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Publication numberUS1497702 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 17, 1924
Filing dateOct 18, 1922
Priority dateOct 18, 1922
Publication numberUS 1497702 A, US 1497702A, US-A-1497702, US1497702 A, US1497702A
InventorsArthur Stanley
Original AssigneeArthur Stanley
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Bill or invoice container for shippers' use
US 1497702 A
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June 17, E924. 295;3 :912


Patented June 17, 1924.



Application filed October 18, 1922. Serial No. 595,416.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ARTHUR STANLEY, a citizen of the United States of America, and a resident of Boston, in the county of Suffolk and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Bill or Invoice Containers for Shippers Use, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a bill or invoice container for shippers use, and more particularly to one adapted to be attached to.

the exterior of a case, box, or package about to be shipped. It is an object of the invention to produce a simple, inexpensive and readily applied container of this class, that affords a means of access to the bill or invoice contained therein, before the actual unpacking of the case, box, or package takes place. 7

It is a further object of the invention to produce such a container at a low manufacturing cost, that is serviceable and less expensive to the shipper and the employer than containers at present used for the same purpose.

Another object of the invention being to make the container of a single sheet of material, having but one fold to produce two leaves, each of which has a portion thereof adapted to be adhesively attached to the package, and when so attached may be torn therefrom, carrying with it the bill or invoice contained therein.

A still further object of the invention is to so arrange the exposed face of the container that the contents thereof will be plainly inscribed thereon, as well as from Whom received, a space reserved for the date of shipping if desired, and a brief descrip tion of the manner or form of shipment, and. space reserved for the number of the kind or form.

Heretofore in shipping merchandise it has been customary to enclose .a bill or invoice with the goods, sometimes putting the bill in an envelope with an inscription thereon, but more often packing it loosely with the goods.

In either event the bill or invoice was often times the last thing to be unpacked, or was often stowed in an obscure corner and subsequently lost or at least the finding thereof delayed, or was carelessly overlooked during the unpacking process.

Under such conditions, a rapid and accurate checking up of the goods as it was removed from the case or package could not be made, but needless delay occurred, and quite often resulted in a request for a duplicate invoice from the shipper.

The use of an envelop did not lessen the above troubles but did add to the expense, and in view of "these facts it is an object of this invention to produce a bill or invoice container adapted to be externally applied to a package containing merchandise, and which is in plain sight and ready at hand with the bill or invoice therein to begin checking up immediately upon opening the package.

' The invention consists in certain features which will be fully understood from a description of the drawings and the claim hereinafter given.

Of the drawings Figure 1 represents in top plan view a package containing merchandise ready for shipment, having the invention applied thereto. 7

Figure 2 a developed view of the container.

Figure 3 a view similar to Figure 2 but showing the opposite fac thereof. 7

Figure 4 a section, in diagram, taken on the line 4-4 Figure 1, showing the container with a bill or invoice therein.

Figure 5 a perspective view of a portion of a package with the container partially affixed thereto and showing a bill or invoice in position to be sealed.

Like characters represent like parts throughout the several figures of the drawmgs.

Referring to the drawings The drawings herewith show a simple form of the present invention, but it will be understood that slight changes might be made therein as to size, shape and material used, without departing from its spirit and scope.

In this instance of the invention, the container is composed of a single sheet of material 10 the leaf or flap 11 having the exposed face thereon, being wider and longer than the under flap or leaf 12, to provide a margin like extension 13 on the sides and bottom of said flap 11.

U The flap 12 will be folded along the dotted line 14 to assume a position behind the flap 11 as seen in the diagram Figure 4., and is provided with gummed portions un ummed ortionl 17 which doessnot: ad-

here to the package and whichconveniently,

rovides a means to insert alfin 'er or fin er.

ID 7 D nail thereunder, when itis desiredztoltear the container from the package, The 'main flap 11,.as before stated, has the marginal extension 13, whichin this instance is gummed, as shown in Figures 3 and-5,,and when the bill or invoice 18 is placed as shown in said Figure 5, the said flap 11, will be folded, thereover and the gummedmargin CELUSGClEtQ adhere to the package as indicated in. Eigs,

ure 1.

Thus, the now rear, or bottom, flap 12-,

is adhesively attached tothepackage by the gum atits lower edge, as at: 16, and for the greater part of its width at the upper edge as 15, while the-flap 11 is likewise attached directly to the package, by. thegum of the margin 13 at threeedges thereof.

This arrangement:resnltsvin a serviceable bill container that is extremely cheap to produce, andpractical to use, and as. it occupies a'prominent position on the package, it is bound to be seen and its.contents removed before the merchandise in the package is unpacked, and, therefore the goods may be checked up asrapidly as removed. As it is an. object ofthe invention to plainly designate on the container the contents, thereof, tl1ough briefly, the exposed face thereof may have inscribed thereon the words Invoice or Bill or other inscription according to article therein.

Provision isalso made for the name of the shipper and a space 19 reserved for the date of shipping and provision made for the kind of shipment, whether a case, box, bundle or the like and adjacent each, a spac reserved for numerals to designate the number ofieach kind.

In fact the inscription thereon, and spaces reserved, may be altered to suit the occasion, or use.

Having described theinvcntion I claim:

A container of the class describcdconsisting of a single sheet of material folded to form thefront and rear walls thereof, said rear. wall being provided withan adhesive to a-iiix it; to a package, said front wall being extended beyond said rear walllat three edges thereof, said extended portionhaving adhesive on the inner face thereof whereby said front wall may be affixed to said package to form a sealed, container; a space on the face-of the front wall reserved for date of shipment packag description indicia on said front wall face having space reserved adjacent thereto for other designatingcharacters; and means consisting of an nngummed portion ofsaid rear wall at one edge thereof whereby said sealed container may be torn from said package.

Signed by me at Boston, Massachusetts, this 11th day of October, 1922.


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