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Publication numberUS1497065 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 10, 1924
Filing dateJan 17, 1921
Priority dateJan 17, 1921
Publication numberUS 1497065 A, US 1497065A, US-A-1497065, US1497065 A, US1497065A
InventorsErnest Brulatour Peter
Original AssigneeErnest Brulatour Peter
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Rotary internal-combustion engine
US 1497065 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Patented .lune l0, 1924.


Applcationfiled .aunary 17. 1921. en'al No. 437,872.

, combustible agent, whereby a continuouslyr actirlgfdirect drive is obtained for the shaft. the weight and ,dimensions of the engine are minimized, and acorresponding simplification of the :mechanism is attained by the omission of parts without loss of function.

My engine is characterized by an organization of mechanisms wherein provision is made for the intake, compressionrignition and scavenging of the motive finiti in accordance with the four cycle mode of procedure available in internal combustion engines lel standard construction; but in this invention suchmode' of utilizing the motive fluid, attained in association with a rotor carried directly by theengine shaft.

The engine embodies an annular chamber ofa desired cross sectional form, a shalt ositioned in coaxial relation to said charm r, said shat being axially bored for a part of its length so as to resent a tubular member at one end thereo' a rotor operable Witbin said annular chamber and carried by said shaft, a plurality of inlet. ports to saidv chainber, a plurality of exhaust ports in comuninicat-ion with the chamber, an intermittently oocrable abutment vpositioned within said.

chamber and in co-operative relation to. saidrotor, and means for accelerating anni re tarding said abutment so as to time its' oper ation in synchronism with the travel of the, rotor for etecting the operation of pornpress' the charges of the explosive mia? ture, a ording a pressure head for the -action of the gases evolved by the ignition oit said mixture charges', and of scavenging the `spent X1gases by expelling the latter through the e aust ports. l l n Apreferred means for actuating the abutment in time with the rotor includes a tappet shaft vjournaled in the vtubular member of theengine shaft and to which ta pet shaft is aiiixed said abutment, a cam s. ait

journaled in a bearing provided on the en-l gine balancevor fly wheel which is mounted on 'the tubular portion of the engine Shaft for impaiting thereto the required momen- 'turntoeect steady running,.a cam of am) desired contour earned by thev cam shaft,

a taypet rigid with the tappet shaft-and con tat-ting with saicl'cam for periodically' retarding the abutment and in like manner` imparting to said abutment'an accelerating 65 rotative moyennant whereby the abutment is 'iinpelled 'to 'travel with reference to the rotor, and gearing for imparting on the rotation of the iy Wheel the requlredmotion to the cam shaft, said gearing including ia lured mastergear on the engine frame and av pinion on the camshaft. ljrovision is made for lminimiiuxg leakage of the high pressure gases from the annular rotor chamber by appropriate packing rings on therotor and the abutment, 'which packing rings travel Within complemental packing grooves provided within the casing or cylinder for the annular chamber.

Furthermore, leakage oi the gases in the in 80 termi between abutment and the rotor is minimized by the provision of a packing member which is attached to and movable with the abutment and is arranged to 'travel or play within a siot'of the rotor,y said packe5 ing member closing the space intervening 'the rotor and the abutment.

Other functions and advantages of the invention will appear 'from the following description taken in connectionvwi-th the draw/ings, whereinv Figura l. a vertical cross sectional elevat-ion taken in the plane of the engine shaft.

Figure 2 is a' vertical cross section partly 95 in elevation and ina plane vat rightangles to Figure l.

)Figure 3 is a View in side elevation partly broken .away illustrating the means for ,im-

parting movement to and retarding thel shaft for the abutment; and

Figure fi is a perspective View of the rotor and a part of the engine shaft." The engine 1s constructed with a cylinder A having a base a, said -cylinder constitut ing an annular chamber' B for the -rotor C. i The cylinder is divided vertically in the plane of the axis of the rotor, thus producing complemental members A each comprising a half portionfo the chamberjBand of B10 base a,' which complementari members'ar'." solidly secured together in abutting' relai" the I.


by the conact of the tappec az-m 'f/. wih one indentaiion f-o1? cam J, but as h@ l'oioi appoches the sot of exhaust pm@ S,

. the cam J 'maimed bj.' tile gaming; 'and crfied by iii@ .fiy w wei aos to Lum ho tappetarm and its sf if; soos io impat roa'iiv' movement to iia abutmen Wiieeby the iatte'i is driven ai. mi aofce'eieiaed spfeo wiibii respec?. io the rotor, he offset. of which i5 to axpei the :spent gases tiloiegh the polis E, 9,

10. iis )the roor h@ fioo iixe posiion of Figure 2 its travel @pensi the inf bwa of isha galgos; in iils orw'aici miam@ o* gase, *the abnimmt swefep the. gases out of he chamba? mod opeis iim ihrough the oxha'asi: pots; and oowing the opening coloration of tim butmenz, ih eblaitor oomf presesfciie charge of comieusioio mixtufe oonne inha space hetweeil the 'miur and ih abu'tmeni, as :a 'esut of Which-the fresh charge is compresse oy the time the i'otor nd the abutment assume thefrquird positions reatiiey to iba ignitionA ing;

n my engin@ the rotoi is in hie relation to, and is carried directly by, in h engine shaft2 sia votar being in a :position .sub-

stantlaiiy radial to the axis of tile/engine e5 shaft amd said wim moving inf a or-o mit in @niet io patio co'ricenric o aile mais. of me engine. bafs, The chargss of oombusitible mimmo, ignited by spari! pings which are so in slloned within the aimuu' Chambon 't the expansive force of the igmied` charges isiv 70 exete in a' direction subsantialiy at 'a fight angie to the axis of the-engineshaft. Tia foto? is posiioned :m achim@ to oxeifg dimes, everage on the engine shaft, @he

Yeiion o the 'oior to the sha, boing auch 75 'pas to apply@ long' ieverage action. y

Having thus fully ascribed the invenion, what I c'lai'm as new and desire to se 1. in an engine yof the dass described, an S@ annular chamber proviiedwa'itix inflat ports and with exhaust ports, aftbuim- Y#engix'xe shaft, a, ioor fasi: `with said engine shaft,

o tappet shaft v joui-mimi in sand ubulm' engin@ shaft, an abumen: fasi with the tapggfs?, shm and movaoie within' said annular eimmbe'iwith respect to sffeid reim', a revoluisio mombler fast wih the engine-sha. a cam y ,mountferi on 'th rovoiubifamemoeifor rotalivo movement, a tappei fast. wiii the tappa: Shaft and contacting said com, ax'ld means for imparting axial roizative movemen 'io 'sai cam VWheizoby fixe @im and timeA mppt devices'co'opere in rem'ding and $5 acierating the movonent of the abutment i'eiaiveiy io 25h-e mim',

2. in an. engine @Qi h@ dassv esciibed, an annui@ chamber pirovhired, with inlet-ports shaft, o roor fasi: iiti said engine shaft, a fappeit shaft ournaied in said tubular engine shaft, am obutme'n faswith the mp3 poi; shaft an'movabofwihin Saidfannuar viioeoi fast wh @im @Engine shaft, A2L com :shaft momie@ on said 'imiimce wheelffor rotation therewith and capabio of indepondl en :mimi roaon, a @am on said @am shaft,

Contact with 'said asma, and mam operable by the rotaoivo movement of the 'balance wheel for' impoftiiag rotative movement to *die cam jsh and to tho cam whereily the cam'and tho @moet ovis cofoperae m mf Si@ aring an aoiseeraing the movement of the abutmeit eiatively izo che rotor. i

' 3, In am engginof the class fiosi'ibed 'an annular ciiamiior proviied with a piuraixty to the axis of ixo chamber ami with a piun raiity of sofie@ lof exhaus ports oonceniic to said 1;-11aiz1`bei,v a shaft; a roor fast with the 'shaft and movable Within sa chamber relatively to the 'radial intake ports an- E25 a. tapplet fazit wim the tappe?, shafftlgmd yin t, sai means iiifing a tappet shaft E30 positioned exterim'iv io lhe chamber, means for oise'iig :mid cem7 and e tappen carried v by iiie izeppet sim't eiidti'eckng said @am 1 Le engine of the dass described, en ammiai cheminee, en engine shaft, i rotor fasi; with e iei; engine shaft. a baizinee Wiieei Ieiteebie with @he engine siiaft,`a cam Shaft, iii-@united mi eine iieienee wheei for i'miion iieewizii @ed cepeiie oi independen: axial Treize'vtioii, e. @am ize; with sai eem shaft,

sieeft, a eappe; fest with the 'tappet ewig .imei eofiac'cing with seii cam, and mesme epembie by ehe rotative movement of the 'miams 'Wheei im? 'imparting zoatve mevemee ie "die @am shaft andthe cem vviieeiiy the izafppet devices eentroi the mevem'eni of the abutment eieiiveiy to the feier, i f

5. in ein engine 0i? ehe class cieeci'ibed, an ennuie? ehembeze povicied with inlet and exhaust, peres end with iwiiiion iiiemns7 am engine siiaii having a tubular portion, e

wie? feet with saii s aft, a iappet shafty engine shaft, mi abnimmt fest with the eapinicie ie pefieieaiiy acuaied and is retarded zit time pereds of igmtlon et the combustible ehm-Ties.

n en engine of the'eiass (ieee'ibed5 an' ennuie? eiiemiaei? previded with iniet and;

'and with exheus potins, en engine si meme@ exhaust ports and Wiii igniiiofe meme, engine shaft having :ai 'ubuie poivieii, e voter fast With said shaft., e mppei; eiwfil journziied' in said tubular Dertien ei' me engine shaft, an abutment feet wifi-ii initie pet shaft vand movable within .the chamber relatively to the rotor, a. balance vv'heei L with the engine shaft, ze cem' carried by A" balance wvineei;l gearing for meeting eine e continuousiy'during the movemeii ei* cam wiih the balance Whe/ei, ami a, if inst Wth'the tappet simi@ sind viaciiii eem 'for peiiodieaiiy imparting move to the abutment, i'eiativeljy io the reim for retarding ssiieil abutment vviiiiiii chamber in he intex'veis S ie peieie movement.

i. in an engine of time @ieee cieeeriiieei5 annular, chamber provided, Wi'h inieib pe' pm uwhaving e tubular poitiem e reim' ieee' the engine shmit.s en ebumem, pesiiiew Within the chamber Vfor mevement reieiv 13e-Mie rotor, a tappei: shaiii jeumeieei he tubulin portion of Said engine eiie'is, seid ebument being fest vviizh iiie impe-ei, shaft, :i balance Wheei en, fiile engine shaft? e fixed geen @cem Sheff@ jemiieied en 'f baiance WheeLl a gear iixei e@ the @am si' and. meshin with eine ixeci gem; e eieue cam fasi; with the eem eiae, emi e imeking said cmu miei fasi. 'with *die mi shaft for imparting mevemeni te 231i@ #uw .ment and for reterng seid eimgeem,

` n testimony whereof ii have signe/ei if l name hereizs @he 14th (iev ei? Jenueey,


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