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Publication numberUS1494834 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 20, 1924
Filing dateJun 5, 1922
Priority dateJun 5, 1922
Publication numberUS 1494834 A, US 1494834A, US-A-1494834, US1494834 A, US1494834A
InventorsHack Charles W
Original AssigneeHome Refrigerating Company
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Outlet valve for compressors
US 1494834 A
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May 2O 1924.

C. W. HACK OUTLET VALVE FOR COMPRESSORS Filed June 5, 1922 Patented May 20, 1924.

einen narran. stares earner cerise.



Application filed June 5, 1922.

To all whom 'it Amay concern:

Be. it known that I, CHARLES lV. HACK, a citizen of the United States, residing at Topeka, in the county of Shawnee and State ot' Kansas7 have invented certain new and aseful Improvements in Outlet Valves for Compressors; and I dov declare. the following to he, a f nll, clear, and exact. description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use thel same, reference being; had to the accompanying' drawings, and to the. tig'ures o'lA reference marled thereon, rwhich form-a part ot this specilication.

This invention relates to an outlet valve toreompressors.- The. primary object oithe invention is to improve the construction of outlet. valves At'or air compressors as well as to utilize a novel substance or material in connection with the litt valve wherel'iy a unillormly cllieient operation will he assured.

ln carrying' out myinvention I prefer to use as anew material Vfor the lii't valve a suitable. non-met allie., acid-resistingr` resilient material such as miearta or lialielite These materials are both acid-resisting and have peculiarly tough resilient characteristics which render them particularly applicw ble. for nseas lift valves in air compressors. i l ln actual practice l have found that when Valves ofsueh materials were employed in connection with metallic seats, they were practically noiseless, they were sensitive enough to give. highly satisfactory results, they were :leid-resistin r` and they had'the property ot' heine' practically; sell-lubricating in that. they automaticallyv tound their own seats. thisl heine' (lue, l believe., to the peculiar eliarmteristvies of the, material and to the t'aety thatV the valves were impacting against metal. 'lhe reciprocation 0f the valves otl'ered on their seats docs not canse hammer blows. such as is trac of metallic valves seating upon metallic seats, rather it has the quality oi' resiliently ahsorliinlcthe impaetis in a most eliicient way and use over a e.onsi .h \rable period indicates practically no appreciable Wear. i The valve, however, (loes form itself a seating portion conforming accurately to the valve seat so that there is no (langer of leakage. The toughness of the material insures a long life to the valve so that. the. necessity' for renewals is reduced to a minimum.


Serlal No.

There are certain structural features of the valve and its cti-operating parts which `also assist in improving the compressor and all ot' these will loe particularly referred to hereinafter, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, in which Fig, 1 is a disassociated View of the valve cage, the valve, a bner, a valve guide stem, a support therefor, and a spring for maintaining the valve cage normally seated, and

Fig.= 2 is a vertical, longitudinal, sectional view through the outlet end of one cylinder of an air compressor to which my invention is applied. I

The air compressor may consist of a single cylinder or a plurality of cylindels, usually two on account of certain mechanical advantages which. are well understood. The c vlinders are. provided with appropriate inlet ports which constitute, no part of the present invention and each cylinder l is provided with an outlet port 2, normally closed by the ,valve cage 3 and a litt valve 4. The

valve cage isv slidaloly secured in a bore ,or

chamlier 5, having an enlarged l)ortion't communicating Withthe outlet 7 o the compressor. The chamber 6 1s somewhat larger than the llore 5 to provide a 'shoulder 8 l against which rests the ilange or collar 9 of the valve cage 3. The valve cage is snbstantially cup-shaped, having' a valve seat comprising an opening with a conical ed o 10, as clearly seen in Fig. 2. The inner Wa l of the valve cage is provided with a turality of vertieal valve guides l1, the e es of which are preferably ritled or spirally grooveil, indicated at l2.

luided vbetween `these guides is a cupshaped, noninetallic, acid-resisting, resilient valve 13, which may consist of bakelite or mieaita and which preifiiaaibly consists of alternate layers ot the acid-resistin material, such as the balrelite and fa ric or,

In the bottom of the valve is shown a.

'bui-iif disk l of fe or simil@ material no absmb thel shock @i th impact Whsii the mimi A3 moves tg the. unseating limit oz' to the and of iiss`set-un'covei'ihg stroke.

The valve. is Iiol'nmly heid Seated in the no e 5 of the head bock 15 by avffzmged disk 16, which bears upon the top edge if thi; fiange EL The disk 'L6 is piiovided. with :i uialitjf of openings l?, suirounding a *waive guide sham l The. openii is Ti-7 am in in'e 'with the, inteicioi of The i iv'e so that; when the Y: ive 11T-'is i1iisez=..e,ie mmpi'esscd gais C11-n 'pass around the. viiva "i2-3, whose diametei' is Cousidiiabiy less than iii@ fliimiifior 0i ii cage, the gais 'pasing thougii the Openings 17 ini() ne slumber G :mdf/if iii'ough 'fha outlet pori: 7.

The simuidm 19 which abuis Against the hui: 20 (if the disk 1, the threaded and of the stem i8 yea-Giving a mit which cim'iips the disk '16 between it :uidihe f iimiidf i' if). The end of the stem 18 is provided *with 'x1 guide head 22, which is received within the cupshriiiei valve i5 and in iin@ with die .cueiu Thedik G is li'ixiiialiy heid in cmitact with dia Vain: cage to re sist movemen; l thereof by im expansion spiiiig Q3 (me @mi (iii which biu's zigfiinfs', the disk and the other emi of whiifii i5 seated in a. smit :W nf the ping' mit Whenfiie parts are asSQmbic-d, the cump'iession sti'oke of the piston 26 will c0mpi-@GS the gas-bewann i1;y md the waive Cage :md since ik@ infusih @mi of die vri'ive vige inner end o time. 'waive 131m@ pair iie with the end of the pisori, it Wiil be @ppm-eut tha, very dos@ f ziQrii-ancf-s will be provided for the, iimit of the coiiipiession. siiciil the piston with espev; t@ this @mi if the compressinchzixiibei reprerseni'ed by iihe Valve Cage and ievalve 1.2i. Wvhen the has been compressed, the vaive'l Wiii `be moved ofivits mit and it. wiii he inmarmc ti; im, waive imiiiiiiiariiii.

iiilvfe, stem i8 is pioviiieii wili a,

, rig mrweiiieiii. will bis; iimmwi b gr 'die hund 21?, the Simck 01 'impzii't being' :iiwiibaii "by ia Shock ai videfi it is siigrhiy ioi'aedieficii time it is iiftmi ofi' its :wat bccziiise in doing this, i 'will www :i iiiiiuim Siisvgiing surface "97 which wili Cmii'zur vWii' the valve Seat m. l0. indent the `Vnive 'ivii work very QITL wCimiiy witiioiitiiiie iozitivc mmiomsnt being' im.; rotate i has; a mliitiveiy 'free inuvimint. if;-V ivii! @iiicieiitiy sealioi' con'iiiiiii'iimitiim boiin'vxi the interior 0f iii@ Valve mig@ mui, tim wm pfession chamber ci' iii@ cyiiiulm' i on die 'imuke stroke nii iii@ pifion ,and xviii open @my when the ciimpisssimi stroke of the piston has moved si iiiifiiizt M cmiipi'ifwss iie.

sur y Sii) end having: :L shouider at with the opening surrounded by the valve seat, and a cup-shaped valve having free sliding movement on the beaded stem.

The combination with' tbe valve bead of un aiucoinpvessoi' having a bore therein, u vulve enge slidnbly mounted in Said bore its ouer end to abut against the shoulder in the valve head.,

an openingr in the vaive cage surrounded by a valve seat, a. spring-pressed, perforate disk resting upon the sbouider'in the valve cage, n beaded stein omiied by the line with the opening surrounded by the' valve. sont, a. cup-shaped valve having free sliding movement on die headed stem, end a bz'zii'er in tbe bottoni oi tbe valve to Contact with the heeded stem during movement of the vuive thereon. the buffer being designed to receive die shock of impact of the valve against die headed stein.

3. The combination with the valve bead of un nii' compressor having a bore therein, n valve Cage siidubiy mounted in seid bote and having n. shoulder nt. its outer end to :ibut against the shoulder in the valve heedv nu opening in the valve cage sui-rounded by e., vulve sont, u spiingpifessed, perfoiuteA disk. resting upon the shoulder in the valve enge, a beaded stem oai-Pied by tbe disk and in line with the opening surrounded by the valve sea, e oupebeped valve having free disk and in.

sliding movement on the beaded stem, a. bu'ei in the bottom of the valve to` Contact with the beaded Stem during movement of the valve iiieieongdzhe buffer being designed to receive the siioekpf impact of tbe valve against the beaded Stein, and guides in the valve enge About the outer ieee of the valve.

4. The combination with the valve head of an nii' compressor having a, bore therein, a. valve cage slidably mounted in said bore and having 'a shouideret its outer end to abut against the' sboulderin the valve head, an opening in Valve seat, n spring-piiessed2 peafoiate disk resting upon the shoulder in tbe vulve enge, a headed stem carried by the disk and in line with the opening surrounded by the vulve seat, a cup-shaped valve having free sliding movement on be beaded stem, buffer in the bottom of die valve to Contact with the beaded stem during movement oi' the vn :e tbereonybhe buii'ei" being designed to `receive the shock of impact of the vulve against J[be headed stem, :ind guides in bhe valve cage about the outer face o ine vulve, seid guides having means for rotating the vnive with re Spent o the vaive enge when tbe vnive unseats.

Irl-testimony whereof l aix my signature.

enemies vv. HACK.

the valve cage surrounded by a.

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