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Publication numberUS1495046 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 20, 1924
Filing dateJul 10, 1923
Priority dateJul 10, 1923
Publication numberUS 1495046 A, US 1495046A, US-A-1495046, US1495046 A, US1495046A
InventorsSpiegel Max J
Original AssigneeSpiegel Max J
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US 1495046 A
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suTcAsE 1923 2 Sheets- Sheet 1 INVENTOR /VA/ IiP/E651.

M. J. SPIEGEL Filed July 10 Patented May 1924;.

aux J. seinem, or n SUITCASE.

Application tiled July 10, 1%3. erial Ho. 659,611.

To all 1li/10m t may concern:

Be it known that I, MAX J. SPIEGEL, a

citizen of the United States, and a resident of the city of New York, county of Queens,

and State of New York, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Suitcases, of which the followingis a specification.

The object of my invention is to. provide a suitcasev` of any size desired, whichv Will hold a mirror and a set of toilet articles in the cover, these articles beingconcealed by the mirror and connected parts `when the cover of the bag is closed and useful when the mirror is raised. This and other objects are accomplished by my invention, one embodiment of which is hereinafter more particularly sety forth.

For a more detailed description of my invention, reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part hereof, in

Which- Figure 1 is a perspective view of a suitcase embodying my invention. l Figure 2 is alongitudinal section of the suitcase in its closed condition.

Figure 3 is a side elevationl of the suitcase fully opened.

Throughout the various views of the drawings similar reference characters designate B0 similar parts.

My improved suitcase 1 has an ordinary bottom 2 which is provided `With a handle 3 and locks 4 and a lining 5, all of which may be of the conventional kind and require no further description. The cover 6 is hinged at 7 in the usual way and rovided with straps 8 or any other suite le means for preventing the cover from opening too far. This cover is not an ordinary cover, but is rovided with two vertical Walls 9 and a alse bottom 1() which preferably has its inner surface in the plane of the inner edges 11 of the sides of the top 6. In this manner compartments 12 are had at each end of the bag and in the cover 6 which may be used for any desired purpose and are preferably closed by means. of Haps 13. In the compartment above the false bottom 10 are laced a number of toilet articles 14 of any iiind desired and these are preferably held. in position by means of straps 15.

The compartment 17 is preferably arranged centrally of the cover 6, and is somewhat shorter than the cover, whereby tablelike ledges 12 are formed at either side of the' compartment 17, on which may be placed additional toilet articles, etc. it will be noted that the side compartments 12 are adjacent and alongside the centrai compartment 17 and that the bottoms of these side im compartments form the table-like ledges 12 mentioned above.

The cover 16 for the compartment 17 over the lfalse bottom 10, is composed of a mirror 18 mounted in the cover 16 in any suitable 65 way, as by cleats 19 at the edges and this cover has an outer surface 20 which is uniform with the rest of the outer surface of thesuitcase. In the preferred embodiment of my invention, the suitcase is covered by leather of good quality.

The rear of the chamber 17 is provided with hinges 21 to which the cover 16 is secured 4and the front of this cover has :t

lock 22 adapted to enga e a corresponding 75 l element 23 inthe front vo the cover 6. In view of the foregoing, the use of my improved bag will be readily understood. It may be placed on any suitable'support, as a table, and then the lock 22 may be opened a0 and the cover 16 raised at Awhich time the mirror 18 isV available and so are the toilet articles 14 which may be withdrawn from vtheir respective straps 15 and used. `When` their use is finished, they maybe restored -86 and the cover 16 lowered and locked by the lock 22 in the conventional manner. Except t for the features which are' above described, the suitcase 1 may be, used as an ordinary suitcase and its cover 6 may be raised as e0 a unit so as to reveal the interior of the suitcase except'for the relatively small volume of the chamber17. From this, it is a parent that the contents of the chamber 17) can be used independently of the rest of ee the suitcase, to the great convenience Yof the person usin the same.

While I ave shown and described one embodiment of my invention, it is obvious thatmitis not restricted thereto, but l! that it is broad enough to cover all structures that come Within the scopeof the annexed claims.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is:

1. A suitcase comprising body and cover ortions hin ed together, the cover portion eing provi'ed with an outwardly facing compartment shorter than the cover Whereby t at portion of the cover extending beno vond the compartment at. one end serves as a stand, and a hinged cover 'for said con1- partnient.

2. Asnitcase comprising body and cover portions hinged together, the cover portion being provi-:led with an outwardly facing compartment shorter than the cover whereby that portion of the cover extending beyond the compartment at one end serves as a stand, a hinged cover for Said .coin pertinent, and a' mirror on the inside. of the compartment cover.

3. A suit ase comprising body and cover portions hinged together, the cover being provided with an outwardly facincr compartment shorter than the cover whereby to define table-like ledges adjacent cach end of the, compartment, and a hinged cover for the compartment.

4. A suitcase comprising bodyand cover portions hinged together, the cover being provided with an outwardly facing,r coinpartn'ient'shorter than the cover whereby to deline table-like ledges adjacent each end of the compartment, a hinged cover for the compartment, and a mirror on the inside of the compartment cover.

5. n a device of the claseV described, a bottoni with a cover securedthereto, said dressing table,

menne@ cover having en exterior compartment there in adapted to carry toilet articles, the conipartment being closed on its interior side, and a second cover closing the compartment with a mirror on its interior, whereby a 4portable dressing table is former.

. 6. A Suitcase having body and vcover por-- tions hinged together, the cover being giroy vided with partition elements deiuinr a. compartment opening outwardly of the suit ease and fiirtlieidefiiiing a second compartmen'talon Yside the lirst compartment, opeuing inwarc ly of the suitcase, and a cover `for the outwardly' opening compartment.

7. A suitcase capable of use as a portable comprising body and cover portions hinged together, the cover having an outwardly opening eonlpartnieut ceutrally thereof for toilet' articles. and ha\f'in, \r a pair of inwardly opening compartments alongside thereof. the bottoms of the two inwardly opening' compartments formingl ledges alongside the central compartment, and a cover, provided with a mirror on the inside, for the central compartment.

In testimony whereof, i have hereunto sct my hand this 28th day of June', 192?.


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