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Publication numberUS1495189 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 27, 1924
Filing dateNov 5, 1921
Priority dateNov 5, 1921
Publication numberUS 1495189 A, US 1495189A, US-A-1495189, US1495189 A, US1495189A
InventorsCharles Mack
Original AssigneeCharles Mack
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Luggage carrier
US 1495189 A
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Patented may 2?, 1924. H 1,495,189?




Application filed November 5, 1921. Serial No. 513,145.

To all whom itmay concern: a post 16 is tapered, as at 18, to fitthe socket.

Be it known that I, CHARLES MACK, a citi- 1a of its respective clamp, the uppe'rend of zen of the United States, residing at St. the post being supplied'with reversed clips Paul, in the county of Ramsey and State of 19 forming a tapered socket 20 similar to the. 60

5 Minnesota, have invented a new and useful sockets 14 on the clamps A. The top carrier Luggage Carrier, of wh1ch the following is frame C comprises posts 21, one for each a specification. post 16 of the bottom frame B, and rails 22 My invention relates to improvements in suitably secured to said posts 21. The lower luggage carriers. ends of the posts 21 are tapered as'at 23, to 55 Its object is to provide a simple, durable fit the sockets 20 in the bottom frame B, and inexpensive device of this kind includwhile the upper extremities of said posts 21 ing removable running board clamps and are turned outward and downward, the decarrier frames, one frame being detachably pending tips 24 being tapered to correspond supported by the clamps and the second with the lower tapered ends 28. T frame detachably supported by the first To accommodate a bulky load, the clamps frame in two relations, whereby said second A are applied to a running board, the ends frame may be carried in extended position 18 of the posts 16 seated in the sockets 1 1 in r for use or carried in overlapping, relation saidclamps and; the ends 23 of the posts 21 with respect to the first frame, when its use seated in the sockets in the posts 16. The 75 29 is not required. tapered joints between the top and bottom With the foregoing and other objects in frames and betweenthe bottom frame and view, which will appear in the following declamps rigidly hold the parts together, withscription, the invention resides in the novel out rattling, yet permit the carrier structure combination and arrangement of parts and to be quickly and easily dismantled. The in the details of construction hereinafter debottom frame B may be lifted from the scribed and claimed. clamps A and put aside, when the use of the In the drawings, Fig. 1 is a side elevation carrier is abandoned, the clamps in this of a device embodying my invention, the instance being removed from or left upon. same being illustrated in extended form and the running board as may be desired. The 35 applied to a vehicle running board; Fig. 2 is clamps upon a running board are not uua perspective view in detail of one of'thc sightly, and occupying but little space may running board clamps; Fig. 8 is a similar well be left undisturbed, particularly when view of one of the posts of the bottom the disuse of the carrier is temporary; The carrier frame; Fig. 4c is a perspective view in entire reachof a carrier of the present ca- 90 detail of one of the posts of the top carrier pacity is at times unnecessary. Under such frame and Fig. 5 is a vertical sectional view circumstances, the top frame C may be taken through co-operating posts and clamp lowered to position substantially within the of the carrier, the top frame thereof being confines of the bottom frame B (Figs5), the shown in position of disuse. tapered tips 24: being fitted in the sockets 2O 9 40 Referring to the drawings, I have used in the posts 16. v

the reference letter A to indicate the running Changes in the specific form of my invenboard clamps and B and C to designate retion, as herein disclosed, may be made within spectively the bottom and top carrier frames. the scope of what is claimed without depart- The clamps A are identical, each comprising from the spirit of my invention. ing a body 10 with upper and lower arms 11 I claim and 12, said body being provided with re- 1. In a device of the class described, a pluversely turned clips 13 forming a tapered rality of clamps for attachment to a vehicle socket 14: and the lower arm supplied with a running board, said clamps being formed winged clamping screw 1.5 threaded therein. with tapered post receiving sockets, a bottom Two or more of these clamps A may be emcarrier frame including posts having tapered ployed, the same being readily applied to lower ends to fit the sockets in said clamps and removed from a running board as and formed at their upper ends with tapered clearly shown in Fig. 5. The bottom frame post receiving sockets, a top carrier frame B is made up of posts 16, one for each clamp, including posts tapered at their lower ends 110 and rails 17 welded, riveted or otherwise seto fit said last mentioned sockets, the upper I cured to said posts. The lower end of each ends of Said posts being turned outward and Cil downward, the downward turned portions. thereof being tapered to fit said last mentioned sockets.

on the upper ends of said 'rality 2. In ,a device of the class described, a

bottom carrier framefor attachment to a running boardteachf clamp having anup v 15 right socket therein, aibottom carrier frame including posts, one for each clamp, the

lower ends of said posts being tape red to fit the sockets in said clamps and the upper ends thereof formed With post receiving 20 sockets, and a top carrier frame lncludmg posts, the lower ends thereof being tapered to fit in the sockets frame.

'In testimony whereof, I have signed my 25 name to this specification.

in the posts of the bottom CHARLES MACK. 1

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U.S. Classification224/42.33, 248/231.71, 248/224.51, 29/283
International ClassificationB60R9/00, B60R9/02
Cooperative ClassificationB60R9/02
European ClassificationB60R9/02