and other objects of the invention, I have provided the improved details of construction, the preferred forms of which are illustrated in the accom-` panying drawings, wherein- Figure l is a longitudinal, vertical section of a track cleaning device, constructed according to the present invention, showing in dotted lines the relation of the carriage or car wheel thereto, when the device is in use.

Figure 2 is a plan View of the same.

Figure 3 is a front or end view, of the plow in position on a track.

Referring more in detail to the drawings- 1 designates the plow body casting which comprises opposite end heads 2 and 3, which are joined in spaced apart relation by means of opposite side or face plates, 4 and These latter plates extend parallel with each other, longitudinallyr of the device and iny spaced apart relation, so that a carriage Serial No. 404,678.

wheel may operate between these plates and heads, as is illustrated in dotted lines in Figure l.

The end heads are each tapered to a vertical cutting edge 7 along their forward edges and are provided in their under sides with downwardly opening pockets 8 for receiving the holding shanks or extensions,`9,

-of plow shoes l0, which are adapted to engage and slide upon a track; these shoes be ing tapered to points at their forward edges to correspond to the shape of the plow heads and are` provided with transverse apertures ll which may he brought into registration with apertures in the body casting to receive locking pins la ywhich will hold .the shoes in place.

Opening inwardly from the inner faces of the end heads are pockets l5 wherein wooden blocks 16 are inserted, and which are in position to be engaged by the rim or tread of the wheel whereto the plow is applied; these latter blocks serving to relieve the wheel and casting of wear that otherwise would occur, and also serve as Scrapers which will remove resinous and other substances picked' up by the portions of the wheel.

The device in use would be applied to a flat treaded wheel of a lumber carriage, as is illustrated in Figure 1, and would be moved thereby along the track as ,the car would be operated in opposite directions, in such Inanner that the plow shoes at its opposite ends would scrape the track clean of all dirt or saw dust that might fall on the same.

The wooden blocks would serve as cushioning bumpers, for receiving the impact of the wheel on the reversal of the car and would prevent wear on the wheel and casting due to the rolling contact of the wheel with the device.

The shoes l0, which would receive considn erable wear, would preferably be made of hardened metal and would not need to be changed as often as the wooden blocks, but, such changing would be permitted, when oc casion is necessary, by removing of the pins 14.

`What l claim as new, is:

A track cleaning device comprising a one piece body having plow heads at its opposite ends integral with spaced apart face plates connecting said heads in such relation so as to receive the lower part of a wheel therebetween; said heads having inwardly opening the track on which the Wheel operates, having mounting Shanks removably inserted in the downwardly opening pockets.

Signed at Seattle, Vas'hngton this 13th day of August 1920.


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U.S. Classification104/279
International ClassificationE01H8/00, E01H8/10
Cooperative ClassificationE01H8/10
European ClassificationE01H8/10