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Publication numberUS1497955 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 17, 1924
Filing dateMay 15, 1922
Priority dateMay 15, 1922
Publication numberUS 1497955 A, US 1497955A, US-A-1497955, US1497955 A, US1497955A
InventorsStevens Frederick A
Original AssigneeStevens Frederick A
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US 1497955 A
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`une l? 1924.

F. A. STEVENS BOOKMARK Filed May l5, 1922 Sheets-Sheet, I

June 17 1924. 1,497,955

F'. A. STEVENS BOOKMARK Filed May l5, 1922 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 OWZey/ Patented June 17, 1924.Y



y .Application filed May 15,

To all whomc't may C10/acciai.:

Be it Vknown that I, FREDERICK ARTHUR STEVENS, acitizenof the United States, and a resident -of Providence, in the county of Providence andy State of `Rhode Island, have invented anew anduseful Improvement in Bookmarks, of kWhich Vthe following is `a specification. f

T he present invention' relates to bookmarks, and its object is'k to provide a very simple article that shall be cheap to manufacture, but more suitable tothe purpose in hand than any article of this ycharacter'that has heretofore been produced.

Fig. 1 ofthe accompanying drawings illustrates,1in reduced scale,` a book-mark constructed according to a preferred embodiment of the present finvention, the bookmark being shown resting on a page of an open book; Fig. 2 isa `fragmentary vien7 of the line-indicating portion of the book-mark shown in Fig. 1; Fig. 3 is a similar View of the column-indicating.portion of the bookmark shown in Fig. 1 ;-Fig`. 4is a fragmentary View of a modification; Fig. 5 is a view of a combined vbook-markfand paper-cutter; Fig. 6 illustrates modifiedibook-marks provided-.With attaching means; Figs. 7 and 8 are vievvs'of modifications; Fig. 9 is a section taken upon the line 99 of Fig. 8; Fifr. 10 is a view of another modification; anc Fig. 11 is -a section taken upon'theline Lii-ii of-rigidf .i r

The preferred book-mark l2 ofthe` present inventiony is .provided withI an indicating hand 4 for indicating any line of either page of a book 5. Inv the specific embodiment of the invention that is herein illustrated and f described, the book-mark 2 is provided Vwith` a picture or other likeness 6 of an open book. The indicator 4^L is pivoted at r8 approximately centrally of this likeness 6,'so that the indicatore `may beI pivotally moved about the point8, and soipositioned t0 indicate any predetermined `line of Ieitlfjier page of the likeness.` -To each line ofthe pages of the likeness A6 corresponds a line of the pages of thebook 5. As shown in Figs. 1 and 2,

- for example, the indicatorlindicates aline 10 that'. correspondsto a line 12 ofthe lefthand page 14 of the book 5.

A book-mark of this simple character can be readily yand cheaply `I'nanufacturedby simplycutting to size a sheet of cardboard,

1922. Seria-1 Nb. 560,958.

y celluloid, `sheet-metal, and the like, printing or otherwise applying the picture or likeness 6, and riveting in place, s0 as to render riveting is properly, done, theindioator Will frictionally be maintained in anyposition inv which it may be set. vIf desired, the bookmarky mayk be indented at 4a plurality. of points 16, Figs. `8, 9fand 1l, and the'findica-v tor may be, correspondingly, indented, as

yshown at 18, Wherebv the indicator may be positively locked in adjusted position; but friction may berelied upon fully, as described. The desired position upon the book 5 which it is desired to indicate Willthus be indicated by the book-mark irrespective yfreely pivotable at 8,'the indicator 4. Ifthe of the position occupied bythe'book-mark.

The book 5 may be closed with the bookmark between the pages of the book 5; and whenthe book 5 is reopened, the book-mark 2 will indicate to the reader Whereheleft olf reading before the book Was-closed. ,If the book-mark is ,madefof sufficientlystift` material, it may serve also` as apapercuts "ter, and it may then be suitably shaped, as

rlhree book-marks are shown so at-` tached in Fig. 6, at 20. 22 and 24. j 0n opeiiing the book 5 to' the desired page, the bookmark Will there be found, indicating the proper reference line 0f the page.y The preferred attaching means is shownk as a spring clip 26.f The book-mark may be provided Witha vnumber of openings 28, Figs. 6 and 7, through which the ribbon book-mark 30 that is frequently found attached to books may be passed.'y The book-mark of the present invention may thus be attached to the ribbon to prevent its becoming lost.

` Somevbooks are printed with a number of columns to each page.y The book-mark of the present invention is therefore provided with' means for indicating the desired column of the page,: as Well as the line ofthecolumn.

The preferred construction, shown in Figs.

disk is pivotally moved- .abont fpiv'ota'l indicator 38 in adjusted positions.

point 34, the numerals will be successively exposed through an opening 36 in the bookmark. V-llhe numeral 2 is exposed in Figs. V1V and 3, which indicates the second column;

and the line-indicator 4 indicates the pageA 14; so that the indicators 4 and 32 together indicate the desired line 12 of the second column of the left-hand page 14 of ,the book 5.

The column indicator 32 may 'be frietionally secured to the book-mark 2 by. riveting, inthe same manner as was ,described above in connection with the indicator 4; or itmaybe locked in place, as will be understood.

A column-indicating hand 38 may be ernployed insteadof the disk 32, and it may be pivotallysecured bythe same rivet that secures the indicator 4 toa the vbook-mark. The indicator 4 kmay then be supplied with the column-'indicating numerals or other symbols, asis illustrated in Figs. 4, 7, l() and 11. The indicatorp38 may 'beprovided with an indentation 40 to cooperate withthe indentations 18 for positively locking the Or, the column-indicating symbols may be provided upon the ribbon 30, and may :be exposed through the opening 36 of. the book-mark by simply. sliding the book-markback and forth along .the'ribbon .Otlir modifications also will occur to persons skilled in the art, and all such are considered to be within the spirit andV scope of the invention, as defined in the appended claims. l Y

Vliat is claimed as new is:

1. A device of `the class described provided with a likeness of a sheet having a plurality of positions thereon, and means for indicating a predetermined position on the likeness of the sheet to correspond to a predetermined position on the sheet.

2.` A book-mark provided witlra like-i nessoranV open book to .correspond to the nasser en Open beak, and means fer inaicating a predetermined position on either page of the likeness ofthe open book to correspond to a predetermined position `on either' page of the ,open book.

v3. A book-mark provided with a likeness I of an open book toy correspondv to the pages otan'open book, and Van indicating hand pivoted approximately centrally of theV likeness of the open book and adapted to be maintainedfin a predetermined position of pivotal adjustment to indicate a corresponding predete rini'ned position on either page of the open book.

4.`.A book-niark as Adefined v'inclaim 3 in which the indicatingfhand is maintained in adjusted position byfriction A book-mark adapted to be inserted between the pages of a book, having, in combination, y'a likeness ofV a page to cor-v and means for attaching the book-mark to the page o t the book.

6. A book-mark adapted to be inserted between the pages of a book and provided with an opening, and a column-indicator pivoted to the book-mark and provided with a plurality of symbols respectively corresponding to a plurality o-'columns `of a page of a book, the indicator being consealed by the book-mark `excerpt at -tllefopening and'beingadapted to be pivotally moved so as to expose a predeterr'ninedVVV symbol through the opening. i

- 7. A book-mark `provided with an indicator each indication of which corresponds to a predeterminedy position Ona column of a page of a 'book and no two indications o f which correspond tothe same position on corresponds to a 'predeterminedV column of the page of the book, whereby the indications ot the Vpositionindicator may be correlated with the 'indications of the column indicator to indicate Va predetermined positionk of a predetermined column of a page of the book.

8. A book-mark provided with a likeness of a page to correspond to a column of the page of a book the'pages of which are pro-V vided with aV plurality of columns, means for indicating a predeterminedxposition on the likeness of the page toY correspond to a predetermined position on a colurnnfofl the page of the book, and means for'indicating book, whereby theindicatio'ns roffthe position-indicating means' Vmay be .correlated with the indications of the column-indicata ing means to'indic'ate'a 'predetermined position of a predetermined vcolumn of apage of the book. x'- f 9. A book-mark providedvwith Va 'plurality of adjustable indicators,- one for. indicat-z ing a predetermined positionV on a column and another for indicating 'a predetermined column of a page of abo'ok, and means pro.- vided upon the book-niark vand the indicators for maintaining the indicators in ada justed positions, whereby the indic-ationswof` the position indicator may be correlated with the indications of the column indicator to indicate a predetermined position-*of 'a predeterminedcolumn. ofa page. of the book.

10. A book-'mark having, in combination,

sition on the page of the book, the bookadapted to be positioned so as to expose a mark having an opening, and a column inpredetermined symbol through the opening. dicator provided With a plurality of sym- In testimony thereof, I have hereunto 10 bols respectively corresponding to a pluralsubscribed my name this 11th day of May,

5 ity of the columns of the page of the bcoln 1922.

the column indicator being concealed by the book-mark except at the opening and being FREDERICK A. STEVENS.

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