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Publication numberUS1496824 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 10, 1924
Filing dateMay 24, 1923
Priority dateMay 24, 1923
Publication numberUS 1496824 A, US 1496824A, US-A-1496824, US1496824 A, US1496824A
InventorsNixon Jr Robert F
Original AssigneeGeorge A Reach
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Baseball glove and mitt
US 1496824 A
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R. F. NIXON. JR BASEBALL enovfi AND mm June 10, 192% Filed May 24.

IIIII Q flobeniFJVZzron, e1 2,

Patented June 10, 1924.

I UNITE STATES earsar oasica.



Application filed May 24,

T all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ROBERT F. NrxoN, J r.,

a citizen of the United States, and resident of Philadelphia, in the county of Philadelphia and State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Baseball Gloves and Mitts, of which the following is a specification.

My present invention relates to improvements in gloves of either the mitt or finger type used by base ball players, and aims to provide a glove which will be provided on its catching surface with means which will act as a brake or have a non-skid effect to prevent the slippage of the ball and brake any twisting or spinning possessed thereby.

The invention also aims to provide such means in a way that they will reinforce the catching surface of the glove and thereby add to the wearing qualities of it, and to do this in such a manner that the flexibility of the glove will not be detrimentally affected.

With these several objects in view, the invention includes the novel construction and arrangement of parts hereinafter described, and particularly defined in the appended claims.

In the drawing I have shown my invention as embodied in what is termed a fielders glove, but it will be understood that it is applicable as well to a mitt or fingerless glove, such as is worn by catchers.

In the drawing:

F i re 1 is a face view of the glove showing t e alm side thereof, and

Fig. 2 is a sectional detail.

Referring by reference characters to this drawing, the letter A represents the body of the glove, which may be of the ordinary or any desired construction. The outer covering of such glove is usually made of soft flexible leather, and to the palm side or surface, I secure a plurality of discs or layers, of leather or similar flexible, wear-resisting material, as indicated generally at at. These form protuberances upon the catching surface of the glove and thereby tend to have a non-slipping effect when the ball is caught, and also tend to check the spin or twist 1923. Serial No. 641,134.

which a ball frequently has. These discs or layers, may be secured in position in any suitable manner, as by stitching, as indicated, and as they are spaced apart they do not appreciably interfere with the flexibility of the catching surface, as the surface layer 5 of leather to which they are secured has its normal freedom to flex in the portion between the attached discs or layers.

Preferably I use discs or layers which are elongated, of eliptical or oval shape, and preferably also, I dispose these so that their longest diameters are parallel with the normal lines of flexing or folding of the surface layers of the glove. For example, I place one or more rows a with their longest diameters parallel with the lines of the fingers, another row a having their longest diameters arranged substantially perpen dicular to those of the discs a. Other discs a are provided extending transversely 7 across the base of the fingers where these join with the palm portion of the glove, and still other discs or layers a are provided on the finger and thumb portions and extending lengthwise thereof. This is my preferred arrangement, as serving to give a maximum retaining effect on the ball and a maximum wear tothe catching surface of the glove, with a minimum interference with the flexibility thereof.

Having 'thus described my invention, what I claim is 1. A baseball glove having a plurality of elongated discs of flexible wear resisting material secured to the palm portion thereof, those lying in the ball receiving recess extending transversely of the glove, and those lying on the margins of the recess being substantially circularly arranged.

2. A base ball glovehaving the face of the ball pocket portion provided with a series of transversely arranged elongated pads of flexible wear resisting material, there being a similar longitudinally disposed pad lying on each side of the aforesaid series, and the thumb portion having its rasping face provided with similar pads c isposed lengthwise of the thumb.

3. A baseball glove having the face of the ball pocket portion provided with a series of transversely arrangedl elongated pads of flexible Wear resisting material, there being 6 a similar longitudinally disposed pad lying on each side of the aforesaid series, and the thumb portion having its grasping face provided with similar pads disposed lengthwise of the thumb, and said thumb being provided near its outer extremity With a similar pad transversely arranged.

In testimony whereof, I afiiX my signature.


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U.S. Classification2/19
International ClassificationA63B71/14, A63B71/08
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European ClassificationA63B71/14G2