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Publication numberUS1494915 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 20, 1924
Filing dateFeb 2, 1922
Priority dateFeb 2, 1922
Publication numberUS 1494915 A, US 1494915A, US-A-1494915, US1494915 A, US1494915A
InventorsIrenius Joseph V
Original AssigneeTin Decorating Company Of Balt
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US 1494915 A
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May 20 1924 1,491,915

J. v. mshiius TOY Filed Feb. 2, 1922 avwentoz toy colliding with the walls of the, foom and;

becoming damaged thereby. The sheet? is carried forwardly and bent upon itself to form the floor board 18 and the dash board 19 for the driver. Tongues 20 are struck downwardly from the floor board section of the sheet 3 into parallel positions to form bearings fora roller' 21 which limits the forward rocking movement-of the vehicle 'body upon its axle. The portion 22 of the axle 4:, which is between the walls of the body, is offset to form a crank device.- A pair-'of links 23 'are pivotally connected at one end 'to the crank device 22 of the axle and pass'loosely through slots or apertures '24 in thelupper wall of the vehicle body. "A figure toy 25- is "carried by: the upwardly extending ends 'of the links 23-and in the preferred embodiment, this figure represents a driver for the vehicle, the body Tof the'cart being provided with a U-shaped flange 26 upon the upperivallto represent a driver s T seat. As the axle 4 rotates. the figure'25 I awardly upon its axle into the positionshown will be given and up-and-downand also repeated for-ward and rearward movements, the slots 24: servingas relatively sliding fulcrums forthe links 23x-- A' toy animal 27 is pivoted at a point intermediateof -its- *length between theforwardly: extending ends fofthe thillsso as to be normally supported slightly above the surface over which the vehicle .is'passing IA pair offlexible cords or'reins :28 pass from the 'nose of the "fanima'l'to the arms of-the driver and 'form- "afc'onnection between the=sam e-,' so that as the'toy figure of the driver moves-forwardly and rearwardly, an'oscillati'on of:theanimal upon its pivot will bB'PIOdIlCGdIWhlCh simulates' somewhat the galloping? of an animal when drawing a vehicle The pivotal point "Of the animal to the thills is 'locat'edbetwe'en the center-"of gravity 'o-f the animal and-the 1 vehicle when the animal is 1 ill its normal upright position, so that' whenthe flexible cords 28 are released asthetoy fig'ureof the "driver'moves forwardly the'actioii of gravit will cause the animal to rock-forwardly.

The vehiclefwith' the 'toy figures' carried therebyfisbalanced upon the axle-4 when cart. or vehicle "with its partsQ-twill 'be shifted first to one side and' thentol the' 'other of the "aizl'e,'-=so f as towcause -a rockin-gof the vehicle or cart upon :"it's*= axle which also simulates somewhatthe movements of a two wheeled cart or vehicle when drawn by a seems i are; {fans-i151}? T5 I. seem too rapid operation of the cart, a brake tongue 29 may be struckout from a side wall of loop 8 of the winding shaft, retrograde movement being prevented by the pawl and ratchet device. When the vehicle is placed -upona supportingsurface and released the energy; of the spring'will be transmitted through gears 11,15, 14 and 17 to theshaft t to rotatethe' same and with it the Wheel 6 .fiXed-thereon" The cart or vehicle will then be propelled across-the supporting surface. At the same time, the crank device will're- 'ciprocate and-oscillatethe -links23 and impar-t a-corresponding movement to the toy figure of the driver. As the figure of the driver moves re arwardlythrough the full line position shownin Fig. -1,'the' pull of gravity Will'be along. its line of-direction and'will pass tothe rear of the-axle, and

consequently the cart will be tipped rearin' dotted linesin Fig. 11 At the same time therearward movement of: the driver will --os'cillate theyfigureof the toy animal in at.

moVement. As-yth'e'I-vehicle continues to -move across the supporting, surface, the figure ofa thedriver. will be'carried forwardly through the position shown in full lines in- Fig. 1, and'the-pullo'f gravity will then be .shifted' forwardlyof the axle 4 which causes the; vehicle body, "to be rockedforwardly upon its axle until :the roller 21 is again brought into contact with. the supporting surface to 1' limit further forward rocking movement. "At the sameftime, the reins '28 will be' released and the figure of the animal willrock forwardly upon its pivotal connection to the thills to simulate the move ment' of a draft animal when galloping.

This-operation will. be repeated as the vehicle is propel led 'across the supporting surface and provides the very realistic simulation of a:two wheeled figure which is drawn. by-a ga1loping "draftanimal and guided by a driver through the-usual reins.

Whilezth vehicle has been-described .as

havingone loose and: one fixed wheelupon the axle'so as to cause the vehicle-to travel,

in a curved-path, it will be understood that fiif itis desired to have the vehicle travel in a straight line both of the wheels may be fixedTupont-he shaft or axle It will be obvious that various other changes in the de porting surface limits the" rearward tilting tails and arrangement of parts therein described and illustrated may be made by those skilled in the art within the principle and scope of th invention.

I claim:

1. A toy comprising a wheeled metal body, pivoted upon an axle, propelling means therefor, a connection from such pro pelling means to the body whereby the body is oscillated about the axle as a centre, an animal figure connected to the body by shafts the ends of which form an axis about which the animal figure oscillates, and a connection between the animal figure and the body eccentric to the axis of oscillation of the figure, the oscillation of the body thus causing the animal figure to oscillate about its axis, and also to be lifted from its hori-' zontal plane.

2. A toy vehicle comprising a, body, a wheeled axle upon which the body is balanced, a driver figure, a link connecting the driver and axle, the axle having a crank cooperating with the link so that oscillation of the link agitates the driver figure and causes oscillation of the vehicle-body, an animal figure, shafts connecting the body and the animal figure, the ends thereof forming an axis about which the animal may oscillate,-

and a connection between the driver and the animal eccentric to the axis of oscillation of the figure, the arrangement being such that as the vehicle progresses the body is oscillated, the driver is agitated, and the animal is both oscillated and lifted, so that it appears to gallop.

3. A toy vehicle comprising a body carried by, and balanced on, a cranked axle, a driver, a link from the crank to the driver, means for limiting the movement of the body on either side of its balanced position, in combination with an animal, shafts connecting the animal and the body, the ends of the shafts forming a bearing upon which the animal oscillates, and a connection between the driver and the animal eccentric to the axis of oscillation of the latter, the arrangement being such that the movements of the driver destroy the balance of the body and cause it to oscillate, and the animal to oscillate and bodily to rise and fall to simulate galloping.

In witness whereof, I hereunto subscribe my signature.-


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