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Publication numberUS1494316 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 13, 1924
Filing dateAug 31, 1921
Priority dateAug 31, 1921
Publication numberUS 1494316 A, US 1494316A, US-A-1494316, US1494316 A, US1494316A
InventorsOstenberg Zeno
Original AssigneeCaltex Company
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Coating mechanism
US 1494316 A
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Patented May i3, 1924.

acarreo stares PATENT ortica.



Application led August 31, 1921.

To all whom t may concer/n.'

- Be it known that I, ZENO OSTENBERG, a

citizen of the United States, and resident of San Jose, in the county of Santa Clara and State of California, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Coating Mechanism, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates particularly to the so-called knife used in applying a coating material to a moving surface as in the manufacture of artificial leather and kindred products.

It is the objectl of my invention to provide a knife of the character set forth in my copending application for patent, Serial No. 440,101, filed Jan. 26, 1921, in which the knife blade is adjustable relative to the body of the knife, thereby permitting the quick and accurate gauging of the coating material, and securing other objects and advantages hereinafter fully set forth.

In the drawing,-

Figure 1 is a vertical transverse section through a coating knife embodying my invention.

Figure 2 is a section on line 2 2 of Figj ure 1.

Figure 3 shows another embodiment of my invention. Referring more particularly to the drawings, 1 indicates the bod portion of a hollow knife supplied wit coating material under pressure through inlet 2. Knife 1 has one flat side 3 provided with an opening 4 between it and the lower edge 5 of said knife, the edge 5 terminating a distance short of averticalplane in which.. the outer surface of side 3 lies to form a narrow slot or passage 6. The length of this slot 6 is determined by adjusting blocks as ,7 slidably .mounted therein. l

Securely mounted on the outer surface of side 3 are vertically arranged dovetailed guides 8. At 9 is a blade provided with grooves adapted to engage guides 8 and thereb vertically adjustable on knife 1, an suitab e means, as rod 10 being used to e feet said adjustment. The lenglth of guides 8 is such that the blade 9 is eld in close contact with blocks 7 at all times.

The knife 1 is mounted on table 11 sub- Serial No. 497,308.

stantially as shown, the table having a recess 12 formed therein below said knife, and the material to be coated as 13 moving over said table and under said knife as shown.

In operation the material 13 is moved under the knife in the direction indicated by the arrow at a substantially uniform rate of speed. Since the coating material is forced through slot 6 under a given pressure a given quantity of said material is moving therethrough and being deposited on the material 13. -If the blade 9 is raised a distance as indicated in dotted lines at 14 then the coating is deposited in a thick layer without materially penetrating the material 13. If the blade 9 is lowered| the j same quantity is deposited onmaterial 13 `but it is forced into material' 13 thereby increasing its adhesion thereto., An adjustable is here shown as arranged within the knife instead of formin a side portion thereof/ It is to vbe un erstood, of course, that while I have herein shown and described particular embodiments of my invention that changes in form and construction may be made within the scopeof the appended claims.`

I claim 1. A coating knife comprisinlga hollow body portion having an elongated slot formed therein, movable blocks inserted in said `slot for defining the length thereof, and a vertically movable blade adjustably mounted on said body portionand forming one side of` said slot.

2. A coating knife comprisin a hollow body portion having an inlet t creto and a fiat side extending from the upper portion thereof downwardly to a point spaced a distance from the lower edge thereof, said lower edge being spaced back a distance from the plane in which said flat side lies,

and a blade adjustably mounted on said fiat side and supported against displacement thereby whereby to' form an elongated slot in conjunction with said lower edge.

3. A coatin knife compris-in a hollow` body portion aving an inlet t ereto and a flat side extending from the upper portion thereof downwardly to a point spaced a dis- 5 tance from the lower ed e thereof, said lower edge being spaced ack a distance from a plane in which said lat side lies, and

a blade adjustably mounted on said Hat side `and supported against displacement thereby whereby to form an elongated slot in conjunction with said lower edge,`and movable blocks inserted between said blade and said edge to define the len h of said slot.


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U.S. Classification118/413
International ClassificationD06B3/10
Cooperative ClassificationD06B3/10, D06B2700/27
European ClassificationD06B3/10