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Publication numberUS1498019 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 17, 1924
Filing dateOct 5, 1922
Priority dateOct 5, 1922
Publication numberUS 1498019 A, US 1498019A, US-A-1498019, US1498019 A, US1498019A
InventorsEthan I Dodds
Original AssigneeFlannery Bolt Co
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Stay-bolt structure for boilers
US 1498019 A
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. EIQSEQ E. EDODIDS STAY BOLT STRUCTURE FOR BOILERS4 File`d Oct. 5. 1922 l um June 17, 1924.

1,498,019 E. l. DoDDs STAY BOLT STRUCTURE FOR Bomans Filed Oct. 5, 1922 3 Sheets-Sheetv 2 "HUM WWW! F E. l. DoDD's STAY BOLTS'IRVUCTURE FOR BOIALERS June 17 1924.

Filed Oct. 5, 1922 3 Sheets-Sheet 5 Patented June l?, 192@ unir-sf" STATES;

E'nir `I. Donne," or' niagrsnunolr, "rnNNsYLvhNfrAff "-iessrelio" STAY-BomsTRUo'TUna-i ron BGI'LE'S* application filed embers, 192e? seriaiNo. 592,544".

To aZZ'fw/L'om t may concern.'

Be it known that l, ETHAN I. Donne, `a citizen'tof the .United States, and a resident of Pittsburgh, in'ithecounty of Allegheny "andiState iof Pennsylvania,#have invented certain 'fnew and useful. i Improven'ients in i A StayeBolt Structures fonBoilers; and I do hereby4 declare thefolloavingiitorbe a full,

clear,` and exact descriptionfof thelv invention,

*such asWillfenableyothers skilled iny theart to which-it' appertainsftotmake and use the'` Sallie.

This. invention Irelaestto improvementsI in staybolt structures for boilers 4and inc'irefpar-` '-ticularly yto:4 means :whereby the iinstal'lation of the bolt mountings may befa'cilitated* In v:the installation'y .of bearing devices for the2 heads: `of' staybolts, Wherefsaid "bearing devices areadapted tohave 'initial universal 5adjusti'nentand to beisubsequently Welded to `provide 'afseat for ay bolt-head. I l f to thef'outer 'boiler lsheet,2'it "hast been pro;-

posed toipro'videwi seatfinthe'wall Yof .thei boiler sheet for such bearingfineinber and, to effect proper alignment of the 'sleeve Wlth.;

a centering 'lor' holding-oir tool, and after proper alignment*` forl thef'bolt .shajll have; 80 Ibeent felfectech '-Bthe initially movable "or ad-1 I milling4 lor' otherwise cutting the 'sheet zato' justable'f bearing' inelnbferwas 4Welded "to the n outer' 'boiler sheetpf On'efobject of my present invention is 1to 'i provide vsimple and eflicient means' whereby;` 85 5"a bearing member may bequielly 'and' accu-I rately-fpositioned on an o'uter"lxiilerl sheet so that i-fit shall fbe" substantially parallel with f;

the plane of an inner 'boilersheetvvhieh may bem-:disposedl "at" an f anglelto `Jthe outer sheet-" to position the* bea-ring f member l 'in prop'r al-ign'ment'lwith' abolt hole'in the inner'fslieet-*to accommodate the stayboltn A further object is to`p1-ov`cle"1neans for thel purposefabove stated, which sha-ll obvi-l ing a seatfor the jbearing'ineinber in fthe Walllof'theouter boiler-sheets4 Y A lfurtltefobct is toprovide a'nadjus'tablesupporting member to facilitate the 'poa stay' ashereinafter set forthand'pointedout:in @55 the claims? f ln the aecompanyingdrawings@v ,l

Figure 1l 'is la 'sectional'view sillustrating an embodiment ofmyvfjinventi'on.:` n l Figure '2 isa horizontal sectiolialifview; onz; the 2line2-2 of'Figure l vWith .the Weld llA omitted.` Figure. 3 representsfthef adjustable supe portingriiig and, f. f F igures 'el toll inelusive, illustrate vari-w ous n'iodications.v f

The ou'terrorroo'f sheetlof a boiler is reps; l resen'ted;` at l vand` provided with i an` opening 'f2 for the accommodation of a stayblt saidfopeningbeingfcyliridrica'l in forniyhav- 70 ing'v a straight Wall, xtending from: oneiieface "to'th'e other of 'the sheetyezceptVin thecon-w` struotioishownlmFigure 6, inlwhi'ch apor-v u tion of the"\vall of theiopeningisformedw ltfnia'y be assumed r'that the vinnerl boiler: a sheet (not shown) vis disposed ataan :anglelto the' planefof. *the 'outerboiler isheet l 'and :it n is desirable that 'the'istaybolt '3 shall project?. from the inner?=boilerijsheet atl right an'gles? 80 'ito the latter. In order that. this may bexaceuA f conl'plishedand' atrtheJv saine; 'time provision be made :for properly mounting the heade-:liff: outer end ofthe' bolt ewithoutfneoessity for; 85 provide a seatforthebearingsineansyl pro-ir vide a' ring or 'ai'inulari supporting `members 'y on avhichja bearing'sle'eve or housing inember 5 5a may be mounted in such marmerzifthat'it will be disposedina plane substanil 9o .tiallyl4 paralleli V Withl `'they inner' boiler; sheetlfi I i Thejring-l is so formed that it shallhavey gradually: increasing.Ldiarn'eterj afromzwone point' 'in lboth .directions to' `a diametrieally `opposite!point,and thus thexsaid ring is ap-pay prozriinatelyfwedgeshaped in general form.

'The-'sleeve or bearing'niember is provided 1 exteriorly near vits bottoni 'with' 'i annular f1.'

seat on the ring .or supporting? member '4: 100

, as indicated' in Figure 1,5and Yin tliez'embodi-V ment of the"inventiontshown in F iguresfhf' 2 and 3, the said ring is oircularn cross?v`r` section. The bearinglsleeve 5 is provided interiorly Witha `curvedseat 7 forthehead 105 3 of the 'staybolt;, The bearingsleeve fis also' threaded'internally for the accommo-'jg f dation of an externally threaded cap or therein.

have been so positioned that its opening will be in alignment with the hole in the inner boiler' sheet Vthrough which the inner end oit the stayboltis screwed, the said ring or supporting memberwill be permanently secured to the outer boiler sheet by means ot a weld indicated at 11 and the sleeve or bearing member willbe permanently secured vto the ring or supporting member' by means ofY a Aweld indicated at 12. The staybolt 3- may now, be passed through the bearing member to the inner boiler sheet and secured to the latter and the cap 8 may then be screwed into the sleeve or bearing member over the head of the bolt. v Y Y Instead of making the ring or support cir- Ycular in cross-section, I may provide a ring or support y13 having iiat upper and lower faces so that said ring will be angular in cross-section, as indicated in Figure 4.

Instead of making the sleeve or bearing member 5 with a seat which is curved transversely, as shown in Figure 1, for the accommodation of the ring or support 4, I may provide the sleeve or bearing member with a beveled tace 14 (straight transversely) as shown in kFigure 5.

Thel sleeve member 5' may, if desired, be

Anot provided with either a transversely curved or straight beveled tace, but the bottom of said sleeve member may be mounted directly-uponthe ring or support as indicated in Figure '6 and the bolt head mounted on a seat 1a in the boiler sheet at the opening InlFigure 7.71 have shown the bottom portion of the sleeve or bearing member provided with a Vbeveled face- 14 extending transversely upwardly and outwardly, and the sleeve or bearing member resting upon kthe ring or support 4 at the inner edge of such beveled portion,-a. weld 15 being disposed V between said beveled portion of the sleevefand the supporting ring and a similar weld 16 being disposed between the support- Y ying ring and the boiler sheet;

InV Figure 8, IV have shown a sleeve or housing 17 welded to the outer boiler sheet and provided with a removable cap or closure 18 and in this construction the wedge ring 4 is disposed between the rounded head 19 of a staybolt 2() and the outer face of the boiler sheet. In this construction the ring 4 need not be welded to the boiler sheet but it may be readily adjusted to insure proper alignment of the bolt with the hole in the inner boilerrsheet which receives it.

In Figures 9, 10 and 11, a supporting ring is shown as having beveled outer and inner faces 24-25 and the bottom of the bearing sleeve or member 26 is formed With a transversely curved face 27 to rest on said ring. l' r Having jrully described my 'invention what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

l. A supporting and adjusting member :for use in a staybolt structure, said member. having wedge shape and providing opposed seats to engage, interchangeably, a housing lmember orstaybolt head and a boiler sheet.

2. rifhe combination with a boiler sheethaving a bolt opening and a staybolt having a head Jfor connection with the boiler sheet, of an initially adjustable housing member for the bolt head, a wedge-shaped member interposed between said housing member and the boiler sheet, and means securing said wedge-shaped member to the housing and to the boiler sheet.

8. In a staybolt structure, the combination with a boiler sheet having an opening, of a bearing member, a staybolt having its head mounted in saidV bearing member, Vand a wedge-shape supporting and adjusting member made annular in form and disposed be,- tween said bearing member and the boiler sheet and welded toA both.

4. In a staybolt structure, the'J combination with a boiler sheethaving -a bolt opening, of a bearing member having an external seat at its inner end, an annular wedgeshape supporting and adjusting member disposed between said seat and the outer face of the boiler sheet, means securing said mem'- n Vber to the boiler sheet, means securing saidA Vmember and the bearing member together,

and a staybolt havingva head mounted in said bearing member.

5. In a staybolt structure, thel combina-l tion with a boiler sheet, a bearing member :tor the head of a staybolt, and a staybolt having a head mounted in said bearing member, of a curved Vwedge member initially adjustable between the bearing member and boiler sheet, and means securing said curved wedge member in place.

6. Supporting and adjusting means for the bearing member of a staybolt structure, consisting of a curved wedge-shape *mem* ber, said member also having wedge shape in cross sectionV from its inner edge outwardly.

In testi ETHAN i. nonns;

molly whereof: I have signed this specification. f

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