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Publication numberUS1494234 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 13, 1924
Filing dateJan 5, 1922
Priority dateJan 5, 1922
Publication numberUS 1494234 A, US 1494234A, US-A-1494234, US1494234 A, US1494234A
InventorsGossett Morse F
Original AssigneeGossett Morse F
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Roof flashing
US 1494234 A
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May 13 1924.

M. F. GOSSETT ROOF FLASHING Filed Jan. 4 5 1922 34 4 J 6 Qw Patented May 13, 1924. 1



Application filed January 5, 1922. Serial No. 527,194.

To all whom it may concern.

Be it known that I, MoRsE F. GossETT, a citizen of the United States, residing at Mecea, in the county of Parke and State of Indiana, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Roof Flashing; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

The primary purpose of the present invention is to secure a tight joint between the roof and a pipe or like part projecting therethrough.

The invention provides joint means including a collar to be clamped about the pipe and a base to be secured to the roof, suitable packing being interposed between the parts if necessary to insure the formation of a tight joint for the exclusion of moisture.

Other objects and advantages will be apparent and suggest themselves as the nature of the invention is understood.

While the drawings illustrate an embodiment of the invention it is to be understood that in adapting the same to meet different conditions and requirements, various changes in the form. proportion and minor details of construction may be resorted to without departing from. the nature of the invention.

Referring to the accompanying drawings forming a part of the application,

Figure 1 is a top plan view of the inven tion. showing the same applied,

Figure 2 is a side view of the parts illustrated in Figure 1, and

Figure 3 is a detail View of the article.

Corresponding and like parts are referred to in the following description and designated in the several views of the drawings by like reference characters.

The device comprises a base plate 1 having a centrally disposed opening 2 of a size to receive the pipe 3 projecting through a roof 4. A. collar 5 projects upwardly from the base plate 1 in line with the opening 2 formed therein and is adapted to encircle the pipe 3. Ears 6 project outwardl f tho, I

ends of the collar 5 in line with the split 7 extending outwardly from the opening 2 of the plate 1. The collar 5 and ears 6 may form a part of the plate 1 or be attached thereto in any manner so as to form in effect a part thereof. The ears 6 are formed with corresponding openings to receive bolts 8 or like fastenings whereby the collar 5 may be clamped about the pipe 3. These bolts or fastenings 8 also serve to draw the parts of the plate 1 together bordering upon the split 7 It is to be understood that the roof joints or flashings are provided in different sizes for different sizes of pipes and in the application of the invention, the article is fitted about the pipe 3 projecting beyond the roof 4 and is clamped about the pipe by means of the bolts or fastenings 8. After the device has been clamped about the pipe, the base plate 1 is secured to the roof 4 by means of screws 9 or analogous fastenings passing through openings formed in the plate 1 and entering the roof boards. It is to be under stood that, if desired, cement or packing may be interposed between the parts to insure a moisture-proof joint.

lVhat is claimed is:

A roof joint or flashing comprising a base plate having an opening for the reception of the pipe projecting through the roof, and having a split extending outwardly from the opening through an edge of the plate, and a collar in line with the opening having offstanding ears at its ends in line with the split of the plate and forming a part there of, said ears having corresponding openings to receive bolts or like fastenings whereby the collar and plate may be clamped about the pipe. said plate having openings to receive fastenings whereby it is made secure to the roof boards.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature in presenceof two witnesses.




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European ClassificationE04D13/14A