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Publication numberUS1498267 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 17, 1924
Filing dateAug 27, 1921
Priority dateAug 27, 1921
Publication numberUS 1498267 A, US 1498267A, US-A-1498267, US1498267 A, US1498267A
InventorsHachman Elmer E
Original AssigneeHachman Elmer E
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Syringe and guard
US 1498267 A
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Filed Aug. 27. 1921 Elkton/mgl Patented June 17, 19245 UNITED STATES maar ELMER E. HACHMAN, F IBATJCLIIVJORJ]J MARYLAND.


Application filed August 27,1921. serial No. 496,149.

To all whom t may concern.'

Be it known that I, ELMER E. HACHMAN, a citizen of the United States of America, re- Y siding in the city of Baltimore, State of Maryland, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Syringes and Guards, of which the following is a kspecification.

The present invention relates to a combination tongue and cheek guard and syringe,

for use in the practice of dentistry. Its purpose being the protection of the tongue and cheek from injury during an operation and at the same time to act as a syringe, by injecting in the cavity or vicinity of the tooth being operatedl upon an antiseptic or local anesthetic. Y

In dental operations of all characters it is important that the dentist should have suliicient light and space in the vicinity of the affected tooth or gum and particularly to be free to work with the necessary instruments without injury to the surrounding parts such as the cheek or tongue. During such operations it is frequently necessary to immedi-y ately syringe the parts for antiseptic purposes, to cleanse the parts thoroughly, for the immediate comfort of the patient. It can be fully appreciated that the dentist can obtain a better view of the yparts being worked upon when they are syringed and free from the'grindings, blood or other foreign accumulations that are a natural consequence to dental operations.

The guard and syringe is at all times in the hands of the dentist and completely under his control, making it possible to adapt it to any position necessary for the comfortand-protection of the patient. This 40 condition is very favorable to the operator in that it permits a free use ofthe necessary instruments without danger to the patient of wounding the cheek, tongue or surrounding tissue, i. e.-the dentist while holding the guard in one hand and his operating tool or drill in the other, he can at all times follow up the course of his instrument, therebyreducingto a minimum any danger of injuryy to `the patient.

In diiiicult operations and particularly with nervous patients it is frequently necessary for 'the dentist to require an assistant to constantly` syringe and ycleanse the parts during the operation also to prevent the cotton packing or absorbent material from working out of position. ,The present inven tion is designed to render such ,an assistant unnecessary under any circumstances where such services are needed. The dentist can readily prevent the moving of the packing bykeeping vthe lower or'upper' edges of the guard pressed upon the packing. The surrounding parts are at thesame time fully protected from being injured or cut by the instrument, and the syringe can ybein constant use duringthe whole of the operation without necessitating the stopping ofk the work to reach for a syringe. With s uch use of the invention the patient vcan immediately eject from his mouth all objectionable matter as soon as the dentist has removed his drill. This does away with the unpleasant condition of retainingsuchy matter in the mouth until the operator canlay aside his drill and preparea syringe to clean the parts with andA assist the patient to eject the grindings from his mouth. Y

The-device is also of great comfort to thev f patient whether being used for lthe uppery or lower portion of the jaw, in that the tongue `is not harnessed or lined in a par-r ticular position in an effort to protect it, as in a large number of such devices, but is free to move without danger of being injured.- This. free movement of thetongue permits the patient to swallow or gulp when so inclined during an operation, preventing the usual gagging sensa tion as is caused by a fixed instrument or guard `in the mouth.

The device is also of great use in protecting the tongue and cheek from injury kwhen long and continuous grinding of the teeth is necessary, such as the grinding down vof ya tooth for a crown yor cap and bridge abutmentsgy In the accompanying drawings I have illustrated a tongue guard and syringe emn 'bodying the various features ofmy invenarm terminating .in a second spoon shaped cooling liquid simultaneously on both sides member, the seid erin `and spoon shaped of a grinding tool substantially as described. 10 members forming a recess, the said recess Signed by me at Baltimore, Maryland,

having u plurality of nozzles pointing in this 22nd day of August, 1921.

u direction towards euch other from opt ELMER E. HAGHMAN posite sides of the recess, and their streams Witnesses: coming substantially in juxtaposition to WILLiAM F. LUBKING,

each other Yfor the purpose of directing a GRACE RUNGE.

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U.S. Classification433/89, 600/242, 604/212
International ClassificationA61C17/02, A61C17/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61C17/02
European ClassificationA61C17/02