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Publication numberUS1495988 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 3, 1924
Filing dateMay 26, 1923
Priority dateMay 26, 1923
Publication numberUS 1495988 A, US 1495988A, US-A-1495988, US1495988 A, US1495988A
InventorsPasquale Catino
Original AssigneePasquale Catino
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Bed outfit for nursing women
US 1495988 A
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Filed May 26, 1925 3 Sheets-Sheet 1 NI. mK 9% uN k\ QN az/ bm I/WN.

June 3 1924.. 1,495,988

P. CATINO BD OUTFIT FOR NURSING .WOMEN Filed My ze, 1923 @sheets-.sheet 2 June 3, 1924. 1,495,988

- P, CATINO BED OUTFIT FOR NURSING WOMEN Filed May l26, 1923 3 vSheets--5heet 5 Patented June 3, 1924.

PATENT; @HCE-s1# rAsQUAnE'cA'rIfNo, orv sfipaivirc ''1a-n',v 'coNNiscTIcUr' BED oUTrrr ron iruasnvoewoifmlvnv f Vf vApplication meaivray 2e, 1923.-v seriai No. 641,622.'

To (/ZZ whomz't may concern Be it known that I, PASQUALECATINO, acitizen of the United-States, residing at Stamford, in thecounty of Fairfield and State of Connecticut, have made a certain new and useful Inventionl in Bed Outfit for Nursing Women, of which the following is a specification.

Theinvention has relation to beds, :designed particularly for` the use of nursing women, and it consists in the novel construction and combinations of parts, as herein.- after set forth.

In the accompanying drawings illustrating the invention, Figure 1 is a perspective view of the bed, with cradle set up; Figure 2 is a fragmentary plan view of the head portion of the bed, with cradle folded, theA set up position of the cradle being shown in dotted lines; Figure 3 is a central transverse section of the bed, with cradle set up; Figure 4 is a fragmentary side view of the head end of the bed, with thevprotector board in raised position,the folding adj ustmentof said board being shown in dotted lines; Figure 5 is a plan view of the cradle, with sides and ends spread outwardly, the inward folded position of the same being shown in dotted lines; Figure 6 is a detail sectional view of the top of a bed post, with canopy rod carried thereby, and Figure 7 is a detail end view of a sliding cradle support bar, with hinged standard connection.

In these drawings, the numeral 1 designates the bed frame, made up of head and foot sections and side rails, very much as usual, with certain exceptions that will be noted hereinafter, the posts 2 of the foot section having vertical rods 3 telescoping therein and held in vertically adjusted position by screws 4, said rods having vertical pins or stems 5, and the posts of the head section having similar pins 6, both sets of pins being adapted for engagement with horizontal longitudinal and transverse upper support rods 7 and 8 for a mosquito canopy. These support rods have end perforations 9 engaging said pins, the latter projecting above the flattened perforated ends of said rods, and securing nuts or balls 10 being threaded upon said pins to hold the support rods in place.

The side rails 11 of the bed are provided with transversechannels bars 12, 12 connecting the same and parallel to each other, the channels of said bars presenting inwardly and being .adapted lto -receive lparallel i `hori- I zontal support vbars 13, 13, 'forthe cradle 14, saidf support bars having hinged thereto .at 15, the 'lower ends of upwardly extending standards 16, 16 for said cradle, each standard beingfcomposedof'two ,bars converging upwardly andI -meeting at the .upperv ends thereof, andyadapted. to fold' toY horizontal position as shown in. Figure 2, .in which position theslide bars 13 and said'standards may be slid inwardly within the channels of the bars 12, out of the way.y When needed for use, the slide bars carrying the standards are slid outwardly, said standards are unfolded upwardly to vertical position, and a pivot rod 17 engaged with the upper ends of the standards as shown in Figure 1to hold the standards in vertical position and to act v as a support for the cradle aforesaid, the latter being composed of a bottom section 18, side sections 19 hinged to said bottom at 20, and end sections 21 hinged to said bottom at 22, said sections being foldable upon each other and upon said bottom, as shown in dotted lines Figure 5, in which compact form, they are slidab'le within the channels of the bars 12, 12, the length of the cradle being` adapted to engage said channels, and the cradle so folded and engaged with the channels of said bars affording a support for the standards of the cradle support, as shown in Figure 2.

The cradle being folded into form, with the head and side sections and foot sections abutting, is provided with suitable releasable fastening devices such as the hooks and eyes 23, to hold the same in form. Each end section of the cradle is provided with upper converging meeting extensions 24, the upper ends of which are adapted to pivotally engage the pivot rod 17 aforesaid, from which the lcradle is hung and upon which it is adapted to swing as shown in dotted lines Figure 3, towards and away from the bed.

The bed bottom or spring is shown at 24X, and is hung from the head and foot sections of the bed by four links 25, pivoted at their upper ends at 26 to the head and foot posts and at their lower ends at 27 to the spring frame, whereby the sprin is capable of swinging transversely of the lied upon the upper pivots of said links as centers, in unison preferably with the swing of the cradle, the lengths of said links being preferably the same as the distance from the cradle pivot rod to the bottom of the cradle,


in order that the bed and the cradle may swingin unison.

The head and foot sections of the bed are provided with protector boards or plates 28, 28, for the pillows and bed clothing, being designed to prevent entanglement with the suspension links of the bed spring, said protector boards being hinged at their lower ends at 29 to the bed spring frame, and having end toggle .brace rods 30, and being foldable to horizontal position upon the bed spring out of the way, for storage or transit.

A clothes hanger 31 is hinged to the head section of the bed at 32, and provided with toggle braces 33, to hold it inlowered position for use, and to admit of its being folded upwardly against the head post. A

' The invention is designed to provide a complete bed outit for a nursing woman and child, capable of `being' packed into small space, and when unfolded and set up, facilitating the care of the child and adding to the convenience of the mother.

In a bed outfit for nursing Women, a bed, outriggers from the bed, and a cradle hung pivotally therefrom and adapted to swing transversely of the bed, said outriggers being composed of horizontal slide bars and end standards hinged thereto and foldable to horizontal position, the bed being provided with transverse slidewaysengageable by said slide bars, and said cradle being composed of sections foldable upon each other and adapted also to engagesaid slideways; l

In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature.


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